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Thoughts on "FRIENDZONED"😂

Glad you asked. I have a special message for girls.
Dear Females,
I'm fedup. Done. Finished. I always hear stories about girls not being able to trust guys because they cheated, or treated them bad, or hit them. I always hear stories of girls saying they just don't want to be with guys because of past relationships. Saying that you are waiting for a good guy, etc. But why the fuck when you get a good GREAT guy, you ignore him. Call him your best friend or some shit like that and when he falls for you, you give him some bullshit how you're not ready for a relationship......then 2 hours later you're dating another asshole and probably he is the one who didn't give a damn about you before. Or the same person behind your fear for relationship or love. And about that, you may want to give a chance, second chances are okay to give but not okay to give it to everyone because not everyone deserves second chances. And i learnt about people that if they do it once, they will do it again. You again end up choosing the wrong guy and then again & again and then constantly wonder where the good guys are. Dear FEMALES, they're out there.......I'm just letting you know that you're the ones that sometimes makes us scarce. You always end up choosing the wrong guy then blaming the world for not having any right guys it's because you ignore the ones. So, you don't have any right to say this.
A Good Guy

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Your fav piece of poetry ?#staif

Not just a piece but my fav it is. So, here i wrote it. Do give it a read.
Tu pyaar se kuch shabd to keh,
Me na sunnu,
To kehna pyaar sachha nahi.
Tu pyaar se hath to badha,
Me na thaamu tera hath,
To kehna pyaar sachha nahi.
Tu har lamha mere sath jeene ki khwaish to kar,
Esa na ho,
To kehna pyaar sachha nahi.
Tu mere sath sapne to saja,
Pure na ho,
To kehna pyaar sachha nahi.
Tu beeta hua kal bhul kar, aane wale kal me mujhe dekh,
Me na dikhu,
To kehna pyaar sachha nahi.
Tu apna har ek jazzbat mujhe samjha,
Me na samjhu,
To kehna pyaar sachha nhi.
Tu jo kahe wahi karu,
Na karu,
To kehna pyaar sachha nahi.
Tu ek baar palko pe bitha ke to dekh,
Me unme kabhi aansu aane du,
To kehna pyaar sachha nahi.
Tu kahe to duniya se ladd jaau,
Na laddu,
To kehna pyaar sachha nahi.
Tu koi tamanna kar to sahi,
Na me tara ban ke tut jaau uss tamanna ke liye,
To kehna pyaar sachha nahi.
Tu 2 minute call par baat kar to sahi,
Me na paaglo ki tarah khush ho jaau,
To kehna pyaar sachha nahi.
Tu ek baar mulakat puri kar to sahi,
Me na vo pal teri zindagi ke khaas lamho me laadu,
To kehna pyaar sachha nahi.
Tu ladd ke dekh kabhi mere liye,
Me na tere liye Rabb se lad jaau,
To kehna pyaar sachha nahi.
Tu iss parai duniya me mujhe apna bana ke to dikha,
Me na tujhe hi apni duniya bana lu,
To kehna pyaar sachha nahi.
Tu bas ek baar shuruwat to kar,
Me na ye safar janmo ka bana du,
To kehna pyaar sachha nahi.
Duniya se laddna to chhoti baat hai,
Me tere liye kismat se na ladd jaau,
To kehna pyaar sachha nahi.
Tu rooh se mohabbat kar ke to dikha iss duniya me,
Me ek nayi daastan-e-mohabbat na bana du,
To kehna pyaar sachha nahi.

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Random thought?👀

Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see life with a clearer view again.
Crying is not bad. You're a human. Whether Male or Female. You have feelings. You do get hurt. It is really okay to get hurt and cry.
Cry out all your tears so that you can make room for a heart full of smiles!❤️
It is necessary, not all the times but sometimes!

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why do mostly people afraid of falling in love ?💯

People are not afraid of falling in love. They're just afraid of being cheated. They're afraid of being lied. They're afraid of being taken for granted. They're afraid of the loneliness they'll have when the other person leaves. They're afraid of falling in love with the wrong person. They're afraid of being used. They're afraid of being disrespected. They're afraid of betrayals. They're afraid of being ditched. They're afraid of being broken. Yes, people are not afraid of falling in love. Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. People are just afraid of these heavy words like depression, broken, sadness, loneliness, betrayals, ditching, cheated, used. People don't have a fear of being in love. It's just these words thay have a fear of. So, don't confuse love with these words.💯

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How 2018 has been so far?

It started good in January. Then was broken in Feb. March was okay. April May June was amazing because of being in love with the most beautiful girl i have met in my life. But again by the time July came, i was quite broken, again! Damn, August & September with lot of work in office and with pressure. October went fine but then entered November, it was perfect😍 But you know again by the time December came, things got horrible again.
In short, it has been depressing and broken till now but I AM STILL DOING FINE!💖

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Awwwwww I read your answer from 6 months ago 😭😭 omg it is so beautiful! Thank you so much =') You are an amazing person =D

Quote Girl
OMG! 😍 I am so glad that you read it and find it beautiful❤️
And it has made my day!😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️🙈🙈🙈
Not because of the words you said but because it's QUOTE GIRL who said these words for me🙈❤️
Thank you so much for making time and giving it a read!❤️❤️❤️❤️
And of course these words said by you for me means a lot to me!🔥😍🙈❤️

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