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If flowers could talk, what do you think they would sound like?

Mustafa_Rajput’s Profile PhotoM U S T A F A
Think of flowers brushing up against each other in the breeze. Or the rattling of dried seed pods on a Mimosa tree or even an old tree limb flirting a house in the wind.
I don’t know if they 're talking, but Sometimes it’s music to my ears, a stairway to heaven 🌺🍃

You can play lossless music files on laptop, PC or your iPhone (ALAC, WAV or FLAC through the Apple Files app). There are portable lossless players too. Think of them as today's Walkmans. 🤣 Not sure about 8-track tapes but maybe Sage can try. Ya know, his name means a wise person... 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
I think it’s that I always needed my music to scrobble with last.fm and iTunes wouldn’t load anything except for mp3s. I’m fine. I used to listen to music through my MacBook and it sounded like a tin can. A whole new experience with my headphones. Plus streaming has made it easy to find more music. Back in my teens I would buy a cd without ever hearing it. Mostly when I knew it was a metal band with a female vocalist. I can’t afford those luxuries anymore. I’d tell you about the absolute best way to hear music from my acid days and how you can hear every little intricacy but I know you don’t want to know about that. 🤣🤣🤣💗

What are you currently excited for? I'm excited for my new headphones to come. I am so tired of listening to music on these defected earphones that only one works. I feel like a pleb

For it to be summer again so I can spend the vast majority of my time/day online and do whatever comes to mind without it being a problem.

What are you currently excited for? I'm excited for my new headphones to come. I am so tired of listening to music on these defected earphones that only one works. I feel like a pleb

I don’t have anything specific to look forward to. I might go on the Dolls Kill Brooklyn trip. That will be quite out of my comfort zone if I do. Hanging out with a bunch of girls. Possibly staying overnight with them. I’m not sure.

What are your plans for today? It is really warm here, with temperatures in the 60s, and the sky is so clear and pretty, it's giving spring🌷🌞I'm going to a picnic!🥰

Lovely! I hope you had a nice time. Yesterday I went to Liverpool with my boyfriend. We went to an Irish pub, then for a Chinese meal and finally to a gig. We watched a band called You Me at Six. I really appreciate my boyfriend coming along as he's not into the same music as me at all. It must be boring for him to stand around listening to live music he can't stand. 😅. I had fun, though. The venue was way too crowded but it was a fun night.

What’s something that you’ve recently become interested in/developed a passion for? Can be anything! (For example, I’ve become very interested in learning mythology lately, even bought some books about it). 🤔🤩

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Ahh that’s so cool! As a fellow mythology lover, what books did you buy/mythologies are you interested in? :)
In terms of recent interests, it’s hard to say as they’ve always been fairly constant, but it’s probably been trying to branch out into different kinds of music, instead of listening to the same bands I always do!

Kuch bata he do yarr

Malaika_1010’s Profile Photoسنو!
how lonely nights are for those peoples who don't have any chat partners or friends to talk, to share unsaid feelings or pain..you just scroll facebook or watch random videos or listen deep music and enters to your own imaginary world and think about life,heartbreaks,career and family problems

What's an instrumental soundtrack from a movie, show, video game etc. which you really like? What makes it good according to you? 🎻

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Okay, I have two… But they are from the same video game. 🤪 I think the soundtrack from the Last of Us 2 is absolutely incredible. Definitely one of those you gotta wear headphones to get the full affect. 🎧
My favorite has to be “Cycle of Violence.” It is just so intense. I love the beat, and I love how eery it is. And if you know the scene it goes with, it just hits even harder.
https://youtu.be/jHHAp9gKWik?feature=sharedanonamouse89887’s Video 174498748052 jHHAp9gKWikanonamouse89887’s Video 174498748052 jHHAp9gKWik
My other favorite is “Eye for an Eye.” I think this one portrays a lot of really high emotion, and again, if you know the scene, you just go back to it when you hear this song.
https://youtu.be/kF2R_7MKN48?feature=sharedanonamouse89887’s Video 174498748052 kF2R_7MKN48anonamouse89887’s Video 174498748052 kF2R_7MKN48
The entire soundtrack in this game sticks with me for a number of reasons, but namely because there isn’t just intense music for the sake of it, it immerses you into the scene, and it makes you feel something. You know that it’s intentional, which I think is why so many associate various scenes with them. Also, I just think Naughty Dog did SUCH a good job portraying depth of emotion, and how truly brutal that universe and the situations in it, are. 🥺😯

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anonamouse89887’s Video 174498748052 jHHAp9gKWikanonamouse89887’s Video 174498748052 jHHAp9gKWik

Do you have something special that picks you up when you feel down? What is it?

One of the best ways to calm my mind and soul is music. I find most of it very captivating and exciting to listen to.
My favorite type of music is Rock and Roll. Yes, it might be loud, but (surprisingly) it manages to keep me motivated as I do my work. It even helps when I rest, allowing me to forget all of the awful things that I experienced during the week.
Perhaps this is not the most orthodox way of picking someone up when they have a bad day. However, it is also one of the most interesting ones.
Music is more than just a way to forget. It is a way of life. And I am glad that I have always enjoyed it.

Я просто гуляю , отношения лень строить

Мне не нравится гулять, скучно. Мне не нравится ходить в рестораны, потому что я не могу выбрать, что заказать, тем более, что мне может это не понравится. Еда из обычного магазина намного вкуснее и дешевле. Мне не нравится ходить в кино, на концерты, потому что мне может не понравится. Я смотрю кино и концерты дома. Очень удобно и приятно. Все удобства под рукой, а эмоции такие же, только намного комфортнее. Можно поставить на паузу, отрегулировать громкость или вовсе закрыть, если перестало нравится и перейти к чему-то более интересному. Я слушаю только две группы: Hillsong Worship и Purim music. Остальные мне не нравятся. Мне не нравится плавать, загорать, ходить в аквапарк, играть в боулинг. Мне не нравится водить, путешествовать, кататься на велосипеде, на коньках. Мне не нравится играть почти во все игры. Я не курю, не пью, не употребляю, не хожу в клубы, не отмечаю праздники. И при всём при этом я могу сказать, что я счастлив и кайфую от жизни)

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🥰Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans?

Sorry I'm 27 days late on this. 😅
I'm going to watch a band called You Me at Six play a gig in the evening. Before that I'm going for a meal in a Chinese restaurant. I'm really looking forward to it. Much love to my boyfriend who doesn't enjoy the same music as me, but is still coming along. I don't have any plans for Sunday. It'll probably just be a chilled out day, and I might catch up on The Apprentice.

Do you think your nationality influences the way you are?

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Do you think your nationality influences the way you are

Lana is an "authentical" New Yorker, she is originally from Manhattan. I think she wishes she was from California though. "I'm not from the land of the palms, so I know I can't stay here, I'm not native" lyric from a song.

I thought so. People have mentioned her to me since I live in NY, maybe because I was born in CA also. I only ever listened to her first album though. I did like that a lot back in the day but I didn’t keep up with her music. I’m a Fiona Apple girl who is also from Manhattan but I haven’t kept up with her more recent music either.

Você adora pop music, quais suas musicas preferidas?

Na verdade eu gosto mais de R&B kk
Mas de pop talvez as favoritas do momento sejam:
Love on top - Beyonce (essa me deixa animadona, até doente kkkk)
She's all i wanna be - Tata McRae
Souvenir - Selena Gomez
Kazino - BIBI (kpop)
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What's an instrumental soundtrack from a movie, show, video game etc. which you really like? What makes it good according to you? 🎻

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I adore some instrumental soundtrack from 'Hogwarts Legacy' because it's really heroic and epic tone. 💚 We can belive in ourselves. We can get more motivation in our skills thanks this sounds.
Name of this soundtrack: Hogwarts Legacy | FINAL BATTLE MUSIC (RANROK BATTLE MUSIC) OST.
Link to this soundtrack: https://youtu.be/8DDoqlIwNps?si=4yPh0SY0mPror9slMargaretWINTEaR’s Video 175349051601 8DDoqlIwNpsMargaretWINTEaR’s Video 175349051601 8DDoqlIwNps
Whats an instrumental soundtrack from a movie show video game etc which you

﹅⠀ʟᴠᴄɪꜰ⠀︰⠀♡﹒﹙ⱽ͟ᴬ͟ᴸ͟ᴱ͟ᴺ͟ᵀ͟ᴵ͟ᴺ͟ᴱ͟'͟ˢ͟ ͟ᴰ͟ᴬ͟ʸ ﹚Muzyka, którą lubisz.

REVERIE__ARCANE’s Profile Photo♡﹒lvcif
A: Preferuję cięższe brzmienia, rock, punk, czasem trafi się coś z metalu. Poza tym bardzo lubię muzykę określaną jako nordic folk music, viking music oraz native american music.
⠀ ⠀⠀
ʟᴠᴄɪꜰⱽᴬᴸᴱᴺᵀᴵᴺᴱˢ ᴰᴬʸ Muzyka którą lubisz

When you do chores, do you do anything to make it more entertaining? 🎧📺

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I almost always listen to Youtube videos, Twitch streams, or podcasts. Rarely, I’ll listen to music, but I don’t prefer that necessarily. I’ll be honest, my most popular things to do chores to, are Ear Biscuits, Sims content on Youtube, and D*ad by Daylight streams. Those, for some reason make me the most productive. 🤔😆
When you do chores do you do anything to make it more entertaining

https://ask.fm/glorijan14/answers/173364284503 - Your taste in music is diverse then 😌

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
My taste in music depends on my mood.
There are days when I want to listen to something light, and there are completely opposite days when heavy music is what I need.🐦‍⬛

What is your biggest accomplishment in life?

chocochipcookie984’s Profile PhotoBecky
Hard to say tbh, I suppose it depends on what type of accomplishment.
Work-wise the highest level I operated at was Asst Director of Operations in a University centre in the USA but I wouldn’t have liked to do that forever, I was more comfortable in a more junior but more creative and wide-ranging role, where my biggest achievements would have been these: https://ask.fm/CactusDoug/answers/172812298224
Outside of my full-time workplaces, accomplishments have included: extensive gigging/performing including in various countries, releasing three music CDs, having an e-book published through Wild Wolf Publishing, running a grassroots music festival for ten years, having scrawled around 22 unpublished manuscripts and probably hundreds of D&D scenarios, and so on.
I can’t do much these days due to disability.
I’m most proud of getting on well with my nieces and nephews though 🙂

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Do Germans hate WW2? Germans was nazi, But now they are not, btw What will happen if they watch/play ww2 movies/games? Do they care?

There is the "Erinnerungskultur", meaning culture of remembrance, present in Germany, that plays a big role in all of this.
It's not necessarily about hating WW II, it's much more about awareness and accountability. About listening to survivors and commemorating the ones who didn't, about the roots and mindset which were grounds to this evil.
"Never forget" and "Never again" are two core ideas of this mentality.
There is a historical factor to this approach, of course, that is crucial and giving grounds for everything else. But it doesn't have to be the main factor in every aspect. It's not so much about "those Na.zis", it's more about "the monster inside all of us", and what released to the world in this capacity.
Media on this topic is complicated and layered for most Germans.
About games specifically, there is the interesting history of the Wolfenstein series and its censorship of NS symbols, which I recommend looking into it if you are further interested in the complicated Do's and Dont's and confusion Germans and their law have among themselves.
For media in general, the opinion varies with the handling. For example, most Hollywood adaptions handle it with a certain lack of care or even kinds of satire which aren't very appreciated, though movies like "Schindler's list" are regarded as very important and highly appreciated, and there are some ways even Germans themselves make fun of regarding things (e.g. the german movie "Er ist wieder da").
An interesting example in how this can even shift for the very same media is Rammstein's "Deutschland". The teaser received a lot of very harsh criticism and raged Germans of all ages with the depiction of a concentration camp, the depiction of it in the final music video on the contrary was then received very positively, and a lot of people accepted the teaser in hindsight as necessary bait.
Though still there are conflicted feelings about the aesthetical depiction of the SS in the music video.
As I said: It is layered.
As a general conclusion is to say, the more care, research and respect to the vic.tims are provided with any piece of media about the NS time, the more appreciative will the german public and Germans be of it. This can obviously vary in each case and for individuals, and with the obvious sensitivity regarding that topic, it can vary really drastically. Though there can be humor, there can be critic, there can be anything, as long as it doesn't diminish the events and/or gets facts wrong.
Also, on a side note, Germans are absolutely not fond of getting thrown into the "Na.zi pool" because of their nationality and history. I always found this a bit petty tbh, even as a German myself, but with more knowledge about the world and how it handles history... I found this pettiness a bit deserved at times. There are also layers to this, but in general, the way the society tried and still tries to handle its burden, please respect that as well.

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Kiedy można być w tym samym czasie obecnym i nieobecnym? 😉

womanwithgoodheart’s Profile PhotoDziewczyna z Dobrym sercem ♀❥
Można wtedy, gdy się jest obecnym w danym momencie ciałem, ale myślami jest się gdzie indziej, przy kimś innym na przykład. Piosenka dla Ciebie na dobranoc: https://youtu.be/gsQIOgkZt68KubaGR571’s Video 172995881445 gsQIOgkZt68KubaGR571’s Video 172995881445 gsQIOgkZt68 Within Temptation - Memories (Music Video)
"W tym świecie starałeś się
Nie pozostawiać mnie samej w tyle
Nie ma innego sposobu
Wznosiłam modły do bogów: pozwólcie mu zostać
Wspomnienia łagodzą ból wewnątrz mnie
Teraz wiem, dlaczego
Wszystkie z moich wspomnień trzymają cię tuż obok
W chwilach ciszy, wyobrażam sobie, że tu jesteś
Wszystkie z moich wspomnień trzymają cię tuż obok
Twe ciche szepty, me ciche łzy
Obiecałam sobie, że będę próbować
Odnaleźć w tym życiu drogę powrotną
Mam nadzieję, że jest sposób
Byś dał mi znak, że wszystko u ciebie w porządku
Przypominając sobie znów, że to jest warte wszystkiego
Więc mogę wracać do domu
Wszystkie z moich wspomnień trzymają cię tuż obok
W chwilach ciszy, wyobrażam sobie, że tu jesteś
Wszystkie z moich wspomnień trzymają cię tuż obok
Twe ciche szepty, me ciche łzy
Razem we wszystkich tych wspomnieniach
Widzę twój uśmiech
Wszystkie z tych wspomnień są drogie mojemu sercu
Najdroższy, przecież wiesz, że będę Cię kochać
Aż do końca czasu"
Miłych snów 🌹

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KubaGR571’s Video 172995881445 gsQIOgkZt68KubaGR571’s Video 172995881445 gsQIOgkZt68

How do you entertain yourself?

I entertain myself through a lot of things!
- spending time with my boyfriend.
- spending time on social media.
- listening to music.
- taking a walk.
- going to do things: shopping, theme park, swimming, bowling, pooling, etc.
- reading a book.
- gaming.
- spending time with friends.
- working.

https://ask.fm/milamson/answers/175294672658 - Do you prefer a certain type of music when doing cardio? 👀

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻

What sound do you love? 🔊 🤩 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
PL: Uwielbiam wszelkie ASMR, biały szum, dźwięki wody, dźwięki iskrzącego się kominka czy inne ćwierkanie ptaków i szum drzew, a poza tym mam bardzo szeroki gust muzyczny, od spokojnych piosenek lo-fi aż po solidne darcie mordy. 😁
ENG: I love all ASMR, white noise, sounds of water, sounds of a sparkling fireplace or other chirping of birds and the rustle of trees, and I also have a very wide taste in music, from calm lo-fi songs to solid yelling/d**th metal songs. 😁

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgYodHoB6M0 Hello, I hope you are well, I give you a present with this musical theme, I hope you like it.

moisesdelaese’s Profile PhotoMoizdhe
This is pretty good, considering that I haven’t listened to electronic music for a long time. But personally, I didn’t have enough soul and female vocals in the soundtrack. It was too... Technical? No overlap, no unity. Individual pieces are good, but there is no sense of integrity. It’s as if several batches were simply glued together.

Have you ever been through a phase where you didn’t do anything productive and spent the day waiting on others to text you back meanwhile listening to music, reading books or watching movies throughout the day?

Yes and no. Sometimes I was just waiting on nothing, because I don’t mind it if people text me or not, I’m not waiting on it.
I basically do nothing when I wait. Like there are days where I can do literally nothing.

️️️️ ️️ ️️️️️️ ️️️️ ️️ ️️️️️️️️️️ ️️ ️️️️️️️️️️

Thank you for making the world a better place not only with your amazing music, but most importantly with your inspiring personality, kind heart and beautiful soul. Happy birthday ❤ @hesstyless
Thank you for making the world a better place not only with your amazing music

What are your plans for Valentines Day? 💝 🍫🌹

Um... I honestly don't know? Maybe make some red velvet chocolate chip pancakes in the morning with a love note sealed in black with baby's breath peddles. I'll probably buy a bouquet of roses with liles... I really like liles... but I'll probably finish the day off with some jazz music and a candlelight dinner.

When you do chores, do you do anything to make it more entertaining? 🎧📺

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I usually listen to music or audiobooks to pass the time while doing the chores. :3

When you do chores, do you do anything to make it more entertaining? 🎧📺

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
If I want to focus and work, a good music which is just music like jazz or 'our samplus' etc works wonders or maybe a song/artist I can listen to on repeat....or maybe a tv series or movie that I've already watched so I can catch up on any scene 😉.... But it's mostly the stress of finishing the work that drives me 😂😂😂..... How about you?
When you do chores do you do anything to make it more entertaining

If you were gonna do karaoke, which song would be your first pick? 🎤

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Honestly, none of them 😅 Most karaoke places don't have music I enjoy too much, so I wouldn't be interested in singing it, or listening to it for that matter!
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When you were a kid, did you ever innocently believe that music videos or movie scenes were real? I still remember when Evanescence's "Bring me to life" video came out and I really thought Amy was teetering on the ledge and fell off that building in the end 😭💀

I thought tv shows were. Like a reality show I guess. When I found out that Full House wasn’t a real family I was so sad. 🤣 I tried to argue with my mom that they were a real family that had camera go to their house and film them. I always had to be right when I was a kid, no matter how ridiculous it was. 🤣

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