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What are you doing? Me laying down besides my sleeping cat listening to Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd and answering questions here…

I was at work

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I wish I would've never met you... you ruined me

Good u need to be heartbroken to learn to grow to be better in life

Are you taking time to Love self? How can you Love anything or anyone else if you have no Love for Thyself ?


I’m afraid to talk to you first because I know you won’t respond to me and probably block me

We’ll depend on who u r

If a women have starch masks on her body does that mean she has be pargnet before?

Maybe or she used to be fat too

Dang, you really were the one. I guess when we marry different people in the future we’ll see how meant to be together we really are. Sometimes it takes walking in darkness to appreciate the light. ✨

I don’t need you lol I never loved u

What do you do if you are always being treated like shit but you treat everyone good so you don’t have anyone?

Leave the people who treat u like shit

Why do you look at my profile on tiktok and don't talk to me?

I don’t like u and I was seeing who it was or not ?

Don’t make me hate you, it is the absolute last thing I want for us.

Hate me good leave alone

And that's really s***** you get me kicked off because you report me because I'm telling the truth and trying to show everybody how much of a piece of s*** I am I'm doing everything you wanted showing everyone how worthless I am and you want to cry and report somebody

What ?

If someone leaves you for being overweight but comes back after you lost the weight, should you take them back?



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