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Okay so just let me address this. Pakhtuns are known highly due to their Gheerat, the way they cover their women. And the way they address to any woman having so much respect that they don't even maintain eye contact that's what pakhtun culture is all about. Living in peshawar for 23+ yrs ik the culture of them, Now just like every herd has a black sheep here we've one too. Who instead of acting like a man n know the etiquettes of how to converse just go all the way out and utter such bakwas k I'm ashamed to call myself inhabitant of Peshawar. Guy who harrased, assault and utter bakchodi tm yaad rakhnaa Allah ki pakar baut ghazabnak hai, Agr usna apna mamlaa Allah pr chora jiska tmna Dil dhukaya hai, remember hadees hai Dil dhukana wala apna thikana jahanum mein dekhae.
More importantly don't show here the manners u learned from ur home, Call ur mother n sister the things u utter to others maybe they are more deserving of those titles. Have some respect for urself warna Allah muhn pr sb la kr maardega :3

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Can you fix broken

Just wanna make this clear k this is Pakistan not Madina Riyasat where Everything is perfect, It's economy is based on interest, here rules of Common law is followed, here peeps follow Thomas Shelby instead of Prophet (SAW), Here man wants to sleep with every woman possible but want virgin wife, Here woman defend everything against their belief by labeling u maulvi. So in such a country if u see someone's lil shortcoming don't just burst ur balls out and start saying "Is it Islamic republic of Pakistan" Srf nam k musalman tu janat b nai ja saktaa. :3

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