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آپ کے خیال میں قسمت کیا ہے؟

afeefazafar’s Profile PhotoAfeefa Zafar.
Everyone has his own definition for it. I think what’s meant to happen will happen. We humans like to claim every good that happens to us is cz of us doing this and that, but they were meant to do that is what skips their brain. ALLAH knows everything before it even happen so I guess pretty much gives the answer.

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Koi achi baat! 🥀

It's really hard to forgive and even harder to forget something that has been a nightmare of your life. But when you forgive someone there's a certain peace in it for you too. Just have to be strong enough to do so. Be kind and sensible. Think stuff through, contemplate. 🦋

Something ??? 💭

rafayarslan12’s Profile Photoرافع قریشی
Idk where to start. So, I have been noticing attitude of people around me for quite some time now. And it's just toxic, everyone thinks they are better or above others idk why so. Jisko 2 din text kr do pta ni kis attitude ma chala jata ha. Everyone is equally busy and has shit to do, u ain't special. If someone is making time for u respect it or go to hell with all ur insolent attitude. And try to get out of ur superiority complex.

Who helped you when you were at your worst?🥺

I am not the kind of person who shares stuff like that. If something is hurting me, I'll try to go through it without even letting anyone know about it at the time. People(close to me) might come to know later sometime that i went through a certain situation. So, I am on my own usually at my worst.

Of all the things that matters to you, Think of yourself first!!

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
We should prioritize ourselves, but sometimes there are people whom we love unconditionally and we get selfless enough to bear pain and get out of our comfort zone. I'd say do prioritize yourself but be humble and giving too. 🦋

Is there any difference between luck ,fate and Destiny.describe it

khan244’s Profile PhotoDr.Poison
When you have to go somewhere and suddenly someone comes in and say I am going there too I'll give u a ride, that's luck.
Someone offered you a ride but you took a cab or bus to reach somewhere that's destiny, you chose what's best for u.
You had to be somewhere at certain time and place that's fate.
Luck is like a helping hand where ALLAH takes load off u, destiny is something related to manpower that if u work or study medicine then you'll be a doc, fate relates to divine power which can't be changed or altered it's written for everyone.

Are you pretty good at detecting or picking up subtle hints when someone likes you without them outright telling you?

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
Well yeah it's not that hard to get. But I tend to ignore all that stuff now. It's ok whether someone likes me or dislikes me. Either way their feelings belong to them. I don't let myself get affected by that and no disrespect to the other person.
I would also recommend that if the other person is not interested in you don't push it, respect his will.

Do you think forgiveness is mandatory to move on from something?

stunningali’s Profile PhotoAli Muhammad
Though it's a debatable topic. Well there are certain things which you can forgive and then there are certain things which you can't forgive.
Pretending to forgive is way worst. I forgive people for what they did but for that I take my time. About moving on, I can move on without forgiving someone.
Why ruin your life just bcz someone did bad to you? We should stay pure and keep our life going. Always look for the light. 🦋


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