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A year ago, I was in love and happy. This summer I'm single and richer cause I've got no partner to spoil, but lonelier.

Travel and live life

Whats on your list of things to talk about before a meetup?

I want to talk about how long a guy has been interested in or liked me. What made him wait before coming after me

Your friendly ass

Your mama. It shows why she has so many kids with different baby fathers 😂😂😂

How often do you pile up your dirty dishes & dirty pots & pans in the sink and leave it there for a couple of days?

Only filthy people with bad hygiene odor do that
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do you think it sounds passive aggressive when someone calls you pet names?

Not if its my man he can all me all the pet names he wants

I know you are there I know you hear me so please call me don't deny me please what are you waiting for what are you afraid of don't you want to connect with me I want to connect with you we don't have to tell anybody could be our secret if you're afraid to tell anybody it's none of their business


let me tell you how much it hurts when you love somebody so badly that it hurts but they continually choose somebody who doesn't even love them and all you want to do is hold them hug them and feel their heartbeat on yours I just want to feel you I miss you so much but I shouldn't I'm ashamed


If you had to move, how far would you move away from family?

I love my family but moving thousand of miles away will not keep me away from my family at all

Is 40+ too old to go back to school as a single mom who also works 45-50 hours a week?

You are never to old to stop learning go back to school fuck people opinions and what they say about it it’s your life


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