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Honest Answer Please ... are you not here to finding new better people to talk to???

mhamza_nasir’s Profile PhotoHamza
Lmao 🤣
The opposite actually
I don’t like talking with people

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Advice to all the people: Respect your parents,Love your Parents,Enjoy with them,Sit with them, talk with them,go on long drives or on walk with them,make them happy,don't lie to them & make them proud on yourself. When parents r no more,world turns 180 degree even your Relatives too A sad Reality.

CSBS12’s Profile PhotoShoaib 苏凯

Do you prefer to do effort for your love one or prefer they do the effort for you ?

Iquratulainb’s Profile PhotoQᴜʀᴀᴛ ᴜʟ ᴀɪɴ
I think the effort should be mutual
At one time one sided effort will drain you & there’s a high chance that people will take your effort for granted
I think the whole concept of boy chasing the girl is bullshit,Then they start calling you stalker,Tharki,desperate,crazy
I am not saying the girls should be the ones doing the chase
But instead if they both want the relationship to work then equal amount of work is required to make it a success.
Sure sometimes your partner will be in need of a much better effort and care from you & vice versa then there’s no shame in doing that
Do you prefer to do effort for your love one or prefer they do the effort for

define ishq?

badddie___’s Profile Photobadddie___
Ishq is to love someone with such an artistic way, with such depth, with all of your heart and soul. With every broken piece that you have, with every part that you own. The way a poet does, how they write about their lover in books.
Loving someone to the ends of everything;
Till the oceans are rust
Till the Sun gets tired of rising every morning
Till the moon falls sick of shining every night
It is said that the world will end one day, but this kind of love? Never ends.
It is seen in the words of a famous poet from centuries ago,
In the paintings of a painter from decades ago,
Telling future generations just how much they love this one person, with such depth and such purity.
All the great lovers of the past Rumi,Majnu & Laila, Shah Jahan & Mumtaz, Romio & Juliet,Cleopatra & M.Antony, Dante & Beatrice.
It is like they are telling us from grave and beyond, I am dead oh! But the one I loved. The one I loved was so beautiful, I existed for the one I loved. I am dead but the one I loved, I am suffering but the one I loved, the one I love may have left me but the one I loved, still my lover the one I loved, I will forever be in love with the one I loved.

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