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I got a panic attack and I can’t function. I want to talk to someone pls. I know people over here think that asking for help is not cool and it is attention seeking behaviour but I can’t function. I’ll die. I don’t have anyone rn

Talk to me 🙌
Situations come around and leave 🙌
Speak about it whatever is bothering you

Why don't people leave their partner when they know they're toxic? 💯

Because they try fucking hard to make it work 🙌
But as some people doesn’t even deserve to give a single chance and when that get chances they feel like ruling the world and then fell from hell directly lol 🙌😂

Well agar aap kisi ko passand krtay hoon and the other person doesn't even bother to look at you. So is it worth it k aap Allah say uss k liae dua kro?

If you feel it is ! And you are really into that person and think that he/she worth it then have faith !
“Prayers Do Miracles” 🙌

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Girls who are suffering from breakup shit, so babe's you don't need a man to be happy, man doesn't define you, be happy for yourself by yourself, "man should be a option, not a definition"❤️

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Right tho ! These shitty Childs who wear mask of being man lol and then give and run away with no answers doesn’t deserve our tears 🙌


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