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The economy of Pakistan has crippled me and my mental health. Everyday I try to get myself out of depression and everyday another bad thing happens which ruins my peace. I'm on the edge now.

Ek begarat qoum yahi sab deserve karti hai 👐
Agr hum logo ko sahi ko sahi or galat ko galat kahna ata.
Mojrim ko siza or mazloom ke awaz bana ata to shaid humri qoum aj kahi or hoti.
Abi to shuraat hai wo din door nahi k jab logo ek dosry ko noch kahy gy or agyar yahna py kabiz hongy.

Give people the chance to explain themselves instead of assuming things on your own. Start from today. If you think something about someone then present your idea to the concerned person/party and ask them to explain. 🙂 Negativity is easy but positivity requires consistency and compromises.

Ahmednorthowed’s Profile PhotoAhmed Mac
I agree with you and also do that 🦋❤️

کتابوں میں عورت کو کمزور لکھا جاتا ہے۔ اور دیواروں پر مرد کو

aNaughtyGirl69’s Profile PhotoDr. Muntaha
Orat kamzor hai tabi br br maa ban k aziyat sahti hai jab k Mard to aj kal period crumps ki machines k artificial crumps say 2 min my tarapany shoro hojaty hain magar besharam orat sab Koch bardasht kar k b hansti hain...
Magar pir b Kamzor hai 🙌

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You will understand true lonliness when you have nothing to do and no one to talk too. Your phone is dry and there will come a point where even YouTube will run out of content for you to watch 🙂 Wouldn't wish such lonliness to anyone.

Should I recommend something?
1- never hope form human
2- be productive instead of consuming
3- even if your are alone you aren't alone just focus what type of thought's are gathered around you and you will know the Soul that's belong to Allah is communicating with you and trying to build you a better person ✨️
Good luck dear 🦋

For years, I thought that I understood women. Like if you'd be nice to them then they'd understand. But lately, I've realized that idk anything. So, Im keeping my distance. Im avoiding them and actually loving this space. It's too toxic these days to argue over small stuff, & thus I can't afford too

Well I never claim that I understand men. But I am avoiding these creatures from past 1 and half years and tbh its a huge peace.


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