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Would you want a chubby wife or skinny?

Or just stitch the chubby w!fe ass and t!ts on skinny wife.

Anyone wants to get hitched with an emotional wreck, unstable piece of matilda cake?

I like the resume, i will call you when my refrigerator has space.

I need serious advice My male bestie knows i have feelings for him and i know he also have feelings for me… but when we are together he is all into me but he is distant when we are texting each other… What does that mean?

He jus wanna hit that thang with no screenshots attached

how to make friends? especially at your workplace? 🙃

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Oh, thats one of those basic things. Ask to open mouth and then spit in their mouth. Mixing your saliva with theirs, brings people really close. I dont think you understand, it makes you friends with them, on atomic level.


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