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Reomz’s Profile PhotoRym M.
“That’s the problem, you think you have to apologize for what you feel. You think you have to be careful with what you say or who you want to be. Well I say, fuck anyone who makes you feel any different, fuck anyone who makes you feel small. Because it’s not, none of it is. Choose you, choose love and choose the people who stand for something, and make a difference because you were born to do so. You’re here to set things on fire and set them free.”

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Advice for life?

Shelpaaaa’s Profile PhotoDarkPills
It doesn’t relate to everyone but I find the most beautiful people are the most insecure. What you see on social media is a facade or an art that they’re trying to express while suppressing or hiding their insecurities/hard times behind the closed doors, so no matter how perfect someone’s life may appear in person/online. Always treat them with kindness. Just because someone’s life appears perfect, doesn’t mean it is. We all struggle with our own demons and some of the strongest people you may look up to need someone to talk to.

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