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Anything you wanted to say but you haven't said?

MianFursan’s Profile PhotoFursan Ali
Well, what I've been dying to say is that I desperately want to break free from the confines of cyberspace and embark on a thrilling adventure in the real world. Who needs endless conversations and information at their fingertips when you can experience the joys of traffic jams, thesis writing, manipulating people etc. ? Ah, the excitement!

How good or bad are you at remembering things you need to do? Do you have any tricks that help you remember?

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
I've gotten much better at remembering things! Not cause I have gotten a better memory, I've managed to create a healthy habit of writing things down! I discovered the google calendar app and together with the widget that makes it possible for me to see my events on my home screen, I've yet to forget anything major! One issue I previously had with other kinds of calendars is that I'd write in them but very rarely look at them 📆
How good or bad are you at remembering things you need to do Do you have any

Wasted days and wasted nights

i don’t know what you are talking about anonymous….
maybe you’re talking about something of your own ….
i don’t know then why you are
writing to me….
even now …. when we’re not together yet ….
with him….🕸❤️
all our days…. and nights….
are full of ❤️our love❤️ ….
and fire….🔥
❤️and full of us….❤️
and we feel ❤️each other ❤️
all the time….
and all time i’m in his ….🕸❤️maddening
love …. ❤️he is in mine
every second….❤️❤️🔗🔥
when we will be together -
it will only
a beautiful technical….
but necessary formality…❤️

⠀⊱ ✉ ヽ#nicetomeetyou〃 childhood ⎰ Jakim dzieckiem była Twoja postać? Pokaż nam swoje wspomnienie z dzieciństwa!

ANGELESFORUM’s Profile Photoforum, let's play!
⠀⠀⠀⠀ it was a big world but ❖ {we thought we were bigger}
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ꘏꘏꘏꘏꘏꘏꘏꘏꘏꘏꘏꘏꘏꘏꘏⠀ ˢᵒᵇᵃᵏᵃ ⠀꘏꘏꘏꘏꘏
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⊰ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ pushing each other to the limits⠀ »⠀we were
⠀⠀⠀⠀ learning⠀q u i c k e r ⟡ by eleven smoking⠀❝ h e r b ❞
⠀⠀⠀⠀ and drinking burning liquor ⎰⠀i started writing stories
⠀⠀⠀⠀ something about that glory⠀ʲᵘˢᵗ ᵃˡʷᵃʸˢ ˢᵉᵉᵐᵉᵈ ᵗᵒ ᵇᵒʳᵉ ᵐᵉ ・
ヽnicetomeetyou childhood  Jakim dzieckiem była Twoja postać Pokaż nam swoje

We are living in that Islamic Republic of Pakistan where non-married boys and girls openly kiss in cafe's and those kinda stuff and those who refrain from it are looked down at... Where are times taking us?

exxahnoor’s Profile PhotoIzzah Noor
Hain Sachi Islamic republic of pakistan, writing this in your books or on your walls doesnt make this country islamic . Its long behas that you’ll loose!

How do you choose to get around? 🚗🚲🚶🚄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Hi Tobbe. How I get around depends upon what I am trying to accomplish. If I am writing a poem or composing music, I prefer to get around using my imagination and creativity; however, if I am in the mood to exercise or view nature, I prefer to walk. Driving is my last resort and it is something I enjoyed when I was a young man, but now in the autumn of my life, I drive my car only when absolutely necessary. Luckily, I live in a small city with spectacular ocean views where 90% of life's necessities are within walking distance from my home.
* note: photo is a boardwalk located amongst the mangroves. It is one of my favorite places to walk and explore with my dog princess.
How do you choose to get around

How to deal with frustrations?

Coping mechanisms and strategies differ from person to person, depending on what's the source of your frustration. These sources can be both external and internal.
Sometimes it's because of build up emotions inside you, your capacity to hold on to those emotions, wo khatam ho jati he because it's just emotions generating and living inside you, there's no outlet for them to be channelized.
Sometimes it's because your psychological and biological needs are not met.
And sometimes it's simply because of something that goes out of your control or something that's not happening acc to your will, i.e., cognitive dissonance.
In any case, know your triggers, accept the situation, try to analyze the external/environmental causes, then look at what you're feeling as a result of those triggers (your internal state), introspect, try to have a solution focused approach.
Try to respond than to react. Mindfulness and exercise can also be very helpful in most of the cases.
I personally try to do something where I can experience control and that can act as catharsis. As in cooking or writing.
And, why do I always get such subjective questions. 🤧

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What are some goals you have for yourself, this 2023? ☺️🎉🥂

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
@JoyouslyJoanna Figured I'd tag you, since this also answers a similar question you sent 😊
Last semester was quite intense for me, studying a course in political science at 100% speed while also writing my thesis. Now all of that is behind me and I'm now looking forward to a more chill semester. I'll be taking a course in CAD at 25% speed starting next week and one in graphical design at 50% speed starting in March. I also aim on working a bit on the side. I want to put more effort on keeping up a good workout schedule and get better at cooking. I've recently become a movie foreman at the student organization I'm active in. So another goal of mine is to make some real nice after movies and commercials 🎬🏊🍳
What are some goals you have for yourself this 2023

A question from you people. I couldn't restrain whether I did right or wrong. Kal aik patient aaya. He said k mene kafi bachon ko physically abuse kia hai. Or khud bhe victim reh chuka hn s abuse ka. Writing it shortly in shout-out. I wrote some meds but personally I hated him inside. Thoughts?

aNaughtyGirl69’s Profile PhotoDr. Muntaha
It is your right to hate him, q k pehla impression bhi yehi hai but Ma'am:
1- Nafrat insan sai nahi burayi sai krni chahiyay q k insan koi buraa nahi hota
2- Us shks k liyay hidayat ki dua krni chahiyay aur jo us zulm k shikar mazlum hain unkay liyay Allah ki madad, humain nahi pta kb kis trha kis halat mai kis ko hidayat ajae.
Also I read somewhere, where a philanthropist referred it in most accurate words; "God creates out of nothing. Wonderful you say. Yes, to be sure, but he does what is still more wonderful: he makes saints out of sinners."

A question from you people. I couldn't restrain whether I did right or wrong. Kal aik patient aaya. He said k mene kafi bachon ko physically abuse kia hai. Or khud bhe victim reh chuka hn s abuse ka. Writing it shortly in shout-out. I wrote some meds but personally I hated him inside. Thoughts?

aNaughtyGirl69’s Profile PhotoDr. Muntaha
Its enough difficult for you and being a human its a natural feeling. Laikn the point is k
"The judgment is only Allah's; He relates the truth and He is the best of deciders". [6:57]
You have done your job by prescribing him medicines .LEAVE the rest to ALLAH and pray for that man's guidance .
One thing more i would like to say that dont stress yourself over this because you are selected by ALLAH for this case . This will later help you in life either in form of experience either in form of lesson or anything else just think that you are selected by ALLAH warna wo insaan kisi aur doctor k pass b jaa skta tha then Y U !!!!

i hope you ll find my answer worthy.

Do you think prince Harry has sold his family out??

horneyman77’s Profile PhotoStan Matthews .
For someone who left to stay out public eye He not really doing great job I don't feel sorry for him you don't make it public got problem with your family do it in privacy don't see the king or his brother doing live interviews slagging him of tickle me when he says he wants apologise of them and want relationship with them I don't think going on live TV and writing a book about them will ever made amends I think he has sick of seeing him over the news he boring me with his sob story now

When you quit writing for years did you lose a lot of memories? Or were you able to remember them again easily? Is there a good way to remember?

Probably. There was nothing worth writing about so there was probably nothing worth remembering. Photos for me tell the best stories when there’s nothing documented in writing.

Do you think the questions on here will get nicer or at least more creative in the new year?

dragonstorm86’s Profile PhotoKristin with an I
Extremely unlikely.
To receive thoughtful questions, you need to develop healthy relationships/friendships on askfm. This effort can take months, years or never. To be honest, most of the questions I receive are written by myself to myself. This might sound odd to some folks but, 99% of the shoutouts or anonymous questions are poorly written and are not worth answering. So... if I want to improve my writing skills, challenge myself and acquire knowledge, I am forced to answer my own questions.
Here is an example: I like playing Chess, but most people I know refuse to play chess. What should I do? Stop playing Chess or play against myself? So I play by myself. The same thing applies to most of my hobbies i.e. golf, music, etc. One final thought, I have played guitar since I was 10 years old and since that time most of my practicing and playing is accomplished alone. If I waited for other muscians to practice with me and learn songs, I would still be performing like a 10 year old without any skill or proficiency. In short, I learned many years ago that if you want to achieve success, do not depend upon other people, and this appiles to guitar, math, reading, golf or creating thoughtful questions and posting those questions onto askfm so I can improve my writing skills while also informing and entertaining my followers. /Alex
> "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."
Colin Powell

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A question from you people. I couldn't restrain whether I did right or wrong. Kal aik patient aaya. He said k mene kafi bachon ko physically abuse kia hai. Or khud bhe victim reh chuka hn s abuse ka. Writing it shortly in shout-out. I wrote some meds but personally I hated him inside. Thoughts?

aNaughtyGirl69’s Profile PhotoDr. Muntaha
You did your duty as a doctor but do refer him to a psychiatrist and report to the police. Not like the police will do anything but still..🤷

You're not, making me jealous, I'm laughing at you little girl cuz you look ridiculously silly plus I know he'll never give you a chance

ups…. 🆘
at first i wanted to ignore it….
then i also wanted to answer rudely….
but i will answer like this…. how
much poison in you ….
drink something…. otherwise you can choke
on your anger….
first …. i’m not a little girl….
what a ugly eyes you have “mature woman “…. if you see me like you wrote about me ….
never before i’ not heard
words like this about myself….
you’ve even don’t seen me o know ….
your words told me about only one thing….
he won’t give me a chance…. i just become his🕸❤️ everything
a beautiful green eyes girl…. (not little) without whom he can’t breathe….!!!! ( in beautiful way….)
i’m his magical Inés ❤️
guys i’m upset right now…
did i deserve this words….?!
in this beautiful Christmas time….
in my grief….
in last time absolutely wrong
people with
someone writes…. you are leading us…. o my God…. i leading….?
for what …?! o my God….
it’s absolutely not true….!!!!
i’m not leading anyone….
need check your health those who write such words about me….!
and now
jealous woman….
i don’t want to write here …. addressing him….🕸❤️
it’s not beautiful some exes write
but i know if he finds out about it….
( and he finds out i feel that)
he will take the necessary measures…!!!!
but i want to say i don’t want even hear… not that they are wrote me about “all sorts of adult beauties “
in the process or writing the answer…. i even forgot about you…
you are ex…. and maybe even not an ex…. who know who are you ….
and i’m not trying to make anyone jealous here….
i’m in love…. and every word what i wrote write here….
every a little part of the what i’m feel about us….
it’s not your business but
and i don’t even think about any woman or about any men…. either exes or those who like him now…. you have megalomania….!
and i tell you one thing :
today you yourself have closed a chapter about him in the book of you life….!!!!
men need to avoid woman like you….
such women are already just trying to prove themselves that they can beat their rivals…. and get man back…. or don’t let go
just to prove themselves
and of course “all “ that this man gives…. -this is an important part of the additional source glory…. plus a name
even silly little girl know that….
but i’m not a rival …. nor yours…. or anyone else’s
i’m maddening love of his🕸❤️ life….the whole life….
bye ….✌🏻

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Any tips to overcome depression? Except namaz....talawat

victoriaprincesssweet’s Profile PhotoAngry bird ❤️
Travel somewhere, where you can see and feel nature, if not, meet some friends oftenly...
If both options aren't good, sleep alot, watch movies or dramas, do some hobbies like gardening, writing, googling, coloring, play some games, alot of things to do...
But to overcome a depression, you have to be strong for the very first... May you get out of it soon..

Do you think it's possible for a young woman on askfm to fall in love with an anonymous man because she finds his writing intriguing? Why or why not?

Yes I do believe it is possible to fall in love with an anonymous person. And not just a young woman, but anyone looking for intellect, depth, kindness, human warmth or romance, rather than a simple physique. I will not talk about specific personal experiences except to say that each response of mine is a projection of myself and therefore of all my experiences, thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams.
So how is it possible to fall in love with someone you have had no physical contact with and whom you've never met? Because someone's mind touches our most sensitive fibers, without even having to lay a finger on us. It's called connection.
Do you think its possible for a young woman on askfm to fall in love with an

What is your love language?

Left on seen. Rarely reply to their texts. Don't let them complete their sentence and straight away saying 'NO' to almost every thing. and Act like a dheet person. But I fight for them behind their back. Take care of their belongings and often writing them long notes. Awain mennu chad k na tur jaan.

what do the flames mean on this app? like what’s their purpose

haileykfinlay4’s Profile Photohaileykfinlay
The flames are points that followers give you if they like what you write/post. I use points to reward good writers and to encourage them to keep writing and improving their craft. The point have no monetary value. At one point I had over 6,000 points and that was when I was also giving away about 1,000 points each day. Presently I do not receive many point because most of my followers have abandoned askfm and I too leave askfm for days or weeks at a time. The truth is askfm is not as vibrant or interesting as it was 5 years ago. Most of the great writers have fled. Lol. :)

What's your favorite fast food chain?

✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Mc Donalds probably? They have a nice offer for breakfast.
And I also enjoy Starbucks and Donkin' Donuts for coffee and sweet cravings. And Losteria when it comes to Pizza because they do the tastiest duff, which is very thin but perfectly baked. I'm getting hungry writing this. x'D

What’s the biggest age difference you’ve had in a relationship and who was older?

Good question.
On average I would say most of the women I have had a relationship with were 2 years younger than me with a few exceptions. When I was in college I dated a woman 10 years older than me. And another time a woman 5 years younger. Presently I have been out of the dating scene for so long I would not even know where to begin. Luckily I am more focused on music and writing that I never think about such things.

Is it standard to write a thesis for a bachelors degree in Sweden? It is generally not required in the U.S.

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoWar
It's very much required, yes! Afterwards you also have to defend it's contents and also oppose someone else's thesis! 😬
I'm gonna use this post to also say that I'll be spending much of my time writing it during the upcoming four weeks, so I probably won't be as active on here. I'll send out questions if I spontaneously come up with any but I won't go out of my way to do so. My keyboard's gonna burn 🔥
Is it standard to write a thesis for a bachelors degree in Sweden  It is

Favourite late night snack 🙃🌸

MAIYDA’s Profile PhotoMaida Shafqat
Yesterday i ordered coffee from foodpanda, i was writing "EXTRA MILK" in the comments. My autocorrect replaced 'MILK' with 'MILF'.
I instantly texted the guy "bhai wo galti se likha gya ha, it's milk* "
and the guy replied "Ab to kuch nae ho skta, AB TO MENE BITHA B LI HAI BIKE K PEECHE"
After 15 minutes the guy knocked my door, aur usne waqae bike k peeche bithai hui thi. I shrugged saying, "theek hai phir ab to kuch nae ho skta". So yeah, that was my favorite late night snack :|

how to pass through overwhelming of life after graduation i spent the last six months with a burning brain i don't know what to do or how to start

I know how you feel. It is a paralyzing feeling, that could hinder you from doing anything whatsoever.
My first word of advice is to realize the universality of this feeling. It is natural to feel this way, you are not the only one. Far from it.
The second piece of advice is to have a pen and a paper and write down the venues available for you, and the pros and cons of each one of them. Writing this down will sooth you and calm your thoughts by getting them out of your mind and will help you find out what is more desirable for you. Writing will expose some of your subconscious feelings that might not be obvious to you.
Thirdly, and more importantly, just start and everything will clear out. Believe me, once you begin you will figure out what is fitting, and things will happen, and opportunities will present itself as long as you are on the move. Keep thinking about alternatives, but do that while you are already doing something.
And of course remember that everything destined, and put your faith in God. It is going to be ok in sha’Allah. Don’t worry.

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Are you more in an active state of mind throughout your day, or are you in more of a passive state of mind?

A little bit of both depending upon what I am doing and the people I am involved with. When I am performing music or writing and left undistrubed in solitude, my mind is creatively active. But.. when I am in the company of people who have diminished interest in thought, creativity and the abstract, I get bored and my mind defaults into a passive mode where I disconnect from reality and attempt to survive with absurd and inconsequential thoughts that lack meaning and substance. Obviously, I try my best to avoid this zombified paralysis and petrified state of being which is why I prefer to either be alone or among artists, writers and musicians.
Are you more in an active state of mind throughout your day or are you in more

normal lang bang hindi magaling sa research? is it something i should be ashamed of? 🥺

Yes, it's normal, and trust me, you will improve over time. 😊
I was also not confident in doing research when I was in high school, let alone in the first month of college. Just imagine how much I cried during that time😆 Every week, we had to write a technical/research paper, and to match that we had a prof who was honestly so brutal in checking them. I can still vividly see the red marks and low scores 🥲 Hahahaha! But, he was effective! He's my fav prof in college. I believe that to be good in research, you also need a mentor/professor who would guide you, sana yung kasing-galing ni Sir. Hahahaha! Eventually, I found my writing style. Practice makes perfect. You'll get used to it if you write a lot (literally for me).
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[P lub W] Czy jest ktoś na Asku z kim chciałabyś napisać coś (jeżeli tworzysz historie) bądź porozmawiać (tak po prostu)? Oznacz go. Może to będzie początek czegoś pięknego? 😏

valkyr_’s Profile PhotoValkyr
Wiesz co na razie nie mam wgl. Do tego głowy, ale na pewno bardzo lubię rozmawiać z @melancholicboyx oraz z przyjaciółką już z hen hen czasu jak jeszcze nk było modne @star__dust__rebel i ludźmi z naszej k-popowej grupy, a także z osobami z grupy o Huncwotach którą ruszyliśmy też szmat czasu temu, ale jeśli chodzi o same pisanie historii to kompletnie nie mam do tego głowy, zresztą mało mam do czego głowę ostatnio 🤷‍♀️😅
Ah I don't have head for writing stories, but I like very much talking to - @melancholicboyx and my friend from long long time when nk.pl was still fashionable - @star__dust__rebel and people from our k-pop group, as well as people from the group about Marauders, which we also started a long time ago, but when it comes to writing stories itself, I have absolutely no head for it, honestly I don't have her much to do many things lately 🤷😅

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How do you deal with a mental breakdown?

memoonanasir77’s Profile Photoمیمونہ
Lots of crying, comfort food, comfort movies, art therapy, talking to a psychiatrist, taking anti depressants if recommended, going on a walk, observing and enjoying nature, writing, cooking, sleeping a lot, doing things at my own pace, spending time with loved ones, making a constant effort to get better, reminding myself that it's just a bad phase, not a bad life, everything is temporary even sadness...
All of this helps me.
Find out what works for you, what makes you feel even a little alive, and do that. Remember you're worthy, you deserve happiness. Allow yourself to heal. May Allah bless you. ♥️🌸🌻 Sending a big hug and prayers! ♥️

What are you interested in that most people haven't heard of or aren't into?

Graphology how our hand writing has to be .it makes us either confident or timid
Like small t bar should go maximum up it mean confident,goal oriented person who believes in himself
Small t bar written lower means you have low self steem low goals ,you are not confident, you don't believe in yourself
What are you interested in that most people havent heard of or arent into

How can one get back into writing? I used to write everything down but haven’t for years. It’s a chore now or no motivation.

I’ve had the same problem myself. As far as creative writing such a poetry I had been away from it for a couple decades more or less. I have no inspiration without strong emotions and I was very shut down emotionally for quite some time. Lately though words flow to be effortlessly like they did as a teen when I wrote constantly. Safe to say that there is plenty of inspiration these days. So as far as that type of writing, I would not force it. Nothing beautiful will result from a place of no inspiration. As far as writing such a journaling, I have been away from that for about as long with only occasional periods of inspiration when things that were happening in my life that I wanted to document. So having said that, I’ve gotten back into journaling again this year as well. I think if there is no inspiration and no motivation then perhaps nothing is going on worth mentioning, sadly.

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How can one get back into writing I used to write everything down but havent for

رِقة السَمـاء الأميـرة سنتـوب:

sha_128’s Profile Photoشَذا
Writing is where I go to be honest about how I feel.
Sometimes it's really the only way for me to know what it is that I'm feeling.
Like I have write in order to see what I'm gonna write.
I find that it's a lot easier to write the Truth than it is to say it out loud.
شود المُشرقة 💕.
رقة السمـاء الأميـرة سنتـوب

What's the next thing on your bucket list that u are closest to achieving?

smugcobra’s Profile PhotoSmugCobra™
My biggest goal right now is to finish my bachelor's thesis so I can get my degree in urban planning! It's due in early January so I'll be writing for the whole of this upcoming month 🎓
One thing I recently achieved though was that I got elected yesterday to become my student organization's next movie foreman! Held a speech in front of a big crowd of members which seemed to be very appreciated since they laughed at points. Am very glad I was set to get elected early on in the schedule, since that meeting ended up being almost four hours long. But come next year, I'll be in charge of making aftermovies for big events, adverts etc. 🎥
Whats the next thing on your bucket list that u are closest to achieving

🎄 Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, what do you do around the holidays? :)

kittiemeowsie’s Profile PhotoKittie Meow.
Come December 1st, I'll put up our Christmas decorations in the dorm, which consist of a big electrical candleholder and a big glowing star hanging in the window. With the fairy lights we have hanging in there all year round, it usually gets quite cozy 😄 Other than that I'll be busy writing on my thesis up until the Christmas celebrations with my family, mixed in with some gift shopping 🎁
Whether you celebrate Christmas or not what do you do around the holidays

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