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Random thought💭

Some people degrade other gender to just get into the trend and try to flex but it doesn't matter. The thing what matters is to respect everyone, yes, if one person cheated on you then it doesn't make a whole gender guilty of it. There is a balance in between evil and good, nothing is born evil by itself. If you call all men are dog, then sis, aisa ni chalay ga yar, not everyone. Har profession, gender, color ,cast me kuch log hotay hain poisonous but that doesn't mean that everyone is shit. So aisay famous honay se kuch ni ho ga (: Just waqti fame and Dilly sakoon, so go for eternal and long time happiness and Start spreading love despite of Gender differences and other distinctions.
❤ this if you feel the same and want this!
Peace to those who agree!

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What's on your mind?

Kash Ye Dil Toota Na Hota,
Hotay Naa Hum Judaa,
Kash Khuda Sunta Aakhri Dil Ki Yeh Dua,
Soni Meri Baat Sun Lai,
Apno Se Kya Roothna,
Dil Di Awaz Sun Lai,
Mujhko Na De Tu Sazaa,
Jab Bhi Teri Yaad Ayegi,
Teri Galiyon Se Guzra Karunga Main,

Jab Bhi Teri Yaad Ayegi,
Teri Tasveeron Se Kahunga.
Tu Meri Aadat,
Tu Hai Ibaadat,
Chain Ik Pal Bhi Na Bin Tere,
Tu Hai Mohabbat,
Tu Hai Toh Jannat,
Sa Lage Ye Jahaan,

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