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I need advice. Today my father was discussing with me that get nikkahfied. I said the girl will find me. I’ll do it on my own. He said: orat main haya hti hai nahe bol skti ye baat, you will do that. After 2 rejections in the past my heart is closed. What should I do? I do want a partner though

Dekho khud se nae horha tu aba ki baat maan leni chye unko potential ka andaaza hogya hai

Favourite dua ?

Over the years, I developed a habit of subconsciously reciting واللہ المستعان whenever I faced something that disturbed my peace. But I was never aware of the background story of such powerful word until only recently when I heard about it in a lecture by Noman Ali Khan on Surah Yousuf. The word, Wallahul Musta’aan, as mentioned in the Quran, was said by Yaqoob A.S. when his sons came up with a false story of what happened to Yousuf A.S. Yaqoob tried his best to find the truth but his sons teamed up to defend their heinous act and lies. Tired of the situation, Yaqoob asked Allah for Sabrun Jameel (beautiful patience) followed by Wallahul Mustaa’an. According to the commentators of the Quran, Wallahul Musta’an is used to call for Allah’s help when you find yourself in impossible situations, when people team up against you to defend their lies, when people accuse you of something false, when you have given your best and desperately waiting for desired results, when you feel you’re in a situation where there’s no way out. It’s literally saying to Allah that I have given my best and now I am taking a backseat, I want You to take charge of the driving seat and solve this matter with your Divine intervention. And patience automatically becomes beautiful when with all your heart, mind, and soul you leave the matter on Allah.
Sharing it with you all because I thought it might brighten someone’s day. Don’t worry if the situation seems impossible, remember you’re asking the One who just have to say ‘Kun’ and it is. You are asking the One who calls Himself, Al-Fattah. Who creates a way out when there seems to be no way. So take a backseat and let Allah do the rest.

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Favourite dua

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