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I found these cute shoes today. They have stitch and angel on them. I just had to buy them! Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?

Carmen4333’s Profile PhotoGrace
Nope, not right now.
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Can I ask about your day and how it was without you getting mad? I miss hearing about it so much

ihcalam70776’s Profile Photoihcalam
Wouldn't be mad at that. However, I just basically answered this
Can I ask about your day and how it was without you getting mad I miss hearing

When you were in high school and/or college, did you take a foreign language class? If you did, do you still remember how how to read/write in that language?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
I took ASL in college

Do you have any plans for this weekend? :3

Go to a forest and swim
Do tarot on tik Tok
Try out restaurants that are new to me (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Make try on hauls
Grasshopper Dispensary gave me some products. I should probably try something lol
Working at 1stphorm gym
A beach run with 1stphorm weighted vest on 🦺
Other stuff....
I don't know what I'll do on Saturday and Sunday. Most likely work.

10 random facts about yourself?

1. I have A LOT of siblings ❤️
2. My mom kept having kids named Lyndsey because she thinks I "got away" from her lol I'm the first Lyndsey
3. Girl dogs are better than boys.. had both growing up
4. Family are also friends. Can't trust real friends... They use me or screw me over somehow
5. Single rn
6. I've been dressing myself instead of getting someone else doing it
7. I have a tough work ethic
8. I love self care activities
9. I love stars
10. I love sunsets

Quit drinking and started justifying dumb purchases that make my life .5% easier. Not going out? I’ll pay for some gif maker app and a poetry subscription so I don’t have to see ads. Anyone else do this type of thing?

stormydazex6’s Profile Photostormydazex
Yes, sometimes I'll buy stuff. Did last night with some bras (shop.join-eby.com)
They seem comfortable! No wires but still holds shape. I'll try them out next week since I already have my weekend outfits set out with other undergarments.

☯️ What was the most memorable “oh what a coincidence” experience you had so far?

zy_cv’s Profile PhotoManu
My daughter wearing the same outfit as me clubbing. White dress and boots

How would you ideally spend a nice, sinple and chill day? Like during the weekend after a busy work week or the day after you've been out the whole evening 😌

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Blueberry picking comes to mind. Cute outfit for that. Maybe a nice bath with lush products later on in the day. A meal I didn't have to cook.. maybe a linguini type of dish with chicken and veggies. Glass of wine and a cheeseboard to end the night
Specific 🤣
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What are you doing right now?

Uploading a try on haul to yt and ig...
Peacocks has some cute clothing

Do you hide things from the people you care about not knowing, but struggle with the fact that they might find out the truth?

gnibkerm’s Profile PhotoGnib Kerm
Nope. Family knows me well. Others might not

Do you believe God has a special someone for all of us? I believe there is someone out there just for me. A special someone who will love me even with all my imperfections.

FreshICYGirl’s Profile PhotoBe Yourself Always
Sometimes more than one.
My soulmate, twinflame and then some other past life people that I eventually end up marrying. Thanks God 🙏🏼

What's your idea of a perfect weekend? 🤘🏼

StePanot’s Profile PhotoSteffie
Walking along the seashore with coffee in hand or with a partner and kids. Just having a good time.
Shopping and lunch/dinner
Movie and food
Lake day and food

what is a lesson you learned from a past friendship or relationship?

Take it slow... No rush to marriage.
Don't take no shit... Try not to be with someone who beats me. If I like myself with the person. If I see a future with them. Actually be with someone who shows that they care. That being challenged isn't a bad thing. That doesn't mind late night talks. Someone you can depend on and vice versa. They make you more accountable. They wish you the best even if they aren't with you. They encourage you to pursue your dreams even if you make more than them. Don't be with vampire energy.. don't drain yourself for someone else. Mutual understanding. They don't cheat. Be good if they ONLY got with past life people.
I'm pretty monogamous. It's not a requirement but would be nice!

what do u usually watch on yt

Vlogs, makeup and fashion, family ones at times, music videos etc


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