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The Less I Care, The Happier I Am. 🐝

Tahreem Rajput
The more that I try, the more that I want
The more that I grind, the more that I shine
The more that I stride, the more that I stunt
The more that I cheat, the more that she leaves
The more that she cry, the harder to trust
The more that I lie, the more that she dies
Somehow I realize I'm harder to love
I’m harder to—
I'm harder to teach, my heart is a beat
And I am a drum, I'm harder to keep
But harder to sleep
I’m scared of the dark, I'm not gonna run
I'm harder to break, but harder to make
You get in my way, I'm drawing my gun
I'm not gonna play, I'm not for the games
I'm not gonna change, put that on my son
Put that on my mom, put that on my sis
Put that on my bitch and all of my hoes
Put that on my team, put that on my G's
I say what I mean, you already know
Put that on my city, put that on my Bentley
I got me a beamer, I wanted a Rolls
Sip on some Henny and ride with the semi
All my niggas with me, I’m calling a toast
Callin’ the plug, you callin' the cops
I call you a snitch, you holdin’ a grudge
You callin' the judge, you say you a thug
I call you a bitch, I call you a ho
Don't call me your bro, don't call me no more
I call you a trick, I’m tired of the hate
I'm tired of the snakes, I'm tired of your face; you all on my dick
I wanted the fame, I wanted the name
I wanted a break, I wanted to love
I wanted the cake, I wanna be great
I wanted to change and all the above
You want me to fall, you want me to crawl
You want me to stall, they want me on drugs
You want me to fail, they want me in jail
They wantin' my soul, they wantin' my blood
I'm out for revenge, I'm out for the ends
I'm out for respect, I'm out for the crown
I'm out for the reign, they startin' to aim
I hopped in the plane, I'm not going down
I'm dodging the flames, they callin' my name

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I guess Music is something that represents your thinking. It's not just a music, it's a whole damn connection between your mind, heart and lyrics. And for that reason,I think playlist is a personal thing, that one shouldn't be sharing publicly. I mean, in my views:)) Yours can be different obvio:)

you're right but I haven't even shared a 1 percent of what I got in my playlist plus music should be free.

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+2 answers in: “I guess you're the only guy here who got best taste in all music genres, keep uploading links. ✌🌚”

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Urwa Aslam
ساقی کی ہر نگاہ پر بل کھا کے پی گیا
موجوں سے کھیلتا ہوا لہرا کے پی گیا
اور پیتا بغیر عذر یہ کب تھی میری مجال
در پردہ چشمِ یار کی شے پا کے پی گیا
اے رھمتِ تمام میری ہر خطا معاف
میں انتہاےؑ شوق میں گھبرا کے پی گیا
یہ سب سمجھانے والے مجھے سمجھاتے رہ گئے
لیکن میں ایک ایک کو سمجھا کے پی گیا

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