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Question time after so long !Ever been consoled by words "chill kro yr" when the other person is literally a crybaby himself

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I've stopped expressing myself a long time ago.
Kyunke koi nai sunta and no one cares. Hell I myself don't care when someone else lightens themself by talking to me. So no, its usually me who's saying k chill karo, thand rakho, khair hai. Not a crybaby tho.

I think people should go back to book reading and story telling phase. Social media of today has become complex, boring and limited by the latest algorithms. Your thoughts?

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As much as intriguing this opinion of yours is, but I feel not everyone is blessed with the etiquette of reading a book, especially if its a biography of fiction. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Jo baatein insan pee jaata hai,woh baatein insan ko kha jaati hain"and I can literally agree on this

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Jab kisi se apna hal baanto na dil ka, aur aagay se wo batameez daant nikaale ya esi shakal se dekhe jis se saf nazar aye k he's judging you. Toh us se zyada ghatya feeling koi ni. Jo dil mai hai, dil he mai rehna chahiye. 💔


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