Ask @gulraizsaleem:

Do you like to share your food???

I like to take my time and enjoy the food I eat, in peace.
If you try to take food without asking then you’re in deep trouble
If asked nicely I might share but I don’t have to like it
Especially when someone orders separately then keeps eyes on what you ordered.That shit pisses me off so much,,like if you didn’t know better just go along with my order.
Don’t expect to replace my food with yours because yours doesn’t taste as good like wtf man

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Di you think Pak team players must be change

Not just changed
They should first be punished
Then everyone except Babar & Amir should be thrown out like trash
There’s something seriously wrong about their attitude,its like everyone else is fighting for the World Cup and they are there to enjoy their family vacation

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Leave a message for your pyaaray abu jaan ✨🌸

Misba T. Awan
I know that you are not perfect but my love for you is.
We have had our differences/arguments in the past,maybe we will still have different ones in the future but it doesn’t mean that My love or respect for you is any less.
You want to do what is best for me but I want you to do what is best for you.
Wishing health and happiness to all the brave and wonderful fathers in world ✨🌸
Happy Father’s Day 💗

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How does your behaviour change when you fall in love?

You lose and find yourself at the very same time,
It makes you a softer person,
The best behaviour comes naturally as you radiate happy vibes all around
If he or she doesn’t strive you to become a better man or woman then it isn’t love.

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Thing you need rn?

Yuck fou
After seeing the pathetic response from the world whenever a calamity has befallen on muslims I have decided to respond in a similar manner & I would like that anyone who’s reading this should do the same.
I remember vividly just recently in the Notre Dame incident,half of my friend list lost their minds and all I could see on my timeline was their condolences...
And in case of Muslims,majority doesn’t even know what has happened
What a sad and pathetic state we are living in as an Ummah 😔

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