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According to the FBI there's over 500 serial k*ller truckers on the loose around America, be safe and be careful y'all


What were you most afraid of when you were younger? Do you still have that fear?

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I was afraid of escalators, but not anymore!! ☺️

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What would you do if you found out you were being cheated on?

I would do this thing, where I give two options: tell the truth and the whole story, and we’ll work through it, or I’m leaving

Would you be offended if someone asks you your sexuality?

Nope. I identify as a gay transgender woman.

I really hate the fact i ever wanted to be with you

You ain’t nevah gonna get it, nevah nevah gonna get it

Do you always change out of your outside clothes before laying on your bed?

Who be bringing their chip crumbs in bed?


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