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Can I be your cat? 😻 😽

My best friend in the whole world went away forever yesterday.. he's such a good boy.. I've had him since I was 11. We played many days, we've been happy together, we've had sad times, and helped each other through. He isn't and won't ever be, "Just a cat" .. He's my son. He's my everything. I love you so much Fluffy. I wish I had more words to say but I won't ever have enough. May you no longer be in pain, have all the birdies you desire, and are reunited with all the loved ones you miss.. I can feel you here when though your body isn't next and with me anymore.. I really hope heaven is real.. if it's not, I know you can only create energy and you can't take it away so he's always around me.. The butterflies, the birds, every smile, laugh, soft, warm, beautiful, peaceful moment, I know you'll be there. I love you with every fiber of my heart big kitty
My life is empty without you. I miss you son. I know you know I love you but I love you so SO much
I miss the only person who's ALWAYS been there for me. I feel alone. I love all my babies. Big kitty just understands me. I love you son I'll miss you forever. We'll all be back together one day, I promise 🤍🥰🐈😸😽🐱🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 rest peacefully my son 🤗😇🤗😇🤗😇🤗😇 I love you with every single fiber of my being. I love you, miss you, I'm sorry, and I just love you so much 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Love your babies more for me and try not to take your loved ones for granted.. It happened so fast...
I love you Fluffy I'll try to keep living for you. I love you my son.. We adopted him when I was 11 he was about 3-6 (the vet didn't know)
. They didn't know his birthday so I made his the day before mine, on mine, and the day after to properly celebrate him.. I'm probably realistically 3 years older than him.
22 years you made this world a better place. My lap is now empty, my heart is broken, I'll always love you my best friend, son, and heart. Forever and ever.

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Can I be your cat

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What is something that gives you instant nostalgia?

anonstar6478556’s Profile Photoanonstar6478556
"*proceeds to sing 'Turkey on a Straw' song* aka.. the 'Ice cream truck song' dude I hear that truck come by ANYWHERE and I get this urge to go run and find/ask for change and yell 'STOP' 😂 I doubt it'll ever go away. Honestly, I hope that feeling doesn't ever leave because when it does, that's how I'll know I'm old. 😅 You aren't ever too old for ice cream! You scream, I scream, we all... Yeah, you get it! Haha "
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I need ideas for my cosmetology brand name, my name is Angelina and I specialize in makeup but I do hair and all beauty services.

Angelic Beauties by Angelina? This name would make people feel beautiful just by using your product or service and you also have your name in the name! You could even shorten it by saying A.G.A!

Imagine humans live in Space or are on long Space trips. Would Space "burials" be a good idea? Wouldn't it cause more space debris or worse allow aliens to acquire human DNA and to study human anatomy?

"outer space basically. A space burial wouldn't do anything. Space is a vacuum and the Sun is very powerful, even when the astronauts do space walks they can only be out there for so long before the sun knocks down the integrity of their suits. Our biological meat suits aren't anything compared to titanium and other metals we would merely turn into dust."
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My mother went to a Mother's Day lunch for seniors who don't have children or whose children are abroad. How should I interpret this?

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Whenever there's a knitting scene in a movie or series, it's absolutely ridiculous how they don't actually knit, just moving their hands. Can't the actors at least learn the basic garter stitch? Now I know it ain't that deep but as someone who enjoys knitting, I take it personally 😂

"or a missed opportunity haha"
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Nah I don't think that's ever in the cards for me. Haha, I've dressed up as a 🧟‍♀️ bride before tho. I like wedding dresses, I think they're pretty.
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Have you ever pretended to have a boyfriend when you were single so that someone would leave you alone?

Embarrassingly enough I didn't this in like 6th or 7th grade lmao.. everyone were always kissing and doing OTHER stufffff and taking about and would look at me and just laugh knowing no one would like me like that lmao.. they'd literally ask, "what's wrong with you?" "Don't you like anybody?" "You know, if you tried harder you could look pretty and someone will actually want to date you :)" and a bunch of other irrelevant stuff. I just got used to the fact back then that some people are just meant to be alone and if it's gonna happen it'll happen. Unfortunately that seems right. 😂 It's okay tho :)
Anywho back then I pretended my "boyfriend " gave me this ring I randomly found one day lol.. wanna know something hilarious? The ring was fake metal so it left a green line around my finger. They didn't even believe me but they left me alone. I wouldn't recommend. Lmao

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Have you ever pretended to have a boyfriend when you were single so that someone

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is your family's generational wealth ending with you?

🤷🏻‍♀️ 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

What do you do if you find newborn puppy or kitten on the road that seems to be abandoned

"cats so we couldn't take dogs in .. but the one dog we did thought she was a cat.. they had dumped her because she was preggers and we didn't even know till one day she was yelping and we took her to the vet the check and explained what happened and they said they'd adopt her out after she takes care of her puppies (the vet doc loved her and said she'd keep her for herself and make sure her babies get adopted out to good homes .. ) if I were rich I would just take care of animal for the rest of my life. Anyways I hope she's okay out there anywho, yeah saving a life is hard but always worth it. :) just don't be too hasty and accidentally take it from its mom "
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Question: What is a modern hippie? Are these people who visit festivals with their new 6-cylinder motorhome? Or are these people who struggle to get by, have hardly any money, and are basically homeless?

abba3590’s Profile PhotoBundy
"peace and love man ✌🏻😇☮️🕊️💖🗺️💞"
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Is CGI ruining filmmaking?

"🤣🤣🤣 that's SO fake!! Or, 'BROOO THIS IS SO BAD ITS GOOD 🤣 💀💀💀' .. CGI really brings some things to life! Like... Titanic.. now look at Jaws in the beginning.. 😂 now look at Sharknado... 😅 ... So it really depends on how you use the mediums, like any form of art.. edit, edit, edit! Haha"
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Do you know what is the difference between a regular donkey and a striped donkey?

Thisjdembowski’s Profile PhotoY'ALL BORING
"did you know there's a species called, 'Zorse' They're super cute 🥺🤗"
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Hello, I don't know exactly where the path to the beach is, can you get in my Volkswagen to show me?

abba3590’s Profile PhotoBundy
I heard it's that way 👉🏻... Or are you just trying to get lost with me? 🤔 😂 (Niiice one 😎😇)
Hello I dont know exactly where the path to the beach is can you get in my
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I need someone to treat me like you treat your cat and call me baby 😌😅

"those qualities I suppose 😂🤗😸😇"
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Do you like poetry?

Well, I love music .. Music is usual just poetry to a beat. So generally speaking, yes. 😇 I admire all forms of art in a way 🎨🎭✏️📝 🎶💃🏻🕺🏻💅🏻🖼️
Do you like poetry

My point regarding kids was that I hate when people get out and saying x or y # of kids is too many to have. For them, maybe but not for others. Each couple is different. A couple with 8 kids could be doing better than a couple with 2 kids. At the end of the day, it all depends on the parents...

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Look at 19 Kids & Counting. They have a bunch of kids. It is not the # of kids. It is whether the parents can emotionally, financially, mentally, & physically handle the kids. There are people with 10 kids doing well & there are people with 2 kids struggling. It all depends on the parents...

"for the kids.. it's a life of consistent work and it doesn't look all happy and fun like they'd make you think. I mean to each their own I suppose... With soany kids already in the system it just seems unfair to have all that space for 'love' and then not share it with them. I think it's fair to want and to even have a few bio kids of your own.. or as many as you want/need! But here the thing.. maybe adopt the same amount before having more and see if you want more AFTER you've proven to yourself, your spouse, and your kids that you can support and most importantly ALWAYS give them the love they need ... Then maybe you should just keep going at it because if you're STILL successful after ALL that love, growing, fighting, and thriving.. then you've found what you're great at? 🤷🏻‍♀️😂"
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Do you think it’s inappropriate to ask someone about their ex if they’re in a relationship? I’m so curious about what happened to this person‘s ex. I want to know more because people in town are talking about things involving my acquaintance

"unless you're asking about what the breakup was about. .. that's probably their business and they'd tell you if they wanted"
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