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How long do you need to get ready for a more fancy occasion? Such as someone else's wedding, a night out etc. 💄👠🤵‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It depends on how well I am functioning on that particular day, but I would say somewhere between one and two hours.
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Is it ever OK to lie?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
If somebody is dealing with a creep, or a potential creep, it is absolutely OK to lie to them about where you’re going, where you live and work, what your phone number is, etc.
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I want to get married.

A friend screamed at me 20 years ago when a 10-year-old girl said this to me and I told her I did not recommend it. Guess what? The woman who screamed is no longer a friend and I still don’t recommend marriage.

Hi Kelli! I don't like milk but everyone says that milk is healthy. Should I drink milk? (I'm a 14 year old girl)

I don’t like milk either. I would say don’t force yourself to drink it just because people say it’s healthy. A lot of their mindset revolves around advertising, not facts.

Should children go back to zoom classes? The city traffic is wild in the morning.

It doesn’t affect me. Ask a parent.

What’s for dinner tonight? I had steak and a baked potato.

PDawg2000’s Profile PhotoP-Dawg
I got out of the hospital less than a day ago so I ate rice. I will try to have a better meal tomorrow depending on how things go overnight.
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