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Why guys treat girls soo good for like a year or two and then dump her? Even if the girl gave her 100%

arooshariaz’s Profile PhotoAroosha Riaz
Nhe bai mai to na kro dump sawal e nhe paida hota 😭😭😭

Your views on Dua zehra case ?? Frankly speaking she is the most unluckiest daughter in the world who is celebrating his victory over her own parents by putting them into state of misery.

laibaKhan72’s Profile PhotoLaiba Asad
She is an example for those girls who lie to guys in the relation and at the end they leave them saying papa nhe man rhay lol kch acha sekho us larki se dunia pori side pe kar k apnay banday k sth loyal rhe hai wo beshak kr ghalat rhe hai
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