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Alhamdulillah scored 1094 marks in matric exams. Please congratulate me and guide me what field I should go for, in college. Thanks!

Congratulations, and don't you ever listen to anybody regarding your future career. Do whatever you feel like doing. Just lay down and imagine what would you like yourself doing in your professional life after like 10 years, and whatever you see for yourself, start working hard for it. Because it's you not them.
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Chalo I'll give her number to my friends, so she can't hide from this pain

Imagine me doing the same to your sister. Would feel bad no ?

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Should i give second chance to someone who chose someone else over me years ago now he have learned his lesson and have completely diff personality but idk if I should give him a chance

Giving someone a second chance can sometimes mean that you're giving them an extra bullet because they missed the first one. If he/she ever really cared for you or loved you, he/she wouldn't ever had made you go through this.


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