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You've had plenty of different kinds of lattes and they have espresso

I don’t get lattes with espresso 😆
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60% improvement is excellent. Have there been any bad side effects or has it all been positive?

No side effects but yeah one side is more better than the other side though!
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He doesn't think about those options (or flights). Yet you say he's so smart. How could anyone with a semblance of intelligence not figure out how to travel such a relatively short distance to see the supposed love of their life? It makes no sense.

He has never even really mentioned alternative transportation so I’m just like alrighty then 🤨
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Why does your apechild Richard never decide to visit you?

My what? He needs to think about alternative transportation like the train or even renting a car because it’s not expensive at all
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You were on here as a child, so yes, social media was part of your childhood.

I was on social media when I was a teenager not a child lol
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richard disrespected you yet again by dangling his days off in front of your eyes basically bragging that he has better things to do than visit you

He sounded so excited and I was just like umm okay, I’m not excited in my mind
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But I thought he makes you feel "respected"? Dude just told you he's choosing to do something else with his vacation instead of seeing you.

It’s not a vacation lol, it’s only 3 days off and he always gets 2 days off in a row so
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Heyy you

So he tells me he is going to be off Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and I literally just say okay that’s cool I guess. It’s not like he’s going to come see me so it doesn’t make me excited 🤷‍♀️


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