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“Everyone you meet has a part to play in your story. And while some may take a chapter, others a paragraph, and most will be no more than scribbled notes in the margins, someday, you'll meet someone who will become so integral to your life, you'll put their name in the title.”

You haven’t lived until…

Until you fall in love. Someone once asked me: “how did you know you were in love with him?” I wasn’t sure how to explain it at first. Then, without thinking, I said: “I felt more at peace in his presence than I did without him. When I’m with him my soul is at peace and I feel at home in a way I never have before. When I realized that the peace and the sense of belonging that I had been deprived of and have been craving most of my life, I had sincerely found it while I was with him, without him even trying, that’s when I knew. That’s when I knew, this is love. I was in love.”

Don't you think intellectual wickedness is intellectual misrepresentation in action?

Dexter_Ch’s Profile PhotoHAMZA.
In today’s world, the criteria for discerning good and evil have been inverted. Righteousness is cast as wickedness and vice as compassion. Sinister concepts are disguised as science, and gangster logic is masked as “social justice.” “Political correctness” is used to impose thought control, and the notion of “value neutrality” is used to render people insensitive to brutal atrocities.
In the hands of the specter, materialism and atheism serve as demonic weapons used to overthrow man’s spiritual faith, undermine human morality, and destroy traditional culture. Materialism and atheism have established the basis for a whole host of warped intellectual pretensions.

Something that can make you smile anytime? 🌸

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My neice Sumaya. She always makes me smile. She’s my little snuggle bug. Classical music makes me smile, at least all the ones that give me nostalgia. Candles because they smell nice when I’m writing. Doing daily challenges make me smile, it helps me feel accomplished and motivates me to do more. Books take me to a new adventure in my imagination. A good cup of coffee brings me warmth and comfort. Writing helps me express my opinions and my feelings when I don’t want to share them with other people.

What you miss the most from your childhood? 😪

Dan_Yal’s Profile PhotoDanyal ツ
Running to endless woods that hid magic and monsters and adventure, running to hills filled with flowers and frogs and grasshoppers. Swimming in ice-cold, clear streamed that the sunlight skipped and hopped off, packing one bag of crackers out of the drawer and having them last forever, one juice box, two cookies. Not having to prepare but knowing the future of everlasting happiness and sunshine.

What time of day is your favorite?

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An early morning with a small house near the sea, the feeling of a fresh life from a new sunrise, followed by a cup of brown coffee. To have someone to express some kindness, a warm cup of lemon water, and far away from the standards of society. To be discharged from the control of time, living each day at a time and being free to explore all the peaceful people I can become. To find meaning in a silent existence, to be in a flowing state of creativity, calm and growth and having the belief that everything is possible.
What time of day is your favorite


Darling, you deserve it all. You deserve love and peace and magic and joy dancing in your eyes. You deserve hearty, deep belly laughter and the right to let those tears fall and water the soil. You deserve freedom and goodness and company and days of bliss and quiet too. You deserve you happy and healed and content and open. So keep going. Go realize into being the life you deserve.

Have you ever tried to be nothing rather than something?

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Many people cannot allow themselves the time to sit and do nothing but breathe. They consider it to be uneconomical or a luxury. People say 'time is money'. But time is much more than money. Time is life. The simple practice of sitting quietly on a regular basis can be profoundly healing. Stopping and sitting is a good way to focus on mindful breathing and nothing else.


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