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Happy 1st of December From the photo which is all time favourite Christmas film 🎄🎁

missygls’s Profile Photo_oxgls
Elf for me, I'm not a huge fan of Christmas movies but that seems to be the one on the list I don't mind watching a few times. ☺️🌸
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what film d'you prefer? the last one of liking?🤍

goricaclash11953’s Profile PhotoKhimki Alexey
Really a difficult question. There are many movies that I watch for example Purple Hearts and Persuasion, but the last movie that I liked is produced by Netflix and its name is “The Swimmers” it talks about the story of an Arab Syrian Christian girl who wants to fulfill her dream of participating in the Olympics and therefore she will become a refugee. This film shows the suffering of refugees around the world and how much she sacrificed herself in order to achieve her dream. For me, this movie really made me cry because it represents a painful reality in this world.🥹
what film dyou prefer the last one of liking

Same i want to have high hopes for the movie but Vox Machina is the only good one have you seen the first 3 movies hahaha they suck. It's awesome you and your boyfriend have a shared intresse 👊🏻

I haven't lol
Literally all I know of d&d (before playing it) was that of critical role xD
He's made me so many cool things for d&d :3 like a dice tower to suit my character, got me a new dice tray, even got me Thimble!
... Thimble is my character's squirrel! Long backstory but yeah... I have a squirrel ornament in my room lol
Same i want to have high hopes for the movie but Vox Machina is the only good

How do you know have you been there? I know all movies isn't real i'm not a little child 😂 But it was filmed in Scotland and i see no trees in the movie and what country is Aselia in?

I have been to Scotland :)
That's how I know lol some areas are marshy with few trees. But there's sections of forest, mountains, lush areas etc :)
Also Aselia isn't a real place lol
It's where my D&D character Eleon is from :3
How do you know have you been there I know all movies isnt real im not a little

Scotland 😂 They don't even have trees there it's all swamp and grassland i know it from the highlander movie You may take our lives, but you can never take our FREEDOM!! Than they attack the English i forgot who won though

... it's not all swamp and they definitely have trees... xD
Don't believe everything you see in movies. Movies tend to glorify stereotypes.
Scotland  They dont even have trees there its all swamp and grassland i know it

If you're married or going steady with somebody, do you still go on dates? I mean, are they still dates or does "dating" refer to the stage where you guys are just getting to know each other more and form a connection?

Personally my boyfriend and I haven't ever called any part of our relationship a "date / dating" lol
Even if we go out, it's not referred to as a date :)
Personally I've only ever really heard that used by my American friends, or on American shows / movies :)
If youre married or going steady with somebody do you still go on dates I mean

How do you deal with a mental breakdown?

memoonanasir77’s Profile Photoمیمونہ
Lots of crying, comfort food, comfort movies, art therapy, talking to a psychiatrist, taking anti depressants if recommended, going on a walk, observing and enjoying nature, writing, cooking, sleeping a lot, doing things at my own pace, spending time with loved ones, making a constant effort to get better, reminding myself that it's just a bad phase, not a bad life, everything is temporary even sadness...
All of this helps me.
Find out what works for you, what makes you feel even a little alive, and do that. Remember you're worthy, you deserve happiness. Allow yourself to heal. May Allah bless you. ♥️🌸🌻 Sending a big hug and prayers! ♥️

do u still watch disney movies? what are u faves?

I haven’t watched any movies in aeons, tbh! The last Disney film I watched though was Robin Hood, but I doubt I’ll ever watch it again - it wasn’t particularly gripping in plot or animation style!
My favourite Disney films are Hercules, Toy Story, The Sword in The Stone, 101 Dalmatians, Emperor’s New Groove, Tangled, Brave, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Enchanted, Cinderella (live action) and there’s probably more, I just haven’t watched many in a very long time!
do u still watch disney movies what are u faves

Сделай выбор и обоснуй его: Книги/фильмы; Кот/Собака; Дом/Квартира; Лето/Зима; Луна/Звезды; прогулка по лесу/парку; кофе/чай; объятия/поцелуй

Midori93757’s Profile PhotoMidori
Before, I'd choose a movie, because I'm lazy and I love to see the combination of great music, picture, and actors play all in front of my eyes. Unfortunately, there are not many movies that impress me lately, actually the opposite. The more new movies I watch, the less I have a feeling of watching something again. So, I choose a book 📖
Cat. Even though dogs love their owners more, I still feel more love for cats. Maybe because in Ukraine, cats are more popular to have, maybe because I never had a dog, but I don't want to get something that I don't know how to take care of 😼
A house, because it's a personal property, where you have your own private space and more room for creativity on how to make that space that you live in, your own place 🏠
Summer. Even though I learned to appreciate winter more, I still feel more disabled and like I can't do much during this season, but the summer is a season of vacations, hangouts, warm sun, and longer days ☀️
Moon. It always attracts me with its light and shape. So beautiful, so lonely... 🌛
Walk in a forest. I feel like I connect more with nature and myself. I become isolated from the city noises and it's more peaceful and quiet 🌳🌳🌳
Tea. Even though I used to favor coffee more, I feel like I've become a tea girl ever since I moved to the USA. Now, It's my comfort drink 💖
Hugs. A kiss doesn't always express love, especially nowadays, but hugs are comforting, give you trust in someone, and it just warms my heart 🤗☺️

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Сделай выбор и обоснуй его
Книгифильмы КотСобака ДомКвартира ЛетоЗима ЛунаЗвезды

Do you feel like the Internet has had more of a positive or negative effect on society?

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Umm Internet has more of a positive effect on society
It brings world closer I mean I have added my Saudi Arabia school friends in buddy list so yeah
Everything is click away if you wanna read article related to 5 food good for strong bone you can google result will be infront of you in blink of an eye
Google it what's in fashion result will be in front of you
You can do online shopping what's not available in your city you get though online shopping so world is advanced
You can watch favourite youtuber vlogs ,horror movies in cell phone
Communicate with friends on social networking website, write your views about politician
But limit your hours stay in real world over digital world

I guess I Iove too much talking about fashion, dressing and celeb talk and sometimes I feel I'm annoying to others

itsmehmoona2004’s Profile PhotoMehmoona
Don't worry i have seen people talking about gocarting and paintball fight like its a real things... There is a possibility that one day wr might find someone we are looking for and/or who we are supposed to be with... I'm not talking about relatioshits okay... Let's say, I talk about movies in my own stupid way that in last 43 years i havent even found a single soul who can sit with me and talk like... So i also know how to talk about movies the way normal people do... It leave me less depressed and i keep my search going...

Did your family move houses a lot when you were a kid? If so, what was the experience like for you? Maybe describe the place you liked best? If you just stayed in one home for most/all of your childhood, what is your fondest memory from living there? Does your family still own said home? 👥🏠📦

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
No, I only lived in one house throughout my childhood. It's so hard picking and choosing between memories since I have a lot from there I'm really fond of. When the whole family, including my grandparents played Wii bowling in front of our TV, all of the cozy Christmases there, when me and my dad watched movies on our projector out in the garage together... 🥹 If I want to be reminded of said memories, it's fairly easy since my parents still live there 🏡
Did your family move houses a lot when you were a kid If so what was the

🎄 Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, what do you do around the holidays? :)

kittiemeowsie’s Profile PhotoKittie Meow.
Christmas day itself is usually very quiet, relaxed affair. I'll go to either my parent's or my in-law's place for dinner. We alternate year by year. Last year we went to see my folks so this year we are having dinner with my partner's family! We'll eat some tasty grub, drink our bodyweight in wine or brandy, share a couple of laughs with some spectacular people, then come back home and whack on a film.
It's the weeks leading up to Christmas that are more busy and exciting! Basically I try and cram as many festive activities as I possibly can into the month of December. I decorate my home from top to bottom, I watch ALL the christmas movies, I bake gingerbread, and I make it my mission to visit at least ONE christmas market!
What can I say? I love the holidays, so of course I'm gonna try and make the most out of 'em!

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What's going on in your heart rn?

BoredMaisha’s Profile PhotoBlahMaisha
Saw a new place with hi-tea and I miss my fren! I’m not a really big fan of experimenting with food but when we do visit new places, it’s mostly the ones offering hi-teas or buffets. She’s always my navigator cause I suck at it. Out of all my friends, I always prefer her in the shotgun seat and she’s my top person to go to movies with and the only person I like watching movies with, at home.
Sucks to have your close friends move to a different city huh 🥲

What are the few things you write down in Microsoft word

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
I daily create 3 quotes I write down in Microsoft words
I daily create tea new fruit tea recipe and chicken stir fry recipe I make sure I type down in Microsoft word
All favourite horror movies names written in Microsoft words
All favourite western song with singer name written in Microsoft word
I am organized person so I love doing this all the time
I have been doing this since 2017

what makes you lose feeling for someone instantly?

Ugh pick your words well. You probably mean, what makes me instantly “dislike” someone. 🌚
- People who show off and are self obsessed. 😷
- People who mistreat others and are basically mannerless. I can’t even stand ill-mannered kids and careless parents.
- LIES 🤩
It’s understandable if you don’t want to share something, don’t but lying is never okay.
- Kinda hate irresponsible people as well and the ones who’re a spoil sport are annoying AF. 😤
- Again if you’re saving and are low on money, that’s okay but if there’s no problem and you’re just a miser? Ew you 😷
- Dislike the people who’d rather be at home for food, for movies. Whatever it may be, they’d rather do it at home and again not because of finances but because they’re laid back like that. No thanks.
- People that always want to rest and sleep, while travelling. 🤡 They spoil everything for real! Especially if you’re bound to go to places together.
- The aura ouff 🌚 sometimes someone just exists and you don’t like them. They just don’t feel like a good person, you know? Aye reminds me of this one time amma introduced me to this women who was a hafiz-e-Quran and I instantly disliked her. Later amma got to know that woman was doing some weird shit, to her 🤡 as an effort to keep amma close to her.
Crazy world!

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Outfit inspiration niyo?

I mostly find cool outfits by scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest, as well as watching movies and playing video games. I have a good idea of what I like, and I know it when I see it.
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Inspired by a previous question on your page! What are your favourite films or shows to re-watch?

I'm about to go put Babe on... I mean come on! He's a lil sheep pig xD
But older movies like Babe, The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, etc I love! They feel very "cottagecore" which I love! They just feel so cosy to me :3
I'll also rewatch the Animals of Farthing Wood which was a children's series in the late 80's / early 90's that my brother watched as a kid and then showed me when I was old enough.
I also love New Tricks! Preferably with the original cast cuz it's just comical! Lol
Then Disney movies, Marvel movies, Studio Ghibli movies, etc etc etc xD
Inspired by a previous question on your page What are your favourite films or

Let's say you could have a spare/separate room for your "weirdest" hobbies. What would this room look like? What kinds of things would you put on a display, and how would you decorate this room?

M1ssSemy’s Profile Photos ⭐ i
man cave😁, a tv on every wall. a gaming pc, 2 ps5s, 2 xbox series xs, oculus. sectional w/ lounge & some recliners. a small fridge for bottled water. i’d put my sports teams on display, some gaming posters up too. i think i’d decorate the top of the walls with those color changing lights that stick to the wall. i’d have a surround sound, for games, movies & music of course.

Do you go to the movie theater still?

I do. A movie theater is a fun place to spend time with your family, friends, or your partner. You watch a movie on a big screen, with strong sounds that surround and captivate the whole room, and you experience it with other people too, so it's fun to watch and express emotions together.
I love the idea of watching movies in movie theaters, but, unfortunately, almost every new movie that comes out disappoints me a lot, and there is rarely a movie that I actually enjoyed watching.

Need late night chat partner in these long winter nights

These winter nights are for blankets and cozy beds, dim lights and movies. Not partners. 🌚 Single insan bht limited time k liye hota hai. Agay saari zindagi hi kisi k sth guzarni hai tou jo time single ho banda phir usko sahi se Apne upar lagae.

What are some your favorite lines from movies that you like to quote all the time?

TruexPp’s Profile PhotoNeptune ム
Don't give anyone the right to tell you that you can't do something.. Including me, okay?.. It's your dream, you have to defend it, people can't do something for themselves, so they will tell you that you can't achieve anything.. If you want something, go fight for it, it's over..
- Chris Gardner, from The Pursuit of Happyness

If given the opportunity to go on a short roundtrip to space, would you? 🚀

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I might have an unpopular opinion, but I feel uncomfortable with anything related to space. I don't like watching movies about it, I don't like news and videos about it...
Endless spaces make me uncomfortable, unsafe, and lost 🙈😢

What's the most harrowing film you've seen?

I think... The Grave of the Fireflies.
It's a Studio Ghibli movie, and basically the movie goes through a young man's life and death, and he's basically stuck in limbo reliving all the tragedies.
It's beautifully done like all Ghibli movies, but I've never been able to watch it again...
Whats the most harrowing film youve seen
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When you were a kid, did you have an “emotional support” item? Like, a teddy bear or other stuffed animal, a doll, blanket, etc… that you just couldn’t be without? When did you get said item? How long did you use it for? Do you still own it today?

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I don't think I did honestly! It's strange, considering my huge love of dinosaurs back in the day, you'd think I'd have like a T-Rex plushie with me at all times. I think I've more so found my emotional support in things such as movies, video games etc. To be sucked into another world. My room was entirely Jurassic Park themed at one point after all 🦖
When you were a kid did you have an emotional support item Like a teddy bear or

What's one film you just can't watch? Whether it's because it creeps you out, or you hate it. Or you just find it cringe etc

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
There’s two movies that come to mind immediately… Twister and Dante’s Peak. I don’t know what it is, but both of those movies just freak me out, and give me the most vivid, horrific nightmares for like a week after the fact. 🥴
It’s funny too, because even though those freak me out so much, I can watch movies like The Day After Tomorrow, and San Andreas, and be totally fine! In fact, I’ve watched both of those numerous times over the years, and they’ve never bothered me. 🤔
So, I’m not sure what it is about those two movies in particular, but for some reason, it’s just too much for my brain to handle. 😆
Whats one film you just cant watch Whether its because it creeps you out or you

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