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Hello, how was your day?

Hey! It was so-so. Anyway, there was a funny moment today. So, I was waiting somewhere when a man came with his toddler and sat next to me. The man gave the toddler some snacks and they ate together.
I thought the man wasn't fasting due to his health conditions or maybe he was non-muslim. But u know what, the toddler said, “Ayah.. puasa.” The man immediately istighfar then said, “Ayah lupa.”
He laughed embarrassedly while looking around. There were lots of people around there and I could feel his embarrassment. But, somehow I felt relieved knowing that the man was fasting but he just forgot. Pfft.

Gimana pendapat kalian soal cowok yg belum/gak sunat?

Well, kalo dari sisi kesehatan, penis yang nggak disunat itu bisa jadi tempat pertumbuhan dan perkembangan bakteri, Nder. Dan kalo dibiarin aja bisa memicu infeksi. Sebenernya ada banyak manfaat dari sunat buat kesehatan, diantaranya mengurangi resiko infeksi, kanker penis, penyakit menular seksual, dst. **CMIIW
Mungkin, bisa coba konsul sama dokter dulu, Nder. Cuz I think it's better to take preventive health care than curative health care.

If there’s one place you could visit in the Philippines for free, where would it be and why?

Any place in the Philippines. More precisely, any beach. Cuz what I know is that the Philippines has many beautiful beaches, just like my country. And I luv beach.

Pernah ga sih lu takut stalking medsosnya seseorang yg lu suka bahkan cuma sekedar liat story nya aja lu takut. Karena takut liat dia post foto sama cewe/cowo lain. Pernah ga? Itu kenapa ya?

The answer is already on ur SO, non. Pfft. You ain't ready to face the reality or facts u fear; he's already taken or married. You're afraid of being disappointed and heartbroken cuz of it. Girl, if u're ready to fall in luv, u must also be ready to have ur heart broken. :)

Nikah sama cewe 4 tahun lebih tua gimana ya Pertimbanganku agamanya bagus

sadboyy512’s Profile PhotoSad Boy
Kalo memang agamanya bagus, why not?
Rasulullah pun menganjurkan untuk memilih wanita yang baik agamanya diantara tiga hal/aspek baik lainnya. Rasulullah juga menikahi wanita yang usianya lebih tua dari Rasulullah (re: Siti Khadijah), Nder.
Nikah sama cewe 4 tahun lebih tua gimana ya
Pertimbanganku agamanya bagus


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