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What type are you: 1) Speak your mind and face the consequences 2) Don’t say it and regret later?

AsH171’s Profile PhotoAyesha
Definitely the speak my mind and face the consequences type. I learned my lesson from being the "don't say it and regret it" type for most of my life 👍

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Space 💙

"In a relationship, vulnerability is required. For a friendship to grow, for a love relationship to grow, you gotta be real. And if you're not being real and you consistently feel orphaned or abandoned by people moving away from you or choosing not to be with you, that might be something to consider - that you're holding back too much."
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If you started a business, what would it be?

HollieRose1998’s Profile PhotoHollieRose1998
A crystal shop.
Or a bar, oddly enough.
I'd call it the Wolf Den.
And we'd mostly play blues music.
And it wouldnt be a popular one...one of those quiet ones on the outskirts of town that only certain types go to.
And above the bar, there'll be some kind of neon sign that says "What's your sin?"
And on the front door, there'll be a sign "Where you been?" That might be around the bar too somewhere...
(This is not getting painfully on the nose at all 😂😎)
Ideally, I want to do both.
And I am actually serious about it.
(at least as serious as someone with zero ability to do anything like that can be 😂)

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Honesty isn’t always pretty. Are you afraid of someone telling you the truth or do you desire it?

I'm only interested in the truth, no matter how bad it is, how ugly it is or how much it hurts. The truth isn't always pretty indeed, it can be damn painful, but it Is healing. Curative. I can be scared of it, but I brace myself for impact. Always willing to face it regardless of any fear I may have at times. Voluntarily walking into the dragon's lair, or at least not fleeing or hiding if it comes for me.
Honesty isnt always pretty Are you afraid of someone telling you the truth or do
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Current mood

Sitting in the warm morning sun, sheltered from the breeze, custom painting my sneakers with a coffee and my music on a day off. No chores, no errands to run, no drama anywhere within my own little world. Just me, the sun and a soothing calm. True peace and gratitude🙏😌🥰🤌✨
My only dilemma is, what game do I start a new PC playthrough of tonight/this week, Days Gone or Hellblade? Or Prey?? 🤔😊🎮
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Last film/tv show you watched?

deniss74344’s Profile Photodeniss.
Episode 3 of The Fall
(the TV show with Gillian Anderson, and Jamie Dornan).
I seem to rewatch it every couple of years or so - it's like a ritual at this point 😂🙏❤️
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share your favourite music 🎶

I don't know why I'm so addicted to Coheed's Radio Bye Bye lately when I've never really cared about it much before, but here I am painting my fence in the sun listening to the No World For Tomorrow album on repeat. Seems to be my saviour right now, despite only ever casually liking a few Coheed songs 🤷‍♀️
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