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Am I wrong for wanting to ask the girl questions to see if he’s being honest, especially if he known for lying.


My ex left me for someone else then came back to me but is still friends with the girl he left me for. He says they don’t talk or see each other. Am I wrong for telling him that I want to know he’s telling the truth by asking her?


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How many exes would you take back? If any

Have a great Friday Night Read
📖 👀before it becomes a 🎥movie❤
😣 Which ex would YOU take back?
▪︎ REMEDY - { https://othersideofthefame.com/?s=Angie+Situation+Remedy }
▪︎ MALACHI - { https://othersideofthefame.com/?s=Angie+Situation+Malachi }
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▪︎ SANTANA { https://othersideofthefame.com/?s=Angie+Situation+Santana }
(You haven’t been introduced to the others in Book 3 of the Angie Situation 3-book series yet, so I will stop there)🤗
How many exes would you take back     If any
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I could have saved you Angela. But you chose the wrong side. And now its up to you and up to God. Repent. Its your only hope now. I knew I was right about you. And unless you choose to come to the light then you will suffer in darkness forever. Just remember that I kept it real on MY end lol REPENT!

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Angela chose the light. ..you didn't 😒
I could have saved you Angela But you chose the wrong side And now its up to you

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My boyfriend is giving me the silent treatment how do I get him to stop ignoring me

tonyoller9876543215’s Profile PhotoGianna Weightman
I don’t know, but for me anybody has one time to give me the silent treatment..that says to me you are not interested in communicating with me what I did wrong or what’s upsetting you therefore you’re OK with me out of your life and trust me. I’ll be out of your life. I don’t believe in silent treatment that is a weird way of expressing oneself.
Moody and weird silent treatment me one time you will never talk to me or see me again. Period.
My thing is the same person who’s giving you the silent treatment can go to the grocery store and get a smile out of a random stranger and they’ll smile back. That’s the same energy that they could’ve put into their household with whom they have a relationship with. I don’t tolerate silent treatment and shit like that.
Play at your own risk.

What’s something you really need to get off your chest?

imaginarylauren74136’s Profile Photoimaginarylauren
I'm pretty outspoken and upfront rather than scary to speak mind. I have more things I really need go get out of my life than off my chest.

Burger King married Dairy Queen at White Castel. Daughter was Wendy. McDonald killed Burger King in front of Popeyes over, Wendy. Five Guys is paying for the entire funeral. Burial is Sonic fields. Funeral at K.F.C. I am taking the Subway. (Finish the story)

Morgen_muffel’s Profile PhotoMorgen_muffel
…to Chik Fil A, so hopefully this day ain’t on a Sunday. 😂
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How’s life? Pap

Awesome. Everyday, everything one moment and day at a time. Stay in the moment of right now and life is beautiful 😍
Pic posted.😘
Hows life Pap

Name a few everyday misogyny (objectifying women) words that trigger you?

Morgen_muffel’s Profile PhotoMorgen_muffel
"Triggers" me?🤔...
To think of actual WORDS, I'd have to think a second. But I WOULD be "concerned" and perhaps a tad triggered if misogynistic, objectifying words were spewed my way. Because, I'm big of self-efficacy...and if misogynistic of objectifying words said/spewed to me, it would be an indicator (to me) to re-evaluate my output or that the motherfucker was unhinged and inappropriate or both.
As multifaceted as I am, if all you have to say to me [especially under the guise of being complimentary] if objectifying me is all you got to say, I gotta check myself/my output (and/or you).
At any rate.
I have a chapter on Misogyny 📍{ https://t.ly/SwxS_ }
Tap in to my book
Feel Like a Lady, Deal Like a Man: Tips & Secrets on Everything from Self-Esteem, Friends, Love, Sex and Men
📌Table of Contents
{ http://www.angelasherice.com/FeelLikeALady_DealLikeAMan_TABLEOFCONTENTS.html }
📌Further reading:
{ https://othersideofthefame.com/?s=Misogyny }

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Name a few everyday misogyny objectifying women words that trigger you
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You know what sweetheart you know it would be better than you just being here would be you and me sitting here listening to the Rain making love in the rain please I need you do you need me too?

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“Yes, but I’m not ordinary people. I am you. Prepared to do anything. Prepared to burn. Prepared to do what ordinary people won’t do.” ~Sherlock Holmes

- Angie

Do you get cold or no

sagetoriola53’s Profile Photosagetoriola53
To my left, I keep a hot air heater (and totally hot air burned my whole left thigh down to my leg).
RN I’m damp…just not too long ago coming in from a late workout…cold…heater on.
I meannn…I’m so cold all the time that it’s been hot this week and I STILL am sitting under my heater. LOOK.👇🏽
I heater burned my good, expensive, Thomasville chair here in my “awefice”😩
That heater and me be having a time.
Do you get cold or no

I know this is a once in a lifetime feeling u may lust after many different people in ur life but u will NEVER have the connection that we share with anyone else but yet u choose 2play these games is it because the connection is so intense embrace it know it love it I will never leave u or hurt u

I know this is a once in a lifetime feeling u may lust after many different


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