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How to increase appetite Areej?

-Exercise Before Meals. It Will Help You Alot To Stimulate Hunger.
-Eat Your Favourite Meals.
-Drink Atleast 2 litre Water Daily.
-Aim for 6-8 Small Meals And Snacks Per Day.
-Add Fresh Fruits To Milkshakes, Smoothies To Add Flavor.
-Get Plenty Of Rest.
-But If Poor Appetite Persist, Then Medicines Are Prescribed To Increase Appetite.

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Hey Areej, i am a girl and I have gained so much weight Can you plz guide me that what should i do?

1) The Only Way To Lose Weight Is To Start Eating In Calorie Deficit.
2) Do Brisk Walk For 45 Minutes Everyday. It Will Help You To Reduce Weight Quickly.
3) Be Consistent!
P.s: Send Me Your Weight, Height And Age If You Don't Know Your Calorie Requirements For Weight Loss. Best Of Luck!🌸


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