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Feeling so sad.. Reason: seeing my parents getting old and not being able to do anything about it.. feels like shit. Scares me about future .. when i would have to live without them ..

Khamkha’s Profile PhotoKhamkha
Dw bro...jus be nice to em an love em while u can bro. May Allah protect an bless all our parents Ameen

20+ years of education and nobody taught us how to; regulate our emotions, make and keep a friend, apologise to someone, forgive yourself, console a grieving person, give and recieve love and most importantly, to heal from the things we don't talk about.

hamzahmed666’s Profile PhotoHamza Ahmed
Cuz Noone can teach u that bro... Except life!
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how do u reply to a “I miss u” txt if u don’t miss them back 😭?

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Jus tell em the drill nigga... Let em know what's what!
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