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Ammm dating me would be boring as I have huge interest in astronomy , metaphysics , psychology type things soo you would get bore may be 😂 amm and one more thing i love cold coffee

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Bs bs yaar itna bhi na kar 🤣

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what is better than chocolate?🙂

Padishah emperor nay Atredies ko mein kampf kay writer wali karnay ki koshish ki.
Aur Jinsay hum obsessed hai unho nay humare badshah ko dou gaz zameen nahi di. Bala ki cheez hai wallah mirchain.

Laal Singh Chaddha is such a cute watch I haven't seen something this heartfelt, soulful, and wholesome in such a long time 🤍

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I usually check top 10s currently in your region yk to just see what my fellow countrymen are watching and consuming. Khair long story short decided to watch it wholy because you know Amir khan's Taray zameen per and three idiot's lagaan etc etc are stellar movies imo. Even though I am sakht against watching stuff from the other side. Khair long story short. Dude forrest gump wasn't retarded but if he had watched this movie na he would've become. Kaunsa bhenchod kargil ka legless Pakistani pow rupa innerwear ka chief marketing exec hai wtf... Waste of time. But thats just my humble opinion.

i don’t interact with people then i cry about no interactions and then when someone interacts with my questios i don’t interact with them, u get me?

So in short you're in denial.

What should I buy for my boyfriend's birthday ? One week left

Usko jo cheez pasand hai like interest wise. Usi field ki lelo. He'll remember it for life.

Ye jo ap log answers like krtay hain... Ye waqai like krtay hain☺️ ya like for like ke liye krtay hain? 😬

Mai tou waisay scroll kar raha hota parh raha hota tou like bhi kar deta. Waisay bhi thumbs already tou hoti screen pe kyu na logo ki ego boost karli jaye 😂

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I guess I Iove too much talking about fashion, dressing and celeb talk and sometimes I feel I'm annoying to others

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Shero if you love then don't guess and don't worry.


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