Ask @lnr87:

Pap of your texts?

I use kik way more than other text services.
The first one is just a continuing of gifs 😂 We're lame. I think I pick better ones.
Heather - We were discussing this weird guy and I ended up sharing a gif of a sexy looking girl and then it's that guy in the Thornburys (sp) and it says smashing XD She hasn't replied back obviously.
@cybertronicphantom & @ErinWolf4919
Normal texts would just be from my sister (personal) and the Samsung message saying that the account card was updated type thing.
I have 6 old messages on fb but I wouldn't want to share those because of privacy for their names.

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can you drink ?

Yes. Why wouldn't I be able to? lol. I just don't like drinking that regularly. I have alcoholics on both sides of the family and rather not be that way myself. Also it just doesn't really do anything for me. However, I do like fruity drinks when I do drink. Also my sister-in-law is Spanish so I have engaged in the whole tequila shots and margaritas lol I don't mind them but at the same time it's not something I want 24/7 either.

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Why wouldn't you take ask seriously? The only big difference is I'm more honest on here than I am in person

Idk. I am honest on here. I just don't get the whole rubbish thing. I haven't been lying which is where my mind went when reading that.
I meant more in the way that it's just a site and I can answer whatever I get type of way? It's weird when people want to control how you should answer things lol

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