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I need someone who doesn't make me sad anymore. I'm done with heart breaks and crying nights. i need someone who stay.someone who can hold me in the nights at 3am and can say "its gonna be ok, i am with you. I will always be there,no matter how bad things turn out to be.i will always be there." I need that in my life

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Whatever is the fate of this world, whatever this world changes into. I hope when we all get out of this safe and sound we never take forgranted our life again. May this time we become more welcoming, compassionate and caring. May we figure out how to value what we have. May this time just refine us into best humanbeings. May we learn to forgive ourselves and others for sometimes making mistakes.

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Some people are God's favour in your life.their presence make you appreciate life as its is.their is something extraordinary about those people that just hits you.around them you want lifspan to just expand for good because life suddenly looks too short to appreciate such people and their presence.

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