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Remember one thing you ain't your past neither it can define who you're now, so don't overthink on those things where maybe you messed up, you did something awfully terrible that keeps punching you from inside, you no longer have to feel guilty about it,
Your mistakes aren't your identity, don't let anyone or yourself confine the potential of who you can become to your past, you can definitely get better just avoid living in your past & start breathing in current moment and enjoy & appreciate every good vibe you encounter with..

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We were all made of the same elements & sent to this world to perform the activity we call life, we were allotted a sphere of activity, a vision of life we call our philosophy, a set of circumstances to go through, a sprinking of love, happiness, fear, despair, pain & joy to exhort us on our path, & then, left free to act with our meagre wisdom, what we make of our lives is our own calling, how we go through the maze of circumstances is our choice, how far we reach in our journey is our effort and our inclination for achievement, It's entirely in our hands to stretch those moments of love and happiness to overcome the moments of pain & despair, let's move ahead in life with awareness & caution..

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When a woman stops crying over you, that means someone else is making her smile...

Not necessarily, It could also mean she began to see through their bullshit, their lying, their manipulation, she began to find the strength that was always inside her, that her partner worked hard to destroy, It could mean that she began to learn about narcissism, love bombing, gas lighting, trauma bonding, devaluing, discarding & reverse discarding, It could be that she just has no more tears to give because she is tired of being hurt, repeatedly, for so long, It could mean that she is finally choosing to put herself first, instead of placing the wants & needs of her partner above her own,
No offense, but many of us choose to be single for the remainder of our lives because we have been so thoroughly destroyed by someone who said they loved us.

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