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yaaro,i’m depressed,i was in a relationship for 10 years,she was my first love,i always treated like every girl wish her husband or boyfriend to treat her.i stayed100% loyal to her,we were about to get married,and i found out that she had physical relations with a guy,while she was with me, advice?

From what you said, i feel sorry to say but she's a hoe and you deserve way better than that, brother.

Cooking mein konsi dishes bana letey hein Aap? 😋 ( Question For Boys)

shinny7’s Profile PhotoFaria Malik
I can make very nice noodles, fry frozen food, fry eggs too but sometimes they end up being so bad that even i refrain myself to eat them up also i can make tea if that counts as a dish, it does for me. Also, i try a lot of stuff with my custom sandwiches.

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