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I would never betray you again I wish you could see how sorry I truly am I really wish you would talk to me

Okay anonymous

I don’t know where it all went wrong but I miss you like hell, clue me in on what happened so I know where we went off the rails

How about glue me in as to who you are for starters

I’m literally within 1500 feet of you😱😱 I wish we could see each other I love you. Like I’m literally .2 miles away lol

How do you know that

I know you’re lonely and sad and think I ghosted you but truthfully you deserve better than me like I told you in the beginning . I love you and I’m sorry for hurting you…

Is that so, why couldn’t you just say it face to face and not anonymous lol

I'm just gonna have to deal with never seeing you again and me still having love for you... but this is done with for good now.

Ohh really


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