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I did want you but there is so much you don't know it's really not safe for you to be with me and plus we come from two different worlds 🌙

I want some one that’s not of this world. I don’t like humans anyway

What’s something your looking forward too?

I hope i get to see my crush up close and personal again 💙🤓😩

Are you shy?

Only when I like someone and I haven’t been shy in years until I started liking this redbone with long hair he Japanese and black 😆😩☺️

I wasnt trying to trick you😂 I liked u for real

Everybody likes me I don't want them but I want one person it wasn't the right time for me to talk to him

I talk to God directly I know your next move before you do it lmao your funny and crazy as hell but I love it 😂🤣🤣

Eat ass

It’s the way you are in the inside that make you so beautiful 😍🥰 you have heart and intention I love you my tiny princess ❤️❤️‍🔥


You'll never be able to forget me

It's not hard to forget someone I don't personally know or had any memories with


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