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At what age do we stop being young?

inoor_x0’s Profile Photoinoor_x0
Stay young forever. Whenever you feel like you're getting old try:
- Visiting new exciting places
- Hit the Gym
- Eat clean (more veggies & meat)
- Invest in your passion (if are confused like me then go for real estate 😂); this will provide you financial stability to fulfill your dreams
You see it's too much to stay young but 100% worth it ✔️

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Perks of being your friend ^_^

vllvnv’s Profile PhotoSameer Shah
- They get unconditional support and love
- Always available to help
- Send cute surprises to make up their day
- Get free rides 😂
- Get to explore exciting places everytime we meet (As I love trying new places & food)
P.s: I've just 2 friends and they also go extra miles for me so they deserves to be treated well 🥰

Okay so don’t judge me But please tell me what do you do when you get anxiety?

I often get anxiety attacks sooo I calm myself down my jotting down my thoughts. I cry a bit. I look for options and talk to people who are good listeners. And after doing all this I hug my pet to sleep. It really helps me to wake up all fresh and positive

I'm master at making study schedule only to unfollow it everytime ,what are you good at?🌚

dictator1059’s Profile Photoshafique
I remember when I was in intermediate, I had a fear of falling in boards so I made up a study schedule and to my surprise I got highest marks in my class 😅
Moral: Never underestimate yourself.
P.s: I used to deactive my askfm and switch off my phone for straight 2 3 months before board exams 😂 lol now I'm glad that I did that and it really helped me to be this successful.
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what you think true love is?

Atifmaqbool’s Profile PhotoAtif Maqbool
Making them feel good about themselves, support them, help them with their goals, make efforts for them (get them everything they ever wish but can't get for any reason) and lastly make their life easier. Love is all about loving unconditionally but be aware who you love. Love your parents, siblings, best friends and spouses ❤️
Gf bf wala love is frawdd bhaiyaa :p


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