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Hi I need some answers about my questions because I don't understand anything because I'm in realtionship but I don't understand our relationship sometimes we are friends sometime couple and sometimes he act like we are stranger or sometime I'm important in her life too much but sometime he act like

mmehab58’s Profile PhotoMehab Mehab
You're in situationship 🙃 leave that piece of nugget and start taking care of yourself. You'll automatically attract the right one baby ❤️

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At what age do we stop being young?

inoor_x0’s Profile Photoinoor_x0
Stay young forever. Whenever you feel like you're getting old try:
- Visiting new exciting places
- Hit the Gym
- Eat clean (more veggies & meat)
- Invest in your passion (if are confused like me then go for real estate 😂); this will provide you financial stability to fulfill your dreams
You see it's too much to stay young but 100% worth it ✔️

Perks of being your friend ^_^

vllvnv’s Profile PhotoSameer Gillani
- They get unconditional support and love
- Always available to help
- Send cute surprises to make up their day
- Get free rides 😂
- Get to explore exciting places everytime we meet (As I love trying new places & food)
P.s: I've just 2 friends and they also go extra miles for me so they deserves to be treated well 🥰


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