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What annoys u the most ❓🥴

Minahil Mughal
Yesterday, I didn't pay attention to the lecture because I was busy with my food tray. Today, I woke up and received a notification at 8:56am about the same topic which I had ignored yesterday. I really don't like theoretical subjects. I ran to my PC for a tutorial, I had to submit my assignment at 10:00 AM. Guess what happened (?) What did my pc display (?) A black screen showing this.
~ Scanning and repairing drive (C) 1% complete.

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What's wrong with the world ?

Do you guys know the other side of the story?
If he has left his wife and married another woman then this is definitely not your problem.The religion you follow allows a man to have four marriages, so who are you to question? How much are you familiar with their personal life? They lose their peace of mind while living together. Is this acceptable? Let people live their own lives. Just stop criticizing them. You never know how much they've suffered.If two people are not together, we cannot blame one person. Facts, situations, how they handle situations, how they think, all these things play their role.
Side note: Who are we to blame others for the things we have zero connection with?

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Confess something!

Saلeح Akhتar
part 7.
She had washed her clothes while washing the room and now she was waiting for them to dry. Hunger and fatigue made her unable to stand. She sat up and fell asleep. There was a knock on the door. The little innocent child stood with a smile on his face and a tray of food in his hands. She smiled involuntarily. You eat, I'll fix the books .She was eating and he was busy compiling her books.
Thanks little boy she hugged him.
Good night.
She looked at the open window and went to it with the intention of closing it. Her eyes fell on the swing in the lawn. She stood there watching the cradle. When the phone rang, she regained consciousness.
Let me know there's any problem staring at me for about fifteen minutes will not solve the problem.
The message was flashing on the phone screen. Her facial expressions changed after reading the text.

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Anything 🤷‍♀️

6th part.
He came in talking. I saw your bag. When did you came?
Stop talking and put these clothes and books there first, she said.
They both came to his room.
Will you stay here?
Where will you sleep?
No idea.
Will you sleep on the floor?
keep quiet.
The little boy put her luggage on the floor and ran outside. Moments later, her father was there, inspecting her room. You need something to sleep. He walked out of the room talking to himself. She said nothing and kept herself busy with the clothes. The father sent a servant with a mattress who was standing outside waiting for his permission. Leave and go.
She said sternly.
But how will you handle it? He expressed his concern.
Out !!
She screamed.
The mattress was clean whether it was new or not. She put the mattress near the window and placed her books on a wooden rack near the mattress and sat down on the floor. She was feeling back pain due to dragging the mattress. After many hours of traveling, cleaning the room, exhaustion and hunger, she forgot the grief of leaving her bedroom. She had ignored her back and headaches just for the sake of a clean room. Exhausted, she leaned against the wall. She had washed her clothes while washing the room and now she was waiting for them to dry.

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Thoughts right now

5th part.
She stood outside the room in complete silence and did not know what to do. There were three rooms on the 2nd floor in which one was owned by her, the other was an empty room and the last one was being used to store useless things. She picked up her bags and walked towards the empty room. The room had nothing in it. No furniture no decoration, simply a four walls with dirt on the floor.
Has anyone ever cleaned this place?
If someone had cleaned it earlier, they wouldn't have to use my room.
There was a wingback couch near the door of the empty room. She put her bags, gown and scarf on the couch. She wanted to wash the room before using. In her hour of hard work with water and wiper, made the room usable. After making some changes in the washroom, she walked out of the room and sat on the sofa exhausted. Her long maroon shirt and white capri were covered in dirt. Her hair wanted to get out of the catcher. She wanted to sleep on the floor, but hunger overcame her sleep. She gathered all her courage and strength and went to the kitchen downstairs. Before she could open the kitchen door, she saw her father sitting in the lounge with his wife. They had seen her.
Come here.
When did you came back ?
My room,,,, ( she wanted to say something but someone interrupted )
That beautiful woman sitting on the sofa interrupted her saying that you do not stay at home so we have made it a guest room. She didn't say anything and looked at her father where, there was only strangeness.
My dear daughter ( Her father said )
You can stay in any room you want.
My stuff? She asked in a stern tone.
Store room
The answer came from the woman.
She returned to the second floor and went to the storeroom. After some struggle ,she found her books and clothes. Aani, Aani
A little child was screaming. She was her step brother who was very dear to her.
Come in and help me.

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