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What song is in your head rn??

Ramsha_parachaa’s Profile PhotoRimnique
Not song but the poetry that I've painted recently.
In hues of reverie, my heart does unfurl, As I delve into the tale of a precious pearl. Oh, how enchantment weaves its spell, In the tapestry of a love I cannot quell.
I fall in love with this girl, so sublime, A symphony of grace, frozen in time. Her eyes, a cosmos of celestial fire, Igniting desires that no words can acquire.
Her voice, a melody that paints the air, Whispering secrets, only lovers can share. Her laughter, a cascade of tinkling chimes, Unveiling echoes of ethereal rhymes.
Her touch, a gentle breeze on my skin, Awakening dormant passions from within. Each fleeting brush, a sweet intoxication, Setting ablaze a soul's conflagration.
Her presence, an art, a masterpiece divine, Transcending realms, intertwining with mine. She's a muse, a canvas waiting to be kissed, Where dreams collide and fantasies persist.
With every heartbeat, my love cascades, In whispered sonnets and moonlit serenades. For she's the muse that fuels my quill, Guiding my hand with artistic skill.
In the gallery of my heart, she holds sway, A masterpiece, the sun's radiant display. I fall in love with this girl, a celestial sight, Forever bound, in love's everlasting light.

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Reason for your depression. Express to feel better.

ashkhannn’s Profile PhotoAysha Yusufzai
What I'm thinking, what you're thinking is not the important thing
We are alive right now, that is the important thing. It is important that you focus on this fundamental sense of aliveness within you And then you will see there's a natural distance between you and your thought process.
Once you create a little space between you and your mind
Between you and your body, this is the end of suffering.
Don't identify any thought as negative because it's just a thought. Who told you it's negative?
It's just a thought, you are making it up, maybe you like it
What's the problem?
If you understand it's just a thought, it has no power. If you think it's a reality, then it destroys you.

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