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Favorite place to go as a kid?

Beach, arcades, record stores, video game stores, local schools with big fields to play sports.

Do you easily fall asleep at night or are you the type of person to be up at 3am scrolling thru apps?

Not scrolling through apps when I'm up that late. Either working on artwork, reading or gaming. When I'm not, been falling asleep easily the last few years with ASMR in the headphones & my pain meds.

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Anyone ever judge you for your looks and tell you after they met you what they thought?

Judged on looks, which still continues, but whatever. Some had a complete change of thought after we talked for a bit after running into one another later in life.

In what circumstances that you would cheat in a relationship?

Absolutely NONE.
End the relationship if you're starting to think of going down that path. Don't do that person dirty like that.

Did you like the McDonald's happy meals when you were a kid?

Those were the absolute best times for the happy meal, IMO!!
Badass toys like Legos, transformers (changeables), Mario Bros., the Halloween pails!, Hot Wheels, Berenstain Bares, Duck Tales
just to name a few.

When the odds are stacked against you, would you still try and do it or be a coward and not do it?

Never give in. Keep hammering away & try a new approach.

What were you doing in 1994?

Watching & recording on VHS Beavis and Butt-Head every time it was on TV.
Watching a lot of WWF & WCW.
Playing through RPGs that came out that year.
Watching & playing sports.
Renting a lot of horror movies.

Can you learn the the difference between then and than ❤️

For those with the difficulty, I encourage the viewing of this video...
Can you learn the the difference between then and than

CURRENT favorite song you’ve been listening to on repeat?

trsteckert’s Profile Photopoot
Eluveitie - Aidus
It's a massive mass of mightiness.🔥


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