Ask @lnr87:

(Just as a joke. A funny. Nothing more. You don't have to answer.) What is the pettiest thing to take after a breakup? The microwave? All the remotes? All the shoes? The cat? All the chairs? All the forks and spoons? What's your choice for laughs?

SωεεT† ɮᴇℓℓล
I guess microwave as ours is still broken. Shoes seems the oddest out of those.. like why would I keep theirs?? O.o the only benefit of that would be if I was into girls and we had the same size feet 🤣 even then I'd probably be too nice and not hoard their shoes..
I never lived with someone I've dated. I can't imagine wanting to keep anything like those. It would depend on whose house it was or blended.. maybe the bed if it was a good one but I'd prob feel awkward about that too. Idk man lol I also wouldn't take stuff for "laughs". I'd be mature about the situation. Wouldn't need to do things out of spite. If they wanted out then let them? Obviously If it was a marriage, that would hit harder. Still don't think I'd do b!itchy things tho

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