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A man went to his father and told him: "Father, I can't stand my wife, I want to kill her, but I'm afraid to be discovered. Can you help me?"
The Father said, "yes, I can, but there is a problem. You have to do in such a way that no one suspects that it was you when she dies. You're gonna have to take care of her, be kind, grateful, patient, loving, less selfish, listen more. You see this poison here? Every day you're gonna put a little in the food. So, you will die slowly."
After a few days, the son comes back from the father and says: " I no longer want my wife to die!
I realized that I love her. And now? How do I since I poisoned her in these days?"
The Father says to him: " don't worry! What I gave you was dust of rice. Not going to die, because the poison was inside of you!"
When fed grudges die slowly. We learn first to make peace with ourselves and only then will we be able to make it with the others. We treat others as we would like to be treated us.
We'll take the initiative to love, to give, to help... And Let's not pretend to be served, take advantage and exploit others.
That the love of God reaches us every day because we don't know if we have time to purify ourselves with this antidote called forgiveness.

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