Ask @lnr87:

Read thru some back posts. This isn't my business or anything, but a) Ask brings out the worst in many people, especially the anonymous, and b) This probably isn't a healthy place for you to be, even though I'll guess it fills a need in your life. Would suggest you consider a healthier alternative.

It's usually a "healthy" place. I did get emotional last night because I let it get to me where usually it's laughable. I was calm in my answering but after everything was said and done it still hit home how shitty people can be. I deactivated to get away. Then some other creep had to start stuff when I wasn't in the best mood again. I just wanted to forget everything but that person kept at it.
I do get a lot of good people on my page so something must be in the water or something XD They should worry about themselves instead of me.

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