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Random talk?

bin_te_tayyab’s Profile Photoب ی ا۔
So there's this random guy who's hacking acc of girls im following. he forcefully wanna be my boyfriend and text me everytime posing the girl whose account he hacked.from first he asked abt my personal stuff, then from second he wants me to click on a link, from third he want me to date him and praised him alot pretending as he's that girl im talking to and last night it's the fourth time he hacked my friend's acc and asked abt my whatsapp no. I meannnnn itnaaa obsession boss bhae shb??????????

Being loved is minimum. Make sure you are also being respected, prioritised, supported, and understood. 🏻

zeerwah_’s Profile PhotoZeerwah
Hot & cold is the best way to know when it's time to go. So take your top shelf love with you and wait for right one who doesn't leave you shivering alone on the floor 🖤

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