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What skill do you think is essential for everyone to learn?

muqaddasmasood345’s Profile PhotoPistachio
To live by choice,not by chance ! To be motivated,not manipulated ! To be useful,not used ! To make changes, not excuses ! To excel, not compete ! To self-esteem, not self-pity ! To listen to inner voice, not the random opinion of others 🐎

یہ قیام کیسا ہے رہ میں، تیرے ذوقِ عشق کو کیا ہوا؟ ابھی چار کانٹے چبھے نہیں، تیرے سب ارادے بدل گئے.

bareera_sohail’s Profile PhotoBareera Sheikh
میرے داغ دل سے ہے روشنی ,, اسی روشنی سے ہے زندگی
مجھے ڈر ہے اے مرے چارہ گر یہ چراغ تو ہی بجھا نہ دے
میرا عزم اتنا بلند ہے کہ پرائے شعلوں کا ڈر نہیں
مجھے خوف آتش گل سے ہے یہ کہیں چمن کو جلا نہ دے


This is the real truth that people have known during the CoronaVirus Pandemic Lockdown:
* America is no longer the leader of the world.
* China won the third battle without using any missile.
* European people are not as educated as they were understood.
* We can spend our holidays easily without going to Europe or America.
* Rich people have the ability to fight only with a poor person.
* The existence of nature and God is eternal, the world is in his command and he is the only and real authority to do anything to all the world!!!
* Health employees are bigger heroes than any film star, cricketer or footballer.
* Oil has no importance in the world.
* Animals have thought that they have their rights on this earth too.
* Stars really do exist/last, the children of the cities have realized this for the first time.
* More people in the world can also do their work at home.
* We can live without our food, without 'fake food'.
* Living a clean life is not difficult.
* Cooking is not only women's job but men also know how to cook.
* Media is just a machine for lying and lying, and just lying.
* Heroes are only the best of heart, not the real heroes of life.
For the first time in your life, take care of this little home, keep a reasonable social distance and follow it. This little home can become your life...

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