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I have an honest question, from seeing what questions you answer and how you answer them. Answer honestly. Does it genuinely hurt you to think? Because your answers are always very superficial, and I know you don't answer questions that are more involved.

I've used this site to kill time since my early 20's, often as a distraction from things I don't discuss. If you view me as superficial, that's fine 😊 I prefer to keep things light-hearted!
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If I gave you 30 mins to spend £1000 or whatever your currency is. The rules is every last penny must be spent and you can't give it to anyone else or save it or invest it what would you buy

Order a few xmas gifts & pay off my phone; I could really do with one less bill each month 😵‍💫
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When was a time you were dissatisfied with the service you got? 😡

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Last week was annoying when the water in our hotel wasn't working. Without even asking though, they refunded us the following morning!
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If you could, what's one physical change would you make to yourself?

daveb2186’s Profile PhotoDynamarmite
Prior to having covid my hair was loads thicker, would love to have that back! Everything else I've made peace with, our differences make us interesting 😄

What was your shortest ever relationship?

Two weeks, I think? He started being all, "when we live together..." it was way too intense, too fast
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Do you think that males can just be friends with females without having any special feelings?

Of course. It's made even more apparent when you've actually had male friends who pine, or act inappropriate. You begin to see who's sincere & cares for you as a person
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Do you have a romance with someone atm? How serious is it?

It's coming up to two years for us now. He's such a sweetie too, I'm really poorly atm & he dropped off some painkillers & duckless pancakes yesterday 🥲
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Why do girls cut their hair really short to average guy hair length?

Same reason men grow their hair long, because they want to
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