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After a bit of break here’s another list of my Top 10s this week
1 Terrified! - Abdullah Siddiqui
2 Faaslay- Abdul Hannan
3 Mil Zara- Rovalio ft Anaaz
4 Paani Diyan Challan- Talwiinder & Push Kahlon
5 Kand- Mickey Singh
6 Intezaar- Zaeden & Somanshu
7 Hamqadam- Shrey Singhal
8 Introduction- Faris Shafi
9 Way you love- Fateh ft Anik Khan
10 Changes- Ezu

Which is worse: ghosting someone or stringing them along?

Stringing them along for sure
I would rather leave someone in the blue rather than giving someone hope of something that is not there at all
Has happened to me hope this never happens to anyone cause it literally gives you hope and everything you imagined and believed goes falling down because that was never the truth and they just probably wanted something and once your not of use you are gonna get disposed
Which is worse ghosting someone or stringing them along

Is it at all okay for you to be left on read?

Bruh never that’s why I don’t text at all I call even if someone messages me and they are like why
And I say I would rather call that second and talk about everything otherwise I have to wait at random times for you to see the message and reply which would take the same 5 min conversation to an hour long
PS The picture is just for attention 😅
Is it at all okay for you to be left on read

AliNaveed333’s Profile PhotoAli Naveed
I was thinking about doing these 10 songs every Sunday from next week cause that’s the day I chill the most so Top 10 for me this next week
1 Baat Bangayi- Rawal & Bharg
2 Pal Bhar- Aditya Rikhari
3 Ranjhe- Ikky
4 Kya Karoon- Zaeden
5 Raaz- Harjas & Rishi Roy
6 Dheeray- HYDR x PDNY
7 Nachle 101- Mickey Singh
8 Taara Tuteya- Mitraz
9 Rooh- Twinbeatz ft Dixi
10 Dhundhula- Yashraj, Talwiinder & Dropped out


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