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India needs to learn English properly

Correction: India needs to spend more on education properly. It needs education properly. Not English basically.
Liked by: Esha Me - Larry

Im in a relationship, but my parents want me to marry someone else, what would you do if you were in my place?

Are you that psychogirl who had a genuine question to ask?
If i love someone, I'll marry them no matter what. I'll fight for it.
But let's talk more about it privately. So, that you get a solution to it.
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my friend keeps flirting with my partner what should i do?

theshaxu’s Profile PhotoShaxu
Seems like your partner is very attractive.
It's alright if people flirt with her, even when these people are friends.
But if these people are your friends only who flirt with your partner then it's not good, unacceptable. Your friends shouldn't flirt with your partner in the first place. If they do, you should ask them to stop flirting and that you don't like it when they flirt with your partner.
If these people are her friends who are flirting then it's fine but still if you don't like it, you should tell your partner to ask them to stop it or tell her friends yourself that you don't like it.
Know it that if your partner flirts back with anyone then whether it's a known or an unknown. That's your sign, leave your partner there and move on. Don't even ask anyone to stop flirting or talk to her. Just leave this relationship there.

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my friend keeps flirting with my partner what should i do

U r not only a Cheater but more thn a cheater.. You used to talk to boys behind my back, n then also went on to fall in love with one of them so much... That now u want to leave me??? Is his love more than mee now ?? Tell me..

That's bad. But life goes on, so should you. Move on😌

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