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Sometimes just telling that you love someone isn't enough you have to show it to by ur actions like in Quran it is written If you love Prophet n His rabb you have to obey him and obey the commandments of Allah, Similarly if u love ur Parents, Siblings don't just tell them show them by doing something for them. People are suffering alot, Suffering they can't show to others a lil act of kindness won't take much of ur time ...

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Black enough🖤.

For many he was a traitor who leaked her secrets to the greatest enemy but He was her protector right from the start, He believed in her when no one did, He knew she'll be the Queen not like her father not like others... He loved her, The love which everyone except the Daenerys could see💔. "Give this man a sword and he'll prove himself to be worthy" The one who wanted to be with her always, She realized his worth after losing him and he died doing the thing which he always wanted i.e dying for her while fighting beside her ❤️. Sr Jorah Mormant.

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Hi ?

I've never felt any attachment with a protagonist of any series, but this scene made me feel so awkwardly disappointed with life. Betrayed by his own brother and wife, Abandoned by his 1st wife, A friend died which meant a world to him.
So despair that at last moment he lost the sharewill to live anymore. Valhalla awaits u. Not everyone can bear the pain of departure. Not everyone lie when they say they can't live without u, Some mean it. To the Bro n Friend.

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وہ باتیں تھی محض باتیں... Agree??

محمد انس قریشی
اے میرے رب! کیسی عجیب دنیا تونہے تخلیق کی ہے، یہ وہی فانی دنیا ہے پھر اس میں کیسے ہم ایک بندہ کے ایسے ماہل ہوجاتے ہیں کہ جیسا اسے کوئی صدیوں پورنا رشتہِ ہو پھر ایسا تو ہوجاتا ہے ہم سے کہ تیری عبادت بھول جائیں مگر اُنکا خیال تو توجے یاد کرتے وقت ب یاد رہتا ہے اور راتیں ب اُنکے خیالوں میں گزر جاتی ہن، شاہد ایسی اپنے بندہ کی حالت دیکھ کر تو وہ بندہ لئے لیتا ہے۔ اس میں ب ہماری بہتری ہوگی۔

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