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You mentioned that there is something that you simply don't like about Marvel movies. Do you feel the same way about DC movies?

StephenInd’s Profile PhotoStephen Ind
Hi Stephen, for me DC movies are even worse. 😅
I think it’s the green screens and the special effects I just don’t like.
I also think that the DC stories are somewhat boring. I haven’t given many a try, but when I did I just wasn’t feeling engaged. 😅

Do you like watching movies produced by Marvel producers? For example, have you watched Avengers Infinity War? If you watched this movie, did you like it and which of the actors did you like?

KubaGR571’s Profile PhotoKubaGR571
I liked the movie, but there is something about Marvel movies I just don’t really like and I can’t describe it.
I would watch the movies, I’ve watched most of them, but I do not really enjoy them.
I can’t really remember much from Infinity War other than the end, so I cannot really tell what actors I liked. I always like the Spider-Man actors though.

Why do you feel like cheating is so normalized in today’s society? ❤️‍

esqjas’s Profile PhotoJas ❥
I think movies glamorize it too much. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It might have been normalised in society but I think if you’re raised with respect & morals, then it will never be normal that’s my opinion✨🤷🏻‍♀️

Why don't you watch new movies? Do you get anxiety because you don't know how it's going to end?

I don’t watch any movies at the moment, because I don’t have the time for it and I don’t want to make the time for it. In the short moment of free time I have errands to run or time to spend with my boyfriend, which is gaming mostly. 😊

Czy jest różnica kiedy samochód jedzie na automacie bez kierowcy, a samochód prowadzi osoba niewidoma z prawem jazdy ?

womanwithgoodheart’s Profile PhotoDziewczyna z Dobrym sercem ♀❥
Is there a difference when a car drives without a driver and a blind person with a driving license drives the car?
There are two differences: If a car is driving without passengers, the machine will not receive a ticket. If a blind person drives a vehicle, he will get a ticket. Movies sometimes show cars without a driver, but in my opinion a car without a human is a bad idea
Są różnice: Gdy samochód jedzie na automacie bez pasażerów wtedy automat mandatu nie dostanie. Gdy pojazd prowadzi niewidomy wtedy dostanie mandat. Na filmach czasem pokazują samochody bez kierowcy, jak dla mnie samochód bez człowieka to zły pomysł

Is it just me or people don't go to the cinema anymore like they used to in the past decades?

i certainly don't, but i think the pandemic changed things for people — more and more movies are being released on streaming services shortly after being in theaters, so why bother spending so much money at the movies when you can watch it in the comfort of your own home?

Something you are not Okay with? 🥱

TalhaJawad’s Profile Photoطلحہ جواد
These movies and dramas that was specifically designed to manipulate the psychology and we took it as an entertainment feeding our minds with lies being captive by the fascination it provides confining ourselves to the self created chambers locked away from the reality of this temporary realm to the point where we imprison ourselves to the allure of this world without realizing the purpose of our creation bowing down to the idle of nafs...!!!

Why do some people enjoy rewatching series, movies, TV shows, etc., that they've already seen, sometimes even multiple times? Where's the fun in that when you already know everything about the plot and what's going to happen?

It's comforting because it's familiar, it has nostalgia, we don't need to focus on it or anything so it's great background noise for multitasking etc.

Why do some people enjoy rewatching series, movies, TV shows, etc., that they've already seen, sometimes even multiple times? Where's the fun in that when you already know everything about the plot and what's going to happen?

Many people find comfort and nostalgia in rewatching their favourite movies and/or shows 🤩
It allows them to revisit familiar characters and storylines, which can provide them with an escape from everyday stress 😌
Why do some people enjoy rewatching series movies TV shows etc that theyve

Why do some people enjoy rewatching series, movies, TV shows, etc., that they've already seen, sometimes even multiple times? Where's the fun in that when you already know everything about the plot and what's going to happen?

It’s not always about not knowing what to expect when watching a movie, TV show, and/or series. It’s more about the sense of comfort you get in seeing something you already saw before, paying attention to every detail that you see, and not having to worry about skipping parts since you’re already familiar with the plot. If you have a hard time paying attention to movies and/or TV shows, it helps you understand what’s going on as well as the characters more than if you were to watch something only once.

What is ur 10/10 day?

lost_duck’s Profile PhotoGE
One day I can't remember the exact date of the day, but I can remember the details and moments. I was with my favorite person in a light winter atmosphere, wandering around the Nile Corniche at night, feeling everything beautiful, the air, the sound of the sea, our warm drink, the movement of the people around me was slow as in movies, in romantic scenes.
Finally إذا اعادوا لنا الاماكن ف من يعيد لنا الرفاق

Have you ever witnessed "too good to be true" person?

Yess. There was this girl i had a crush on at my work place. She was tall, pretty, feminine and chilll, her dressing sense, hairstyle literally everything about her was perfect. She only watched animated movies. Was super respectful. She was just adorable afff and she said alot that I'm her favorite person in the office but i never had balls to say i had a crush on her even tho i did become friends with her ;-;
Have you ever witnessed too good to be true person

Many years ago!!!!!!!!!!!

zahrayyyyyyy’s Profile PhotoZahra
When I was a child, my world was filled with pure joy—endless play, captivating movies, and heartwarming moments with friends. Life was beautifully simple, free from the chains of worry and the maze of overthinking. Now, as I've journeyed into adulthood, I find myself yearning for that lost innocence, as the complexities of life weigh heavily on my heart, transforming carefree laughter into a nostalgic echo of what once was.

Late night thoughts;

lost_duck’s Profile PhotoGE
I stopped enjoying movies that are a tiny bit unrealistic, I don't like their happy ending, I just think it's not fair and deceiving and my mind just keeps focusing on that and I lose track of the events in the movie itself, it's probably just me but I know that people get superstitious and desperate when they're in a really bad state and they hold on to anything ,drama is supposed to be somehow based on real events so I don't want butterfly scenes , I wanna know the truth

Is there something in the past that was taken away from you and you can never get it back?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
🌷 Innocence. The kind of innocence of not knowing the things that aren't good nor beneficial for me, especially for my akhira.
Unconciously people teach each other and learn from each other, through our experiences with them. Also the media and entertainment.... like the books, movies, music, tv programs, and contents that we watch on the internet has a lot to do with it as we grow older.
Some of them were really hard to unlearn nor control. But alhamdulillah, I reckon I am doing excellent in not having to use what I've learnt and I know how to control myself, especially when it comes to dealing with rude, manipulative, two-faced person who deliberately causes distress to others.

What decade do you feel like you most belong in 😊

laxmikanth_cool’s Profile PhotoLax
I am ok with 2000s decade, movies, songs, playing outdoor and indoor games with friends, Nice shows and series for kids, etc. all were beautiful 🥺❤️
But I'm very much missing my senior school days🥺, like it was so interesting to go everyday to school and then me and my friends had every reason to find something hilarious each day lol, teasing each other, sharing our interests, worries, playing dumb charades in recess time.
I am still connected with both of my friends but those days were so worry free❤️🥺
But even tho we talk after many days, still it feels the same😊
Moreover, we will plan a reunion this year only 🥰
Hope we have a good time together again.
It's beautiful if a person has such beautiful friends in their life🥰✨
[And vibes are like this picture
What decade do you feel like you most belong in

Which childhood movies was more iconic to you personally between Camp Rock and Highschool musical?

i have a confession
i've never seen either of these. they came out when i was in highschool and by then i was watching niptuck, lost, and greys anatomy

5 fun and random facts about you?!

☕️ For the most part, I absolutely hate hot drinks (except when I’m sick). They do not quench my thirst at all, and I just find them generally unappealing.
🎮 The Sims 4 is by far my most played video game. I have over 8000 hours in it.
🙅🏼‍♀️ I’m asexual, but romantically attracted to men. I’m largely s*x averse, and don’t enjoy intimacy like that whatsoever.
📖 I absolutely love books, video games, movies, etc, about dystopian and alternate universes. My favorite by far is an apocalyptic world. It just fascinates me.
👨‍👩‍👧 I’m an only child, biologically, but I have SIX step-siblings between both parents.
5 fun and random facts about you

🌼Another question inspired by the internet🌼 Would you be able to stay home for a week without leaving? How about a month? And what if money were involved - how much money would it take for you to stay home for a whole month without leaving?

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
Supposing that there would be temperat. under point 0°C outside and someone would bring me meal 2x daily and I could have my comp or TV for watching movies and series, I would spend inside all 3 winter months without any problem! 😂😂😂
Another question inspired by the internet Would you be able to stay home for a

You clearly haven't thought much about what is said in Hollywood movies. In Hollywood movies, concepts such as "zombies", "occupation" and "apocalypse" are always explained through Muslims. If you think a little, you will understand that Muslims are referred to as "devils". 🤔

I was never thinking about movies in this way.🤷‍♀️ Generaly said, every religion includes some rules which separate them from others so they must learn to be tolerant and not offensive each other. From 2015 I have met here many Muslims and all were kind to me. 👍 (despite the fact that I am not believer so I am "Devil" for all religions 😂😂😂).

It's Friday! Do you have weekend plans?

I plan on relaxing but I don’t think that’s possible since I have to turn in another paper that’s the same kind that I turned in a while back (that I didn’t do good on) and it takes me forever to write sometimes since I overthink and still fail regardless of that. I wish there were better horror/thriller movies that were coming out so I could go to the movie theater again :/

Do you watch TV? If you do, what do you usually watch on TV (streaming platforms, live TV, movies only, etc). If you don't watch TV at all, ignore this question. 🌿

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
Typically, I watch movies and documentaries. On very rare occasions, I’ll watch TV shows, but that’s usually if I’m with family or friends who likes a specific show. For example, my dad and I used to love watching crime shows and such together, so whenever I’m with him, we always enjoy it. ☺️
I’m such a sucker for finding new documentaries to watch, on various topics though. These topics range from nature, outer space, history, to beauty/fashion related, animals, world events, etc. 😄
Do you watch TV  If you do what do you usually watch on TV streaming platforms

What's your best moviegoing experience? 🍿📽️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Probably the last time I went to the movies with Brandon. We didn't take the kids & I didn't go with my friend like I have every other time I've been without my kids. So for once I actually got to see the whole movie in its entirety & hear everything without someone talking in my ear the whole time lmao.

What's your best moviegoing experience? 🍿📽️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It's been a while since I have gone to the cinema though my best movie-going experience was during my childhood army days when they had cinema nights. Every weekend, my friends and family would go watch movies, and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" was the absolute best I have ever had. 🍿🎥💙.
Whats your best moviegoing experience

What's your best moviegoing experience? 🍿📽️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
There’s this theater that my dad and I absolutely loved. They had this like a “dinner and a movie” experience, and while it was pretty expensive, it was awesome! They had a full blown restaurant type menu, and you could get most anything from pasta dishes, to burgers, to fish tacos, etc. And let me just say, the food was SO good. 😋
So if you bought 2 seats, you would have a shared table. And then, you’d order before the movie started, and you’d have your food pretty quickly. And then once you were finished, you could fully recline in the chair. And they gave you a pillow and such as well. 😌
I watched a couple movies in that theater that I remember, one being ‘San Andreas’, and then the other was ‘The Age of Adaline.’ But San Andreas was most definitely most memorable, as that was our first time going there, and my dad and I had a blast. Afterwards, you could play pool, or go to the bar as that was part of the experience as well! Definitely made for a very memorable time. 😁
(Not my picture, but this is sorta similar to how it looked).

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Whats your best moviegoing experience

Action or comedy movie ?

chocochipcookie984’s Profile Photoᴮᵉᶜᵏʸ
Either I suppose, if they’re good. For me a lot of ‘action movies’ are just too much high octane guns and explosions and car chases, so it has to be something that would grip me. On its own I find that the whole “lock’n’load it’s payback” thing just for the sake of it can be tiresome.
Also, comedy films are really hit and miss for me. But if it hits, it’s definitely worth it.

Which horror/thriller movie did you watch at one point that had the most lasting impact on you? Do you like such movies?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
I love the movie 'Halloween" recommend popular horror/thriller movies such as "The Shining," "Psycho," "The Silence of the Lambs," "Get Out," and "Hereditary." These are well-regarded films in the genre. If you enjoy thought-provoking and suspenseful storytelling, you might find these movies intriguing! :)

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