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Hona to ye chahiye k Hajj Umra karke log mazeed achy hojyn. Yahan log mazeed bad ikhlaq, sakht or mushkil insaan banjate or phir kehte isay kehte hn Deen ko follow warna. Har social gathering me obnoxious harkatein karo or bolo hum deendaar hn baqi sbko hidayat ki Zrurat h. Staif

OneFinalTime__Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
Mujhe in cheezo pa discuss karna ma koi interest ni 100 plus firqay hein and sabki apni marziyan hein.
Hr musalman ko is qabil hona chaiya ke wo masjid ma namaz khud parhaye, har bety ko is qabil hona chaiye ke baap ka jhanaza khud parhaye, har baap ko is qabil hona chaiye ke apni beti ka nikkah khud parhay, jo dua eak baap ke ya bety ka dill sa nikly gi kia wo ksi alam e deen ke dill sa nikal sakti?

Idk what people try to prove when they keep 0 following on Instagram. Yet they have lots of followers. And that too with zero posts. Yet they post stories. Chhoti si Zindagi h wo bhi itna hesitate karke jeeni. Itna image conscious hojana k delusional personality leke samajna we're cool when v do dat

OneFinalTime__Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
She's not jealous, insecure or crazy, she's intuitive, intelligent, conscious and unwilling to tolerate lies and disrespect.

Time doesn't heal the wounds. Do you agree?

Shizagul’s Profile PhotoShizagul
No I'm not, I thought the trauma had broken me but give me life directions. The toxicity made me embrace communication and honesty. The manipulation made me realign with my own power. The narcissism showed me that selflessness is needed. The chaos taught me to build boundaries. The hurt showed me that healing and rebirth are possible.

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