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Hi i am looking for a guy whom i can marry . demands are very simple : Average looking - salary must be 200,000 and plus . height 5-10 or plus - handsome looking age 28 to 32 . If you know anyone here! tag him immediately

Age thori kam hai, hight bhi 5,9 hai baaqi 2 lakh to mazaak hai kamana 😂 I'm a realtor

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What do you think about Feminism?

buttni_here’s Profile PhotoAmnah
Women asking for equal rights, they doesn't even know that they have more rights then men.

R u single ? 🙊

Every one here is partially single, otherwise no One would waste their time here

Some wrong choices teach us the right lessons.

uroojjahanzeb’s Profile Photochinu
It doesn't matter what I've done in my life and I don't care what will happen, destiny is all

Apke zndgi ka sab say bara Kash kyaa ha

iqraabbasi373’s Profile PhotoIqra Abbasi
Actually I don't have any kash left in my life, I just feel like that I'm part of this system who's going with a flow


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