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Do you have a favourite horror villain? And/or a favourite horror monster? If so, who and/or what are they? 🙀 🎃 👻 🦇 💀 👍 🙃

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Klaus Störtebecker encouraged relatives to be interested in genealogy. The relatives hoped Störtebecker was related to us. However, there is no evidence that goes so far back into the past.
Klaus Störtebecker regte Verwandte von mir an, sich für Genealogie zu interessieren. Die Verwandten hofften Störtebecker sei mit uns verwandt. Es gibt jedoch keine so weit in die Vergangenheit zurück reichenden Unterlagen.

which is the best dating app?

Just add people on their fucking Facebook. Tell them you are doing some genealogy shit and that they might be your cousin's grandmothers fucking uncles nephews niece, or something, so it won't sound strange later when you tell them you want to fuck them.
Good luck!

What are you grateful for in this 1st quarter of 2020 that you may not have given much thought of last year?

My bro felt it important to keep our branch of the family tree alive, so we’re all relieved to learn that the new (possibly last) baby is a boy. Normally I’m not into patriarchy (to say the least!) but I’m happy our genealogy will carry on for at least one more generation. Everybody is excited.

Do you like genealogy? What is your family heritage?

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I like the subject. But know so little about my heritage. On my mothers side, it was cajun French and Natchez Indian. And my dad had German heritage.
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“There is no good and evil, there is only power and those too weak to seek it.” what do you think about this quote?

I think this is a derivative of Nietzsche's ideas in 'Beyond Good and Evil' and 'On the Genealogy of Morality', It's merely a cover up for lacking a moral compass, one can argue all day for a subjective morality, but he can't really act it out.

А чья была задумка сделать кавер на Genealogy of Red, White and Black?) Очень люблю этот кавер, после него послушала оригинал, тоже понравился))

Исполнители и координаторы очень любят творчество Хитошизуку, поэтому её работам мы уделяем особое внимание.

if men and women would be equal, men would forbidden to marry two or three womem. Marrying two or three women in a single life, this means that you do not respect the existence of a woman as a single person with special feelings. If men and women would be equal, each woman would be allowed 3 men

A female is unable to marry four for the lack of mixing of the genealogy and women are usually unable to justice in terms of forbidden to women marry of 4

Once down, Artsvik, Iveta and the Genealogy members started making strange sounds, almost animalistic. Gohar placed Emmelie on a table in the middle of the room while Lucie placed her right foot, which was missing a toe, on the table close to Emmelie's croch. Gohar asked you and your sister ...

"Are you sure you want to watch this? It can be a bit hard to watch for outsiders.". I said I wanted to see this through all the way, but my sister excused herself from the room saying she doesn't even know "any of these crazy people". They continued their ritual with a lot of chanting and hand gestures. Artsvik spread some herbs on the table over Emmelie's crotch, while Iveta burnt something with a strong smell and spread the smoke all over the room. Tamar opened a jar but she screamed in surprise, interrupting the proceedings. "We are out of the most important ingredient! What now?"
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sekarang aku di SMA kadang waktu pelajaran agama aku stay di kelas dan yang diajarkan adalah agama islam, aku kadang dengerinnya 'gila, nabi nuh umurnya 500 tahun' 'nabi ini umurnya sekian ratus tahun' 'nabi itu sekian ratus tahun' gak masuk akal banget kali, yagaksih? apa aku agnos juga? (03-end)

(3) O, kamu SMA Negeri rasanya. Oke, menarik. Salah satu follower AI pernah personal chat dengan diriku, membahas hal ini. Yang menarik, di Perjanjian Lama (Kristen) serta di Tanakh nya Yahudi, juga disebut umur-umur dari para nabi.
Berdasarkan genealogy dari Kitab Kejadian, Adam meninggal waktu berumur 930 tahun, sementara itu, kalau kamu tarik sampai Lamech, Adam masih hidup. Ini lifespan yang cukup gila, sampai-sampai kamu gak hanya melihat cucumu lahir, tapi sampai anaknya dari cicitnya dari cicitnya anakmu. Ini gila lho, dan ini yang jadi masalah, karena usia yang sebegitu panjang bisa dibilang, tidak masuk akal. Sehingga, ada upaya untuk apologetika masalah ini. Tahun itu cuma bulan. Sehingga, mari kita hitung. Adam meninggal umur 930 tahun. Semisal tahun itu bulan, maka 930/12, maka kamu dapat 77 tahun plus 6 bulan. Masuk akal? Tunggu dulu. Set lahir ketika Adam umur 130 tahun. 130/12 maka kamu dapat 10 tahun plus 10 bulan. Ini masuk akal gak? Jangan lupa, Set itu adalah anak nomor 3 nya Adam, jadi, Kain dan Habel lahir ketika Adam jauh lebih muda lagi. Yang lebih bermasalah itu Mahalael, karena dia punya anak umur 65, dan coba tahun=bulan, maka 65/12 kamu dapat 5 tahun plus 5 bulan. Lebih gak masuk akal lagi. Sehingga, antara kamu menggunakan pendekatan literal bahwa tahun adalah tahun, ya susah. Mau pendekatan tahun=bulan, juga susah. Jadi, emang pada dasarnya, genealogy dari Alkitab itu pada dasarnya gak bisa dijadikan patokan, dan ini juga berlaku untuk Yahudi dan Islam.
Untuk masalah apakah kamu agnos atau bukan, itu tergantung. Apakah kamu mengklaim Tuhan itu pasti ada dan bisa dibuktikan ada, kamu gnostik teis, gnostik ateis kalau kamu sudah bilang Tuhan pasti gak ada. Agnostik kalau kamu menganggap bahwa ada atau tidak adanya Tuhan tidak dapat dibuktikan. Sesimpel itu.
Sekedar meragukan ajaran di agama tidak berarti kamu agnostik. Contoh, Gottgläubig yang memang sekedar percaya Tuhan ada, tapi tidak terikat dengan agama tertentu. Mereka bisa saja gnostik teis.

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sekarang aku di SMA kadang waktu pelajaran agama aku stay di kelas dan yang

mi pregunta es: ¿racismo es clasificar a las personas, o racismo es menospreciarlos por su etnia, hacerlos sentir inferior?

Hay una frase espectacular en Between The World And Me que siento que contesta perfectamente tu pregunta: “But race is the child of racism, not the father. And the process of naming "the people" has never been a matter of genealogy and physiognomy so much as one of hierarchy. Difference in hue and hair is old. But the belief in the pre-eminence of hue and hair, the notion that these factors can correctly organize a society and that they signify deeper attributes, which are indelible—this is the new idea at the heart of these new people who have been brought up hopelessly, tragically, deceitfully, to believe that they are white.”
(Ese libro es una completo y total must read just read it. 10/10 do recommend)
El racismo (al igual que todo tipo desequilibrio de poder entre grupos sociales) es sumamente complejo y va más allá de simplemente """clasificar""", segregar o directamente insultar a diferentes razas o etnias. Involucra microagresiones, invalidación de sus experiencias, deshumanización de los individuos que conforman en ese grupo ya que son tratados como fundamentalmente "otro" y foráneo. No hay un solo tipo de racismo o un acto único y definitivo, se presenta en muchas formas y maneras, so yeah. Es más complejo que eso.

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Do you like chocolate? 17. Do you like rainy days or snowy winter days more? 18. Name 3 things in nature you find most beautiful? 19. Which are your 2 favourite careers and why? 20. Which is the hardest thing you ever had to do?

17.) atm rainyy🌧
18.) female form, Nature in general, rainbows
19.) Scientology, genealogy
20.) C4 connect, jumping off a clif (water at the bottom) , hiking the [stairs] in Winona

Aren't we all kidding ourselves thinking what we're doing here is important, and that our lives matter? Is anything beyond dumb survival important in the grand scheme of things?

Questions for Everyone ✌
The universe is huge but we know very little about the details, so let's stick to Earth for now, it's big enough. There are about 7,000,000,000 people on the planet and about 6,999,990,000 of them have never even heard of me. And most of the ones who have heard of me don't really know me or matter to me or vice versa. There are however, some who do. But let's just focus on 2. 2 out of 7,000,000,000.
My friends love me. That's pretty grand. I love them too.That's grand too. And that's enough.
Now let's go to time. 200 years from now, in all likelihood, I will be nothing but a leaf on some genealogy tree. I'll be dead. And mostly forgotten. And I don't believe in any kind of afterlife. I believe our lives are like candles and when we die the flame goes out. But the flame still gave warmth, and it may have kindled other fires.

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Are you interested in your family history or ancestry? Do you have a famous or infamous person in your family tree?

I'm not a huge fan of genealogy, but I do enjoy listening to all of the stories the older people in my family talk about. But overall, genealogy is a lot of work and it takes so much time and effort. Thank gosh, there are already several family members my age that have done most of the work. :')
BQ: Not anyone that is famous now or celebrity type famous. But I do have ancestors that fought the north in the Civil War and several were plantation owners and powerful.
Hi, Grace. :)

Are you interested in your family history or ancestry? Do you have a famous or infamous person in your family tree?

Very much so. I use ancestry.com and have done the DNA test. It's probably my favorite hobby. :)
Although it's not a direct line, Samuel Clemens. (Mark Twain). There are always surprises right around the corner with genealogy and DNA. I've had moments of being downright stunned. Looks can be deceiving. lol

Are you interested in your family history or ancestry? Do you have a famous or infamous person in your family tree?

Nope, and I actually consider myself quite the history buff. It’s just that I see history as a study of big ideas, big events, great and terrible men and women; also, how completely ordinary people lived their lives and what motivated them, too. Among the least important things concerning history to me, personally, is what role my long-dead ancestors played in it. I’d be the same person I am today whether I was descended from English royalty or the lowliest of peasants who immigrated to America out of pure desperation.
I don’t think that studying genealogy is a bad thing by any means, it just doesn’t matter to me, personally. I don’t get to take credit or receive blame for the good or bad things they’ve did.
If you’re interested in history in general, I’d highly recommend Will and Ariel Durant’s series The Story of Civilization. I’ve read several volumes and they’re outstanding narrative histories.

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I tagged you in this: http://ask.fm/amongol/answer/130943692788 :) Also, couldn't post the rules because I talked about myself too much, soz.

Hi Grace, hey, hi! ♥
1. Have your opinions on controversial issues (religion, abortion, immigration, sexuality etc) changed in the past 5 years? If so, how?
I think I'm more open minded (hahahaIhopeso). I was pretty anti-religion five years ago, but I've met people and read things and yup. Six of one, half a dozen of another. But I was pretty opinionated about sexuality and abortion at 14, so I've climbed off of my soap box. Live and let live, yo.
2. Name a song and tell me what it means to you, or tell me who it reminds you of.
We were sharing an 8-court hall in Italy with the Spanish squad, and it was dead quiet because everyone knew that we were training to beat each others asses. So everyone was downplaying and not making eye contact and it was the worst idea that our coach had ever had. But then we put music on for routine work, It turned out that everyone knew the words to Fat Bottomed Girls. Everyone.
3. Have you experienced the "best day of your life" yet?
I really hope not, because what a bummer.
4. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Physiotherapist, vet, ballet dancer, vet, pirate, lawyer, vet, physio, writer, physio, physio, oceanographer, physio, vet, animal physio, physio.
5. Do you believe in astrology?
Nah, but I love the tumblr horoscopes. The last one I read said that my Dad joke was "Want to hear a joke about paper? Never mind, it's tearable." So I'm 100% behind them.
6. Does history interest you? If so, are you more interested in ancient or modern history? Which events interest you the most?
Kiiiiind of. I like stories. I love old houses. I'm not enamoured with Tudors, Vikings, Whichever War, Egyptians or what have you. I doodle.
7. Do you love or hate coriander?
Unlike marmite, I'm pretty indifferent towards coriander.
8. Does genealogy interest you? How much do you know about your family?
I know a shit-tonne about my mum's side of the family going back until the 1700s-ish, because we're descended from dudes who were kinda affluent and people wrote books about them so I don't have to. I know nothing bout Dad's side, but we all disowned each other so I'm pretty chill with it. It really does interest me - There's a family bible from the 1790s and some guy called John had written in the front "John's book" and someone had written "This book is not John's" just underneath. Bickering goes way back, apparently.

9. How did you celebrate your last birthday?
I was playing a tournament, but I went out with some friends for a drink in the evening and hung out at the beach. It was nice and lowkey :)
10. Do you have any irrational fears? What are they?
That smell of antiseptic that goes with hospitals and being sick.
11. Do you think it's possible to live a life free of regret?
I hope so.

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2ª Seleccionar las canciones que hayan marcado vuestro verano. Y a poder ser algún momento que recordéis con ellas que explique el por qué de darles esa importancia.

StephClaireS’s Profile PhotoEnjoy the silence.
1. Genealogy - Face the shadow.
Esta canción me está acompañando todo el verano desde hace un mes e.e Pero me hace sentir bien, porque creo que me da fuerza y ánimos.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rU1vUbgrHmcNyxNitNyxOlympus’s Video 132293890180 rU1vUbgrHmcNyxNitNyxOlympus’s Video 132293890180 rU1vUbgrHmc
2. Amber - Warrior.
Pues que voy a decir de esta canción, que es para mí, quiero decir que me veo identificada mucho con ella. Me ha acompañado mucho este verano, sobre todo paseando por la playa.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wevxW3l_tkgNyxNitNyxOlympus’s Video 132293890180 wevxW3l_tkgNyxNitNyxOlympus’s Video 132293890180 wevxW3l_tkg
3. Drew Seeley - Dance with me.
Siempre que la oigo tengo unas ganas inmensas de hacerme bailarina profesional y lo juro. Además es nuestra canción súper de amor.
Al menos por ahora me conformo con bailarla con un bailarín profesional e.e
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_191l84XkLYNyxNitNyxOlympus’s Video 132293890180 _191l84XkLYNyxNitNyxOlympus’s Video 132293890180 _191l84XkLY

The dating and sequence of theHittitekings is compiled from fragmentary records, supplemented by the recent find inHattusaof a cache of more than 3500 seal impressions giving names and titles and genealogy of Hittite kings.[All dates given here are approximate, relying on synchronisms

لا انا لسا مش متزوج
هههه ينعن حريشك ،،، عليك الله ترجمة قوقل شرت من وراها

Given your dislike of some of the more touristy landmarks of NYC, what sort of places would you recommend to a visitor of your city?

See the Statue of Liberty from afar, from the Staten Island ferry, which is free. Don't go the Liberty Island, which is a tourist trap with $15 hot dogs or whatever as your only food source. The climb inside the statue is huge and slow, the crown is cramped and hot and tourists crowd the windows so you won't even get a chance to peer out of the crown. People (children?) spit on the railings on the way up and down so don't touch those. Worst school field trip ever.
If you're into family history and have any relatives that went through Ellis Island, Ellis Island might be tolerable for you, but has a similar food price problem. They have genealogy stuff you can do there so you can research your great great great uncle Luigi if you wanna.
Go to Times Square briefly to say that you've been there. Don't eat in that god-forsaken place, everything is priced up and if you're HUGE tourist that I hate, you're gonna eat at some fucking chain restaurant that you recognize instead of eating literally anything else. There's like an Applebee's and a Red Lobster and shit in Times Square and you're a fool if you eat there instead of going to yelp, typing in anything, and walking 3 blocks in any compass direction for real food that's less expensive. Use yelp to find food, yelp owns.
Museums are always good if you like museums. The best is the free-est one: The Museum of Natural History, which I think is just a "suggested donation" to get inside. That's also right next to Central Park if you wanna frolic up in that. My favorite museum is The Museum of Sex, though. Not free, but super interesting/funny/sexy and a fun date with someone you have a boner for, or with sex-positive buddies.
Go to Chinatown, it's fun to look at weird shit.
-Go to Whiskey Tavern if you wanna get plastered for cheap (for a change! NY is expensive...)
-If you want an interesting drinking experience, look up The Backroom Bar, which is nearish to there. It's an old speakeasy, people dress up in period clothes sometimes and drink cocktails out of large teacups (too expensive for my tastes though.)
-Also near ChiTown is MeowParlor, a cat cafe! It's lovely. Make a reservation online or follow them on twitter to see when they're doing walk-ins (they don't do walk-ins super often). It's only $4 to spend a half hour petting cats and chillin, it's a really great date for the non-allergic.
Go to the East Village, it's weird and fun to look at weird shit (good food nearby too!)
-Hit up Barcade while you're there. There's also one in Williamsburg Brooklyn, I've been to each once and they're both pretty awesome.
Go to the West Village, it's pretty and fun to look at hella expensive places to live (also REALLY good food there in cute places, so they'll be a little pricier, but worth it)
Go eat ramen (yelp a good place) and hit up Go Go Curry, which is fast food Japanese curry (not spicy Indian curry). Go Go Curry is cheap, fast, filling, and delicious

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Привет! Какая у тебя сегодня погода и какая погода тебе нравится? Давай несколько песен по настроению + фото

"Переменная облачность, ветрено , возможен дождь, температура воздуха от +15 - утром, +19 - вечером". Шикарная погода, в которую приятно прогуляться в компании замечательных композиций и не менее прекрасного спутника. 🐱🐰 Måns Zelmerlöw — Heroes Elina Born & Stig Rästa — Goodbye to yesterdaу Genealogy — Face the shadow Monika Linkytė & Vaidas Baumila — This time Mørland & Debrah Scarlett — A monster like mе Giannis Karagiannis — One thing I should have done Guy Sebastian — Tonight again Loïc Nottet — Rhythm inside The Makemakes — I am yours Maria-Elena Kyriakou — One last breath Ann Sophie — Black smoke Voltaj — De la capăt Edurne — Amanecer Boggie — Wars for nothing Nina Sublatti — Warrior Elnur Hüseynov — Hour of the wolf Полина Гагарина — A million voices Elhaida Dani — I'm alive Il Volo — Grande amore

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Привет Какая у тебя сегодня погода и какая погода тебе нравится
Давай несколько

Как ты относишься к международному конкурсу песни «Евровидение»? Будешь ли ты поддерживать кого-нибудь из участников?

Знаю, что все куплено, но смотрю) Поддерживаю Полину и Genealogy 😍 Много хороших песен в этот раз😌

#ВопросДняОтХоббита: Эта неделя у нас будет посвящена Евровидению.Вчера прошел первый полуфинал и сейчас я прошу поделиться с вами впечатлениями.Кто из исполнителей вам понравился?Есть фавориты?Согласны ли вы с первой десяткой,которая прошла в финал или же вы хотели,чтобы кто-то другой прошел?

А что было Евровидение? ахаха)) я пропустила эт немножко :3 Пойду посмотрю.
Bот те, кто мне понравился:
~ Молдавия - Эдуард Романюта - «I Want Your Love»
~ Армения - Genealogy - «Face the Shadow»
~ Бельгия - Лоик Нотте - «Rhythm Inside»
~ Нидерланды - Трейнтье Остерхёйс - «Walk Along»
~ Македония - Даниэль Каймакоски - «Autumn Leaves»
~ Сербия - Бояна Стаменов - «Beauty Never Lies»
~ Белоруссия - Юзари и Маймуна - «Time»
~ Россия - Полина Гагарина - «A Million Voices»
~ Грузия - Нина Сублатти - «Warrior»
Я почти согласна. Жалко, конечно, что Белоруссия не прошла(( мне понравилось выступление и песня хорошая. Мне абсолютно не понравилось как пела Греция, Албания и Румыния. Но мои фавориты это Бельгия (их песня застряла у меня в голове), Сербия, Белоруссия, Россия (у меня аж мурашки были, когда Полина пела) и Грузия (очень круто спела).
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_10X-OssMiMid67105213’s Video 127665283140 _10X-OssMiMid67105213’s Video 127665283140 _10X-OssMiM

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id67105213’s Video 127665283140 _10X-OssMiMid67105213’s Video 127665283140 _10X-OssMiM

Գնալով հիասթափվում եմ մարդու հայ տեսակից:Ինչքան կարելիա նախանձ լինել:Ամեն տեղ քիթները մցնում են ամեն ինչ փչացնում:Աշխարհի ամենավատ զգացումը ետ են գիտակցումնա որ դու հայ ես:Ֆու

Ցանկացա մեր Եվռատեսիլյան երգը դուրս գար նոր պատասխանեի…
Լսեք, այս երգը...Կատարում են 6 մայրցամաքներից Հայեր, ովքեր կազմել են Genealogy խումբը... Այստեղ արտացոլվում է ողջ Հայկական ոգին...
Որտեղ էլ լինենք մենք Հայ ենք... ԿԱ՛ՆՔ, ԿԼԻՆԵ՛Ք ու դեռ ԿՇԱՏԱՆԱ՛ՆՔ:
Կներեք, բայց թույլ տվեք Ձեր հետ կիսով չափ չհամաձայնվել...Առաջին հերդին «Հայ» գրում են մեծատառով, այն պետք է Ձեր հպարտության արտացոլոանքը լինի...
Ճիշտ է ինքս էլ եմ հիսատաթփված մեր Հայերից ու վերջերս բաներ եմ տեսնում, որ իրոք Հային վայել չէ, բայց ԵՐԲԵՔ չէի ասի, որ «ամենավատ զգացում»-ն է Հայ լինելու գիրտակցողությունը...
Իրոք ցավում եմ, որ Հայեր կան ովքեր...
• իրենց մարդավայել առավել ևս Հայավայել չեն պահում:
• նախանձով են վերաբերվում մյուս Հայ ընկերոջը:
• քթները միմյանց չվերաբերվող տեղեր են մցնում...(կարծում եմ միմյանց մասին պետք է տեղեկացված լինեք, որ ամեն պահի պետք եղած տեղը ձեռք մեկնենք), բայց կա անձնական տվյալներ, որ ինչպես շեշտեցի «չվերաբերվող» են:
• օգտակործում են Հայ աղջկան, իրենց ստի խոստումներով ու խոսքերով...(Այստեղ ավելացնեմ, օրինակ մի քանի ամիս առաջ, որ լսում էի «արևս», «կյանքս» և այս տեսակի խոսքեր մտածում էի, օյ այս ինչ ջիգյարով են մեր Հայ տղաները, սակայն հիմա արդեն գիտակցում եմ, որ այլ նպատակներով են ասավում մի քանիսի կողմից)...
• իրենց երջանուկույթյունը «պլան», «պիպետկա», «սիգարետ», «մաշնա» կոչվածների մեջ է:
• միմյանց ինչեր ասես չեն ասում:
• ՛՛՛՛՛
ԲԱՅՑ չե, որ կան նաև այնպիսի Հայեր ովքեր...
• հիմա դիրքերում կագնած իրենք կյանքը կարող են զոհաբերել Հայրենիքի համար
• արյան գնով Հայրենիք են պաշտպանում
• անկեղծ են ու բարի
• աշխարհին մեր մշակույթն են ներկայացնում
• պայքարում են, որ ճանաչեն ցեղասպանությունը
• հպարտ են իրենց Հայ լինելով
• հպառտոանում եմ դիմացինի Հայի հաջողություներով
• աշխարհի, որ ծայրում էլ լինեն Հայ են մնում
• ՜՜՜՜՜՜՜՜՜՜՜
Հայրիկիս խոսքերից մեջբերեմ` «Մի բուռ ազգ ենք»...Փոխարեն իրարով հպարտանանք, միմյանց վիրավորում ենք էհ: Սիրելի Հայրենակիցներ խնդրում եմ, հասկացե՛ք,հպարտացե՛ք և ի վերջո Հայ եղե՛ք:
Կարծում եմ, որ շատ սահմանապակ եք մտածում ու հաստատ չեք տեսել այլ ազգերի պահվացքը: Իրենք հավատացեք ավելի դաժան ու կեղծ են...Կրկին հայրիկիս խոսքերը, «բամբակով վիզ են կտրում»:
• կեղծավոր ժպտում են:
• մեջքիդ հետևից ինչեր ասեք չեն անում:
• չունեն ջիգյար:
• սառն են:
Այնպես, որ հավատացեք Հայից լավը չկա.. մենք որտեղ էլ լինեք պետք է մնանք Հայ... «ՄԵՆՔ ՀԱՅ ԵՆՔ, ՄԻ՛ ԺՂՏԵՔ: » DON'T DENY!
Եկեք բոլորս ապրենք այնպես, Դուք ու ես նույնպես անոնիմ, թեկուզ հոգեպես, որ հետևալ խոսքերը մեր կյանքը հպարտորեն արտացոլի...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVVvgD0-Mu0VanouhiPetrosyan’s Video 124866635743 VVVvgD0-Mu0VanouhiPetrosyan’s Video 124866635743 VVVvgD0-Mu0

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VanouhiPetrosyan’s Video 124866635743 VVVvgD0-Mu0VanouhiPetrosyan’s Video 124866635743 VVVvgD0-Mu0

Can you recommend books about philosophy for who wants to learn? I am really interested in philosophy but i dont know how to start leanrning. There are a lot of things and i dont know anything yet.

The Symposium, Plato; The Republic, Plato; Critique of Judgment, Immanuel Kant; The Social Contract, Jean-Jacques Rousseau; Discourse on Inequality, Jean-Jacques Rousseau; Discourse on the Method, René Descartes; On the Genealogy of Morality, Friedrich Nietzsche; The Analects, Confucius.
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menurut kakak anggi, post structuralism itu apa kak? hari ini aku kuis clash of civilisation nih kak:(:(:(

Post structuralism itu ideas yang berpendapat bahwa IR dan Global Politics itu interpretative dan relative, semua pihak punya pendapatnya sendiri. Tidak ada objective truth harus ditiadakan, karena itu partial dan relative menurut maing-masing orang.
Kalau mau kuis, sebutin ini deh:
- post structuralism menganut prinsip discourse, bahwa semua events di IR itu bisa jadi bahan perdebatan dan masih banyak kontroversinya. (contoh : ISIS)
- ada prinsip deconstruction yaitu method of meaning significance (memaknai makna)
- intertextuality bahwa opini kita terhadap events di IR itu sangat terpengaruhi oleh text, dan text satu akan dipengaruhi text lain. makanya media dan bahasa sangat berpengaruh terhadap IR.
- genealogy yaitu study yang melihat process di IR sekarang terbentuk atas apa yang terjadi dulu (history of present).
- competing interpretations: siapa yang mengiterpretasi seperti apa, atas nama siapa, untuk kepentingan siapa.
Kalau aku gitu Yuki, good luck yaaaah!

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i don't understand, how can you believe being gay or bisexual is a choice when you've been attracted to a girl, as you've said in one of your answers? you might not be bi, but did you honestly choose to be attracted to her/them at that time? (i'm not attacking you, i'm just asking)

I know you're not attacking me, don't worry....<3
I am a very confusing person....
The way I see it....Maybe the feelings are natural, but you don't have to give in.
There were some girls who I really thought were beautiful and I was so attracted, but I never really gave into the thought of dating them or being with them.
The attractions may not be a choice, but you can very easily ignore the feeling.
Like maybe a married man is attracted to other women, but he decides that he only really wants his wife.
Idk....I need to look into genealogy and science to really get the answer, but that's my idea on it.

If you were given a time machine to travel backwards in time, what are the three mistakes that you would want to rectify?

I would convince my mom to give birth to me abroad so I would have the nationality
I would have appreciated the 90's more and the quality time before smartphones invaded our lives
I would have joined a genealogy program that helped in spreading the hairy gene in every guy

If Jesus was a descendant of David through Joseph, then he really isn't a descendant of David at all because Joseph had no part in his conception, thus making him not fulfill Isaiah's prophecies. Discuss.

Sampo123’s Profile PhotoBlake Rankin
This is a very interesting and fascinating topic. I'm glad I referred to my dad cause my original answer would be so wrong. I'm quoting the note on Matthew 1:16 from the MacArthur study Bible. The verse; "And Jacob begot Joseph the husband of Mary of whom was born Jesus who is called Christ."
"This is the only entry in the entire genealogy where the word "begot" is not used-- including those where whole generations were skipped. The pronoun "whom" is singular, referring to Mary alone. The unusual way in which this final entry is phrased underscores the fact that Jesus was not Joseph's literal offspring. The genealogy nonetheless establishes His claim to the throne of David as Joseph's legal heir."
Now please try not be confused about the genealogy in Matthew and the genealogy in Luke(Luke 3:23). The genealogies are starkly different. Is this a contradiction? (Ive read on this site that it is. But they did not research thoroughly) Not in the least. Matthew lists Josephs. Luke has Marys genealogy. Thus Jacob begot Joseph. Heli is Marys father. And if you read into Marys genealogy, you will find David, Josephs ancestor. Joseph being the legal father of Jesus.... the prophecy is still intact. I hope this helps! :)
Another fascinating fact is, Matthew moves forward from Abraham to Joseph. Luke moves back, from Jesus to Adam.

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Адека,пожалуйста можешь сказать еще темы для персноальных проектов? Даже если ты уже говорила, просто у тебя есть еще другие идеи?

• Writing a book • Writing a poem • Writing a script • Writing a song • Developing a marketing campaign to address a Teen Issue, like teen pregnancy • Training a pet
• Composing a song • Building something - like a guitar, furniture, etc. • Developing a plan for a solar powered car • Learning how to play an instrument • Learning to play a sport • Using physics to perfect a sport (a pool shot, a hockey shot, a free-throw, etc.) • Developing a new strategy for chess, poker or another game • Starting a business • Developing a recipe • Designing and making jewlery • Producing and directing a movie • Producing and directing a music video • Producing and directing an exercise video • Demonstrating how to do something • Doing a research/lab report for an original scientific idea • Drawing a mural • Throwing pottery • Going on an archeological dig • Researching your genealogy • Debating • Building a proposal/plan • Forming a club • Raising money for charity • Inventing something • Developing a speech • Conducting an experiment • Performing (dance, music, comedy) • Providing a photo essay • Building a model • Developing your own video game • Creating an e-commerce website • Creating a blog • Creating software programs • Developing a business plan • Designing clothes • Remodeling using eco-friendly material • Launching a Recycling Program • Learning a foreign language
ili eshe v google posmotri http://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=personal+project+ideas&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

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funny and everyone was not getting a laugh, so I paresco me to my grandparents and so, because I am Genealogy and am writing like crazy in the translator google, just to spite you and so fijate fijate haha my name is patricia eat cookies Burrola, and I'm simpre cheerful and well haha, I can imagin

Hahahahahahaha ok tell me your whole story!!:v

Gays didnt change, theres research in the fact that it may be a gene, we cannot control our genealogy therefore they cannot change. It is as it is in there human nature as ours is in our own

Brandon Hawkins
There is freaking research for freaking anything. Look up if big foot is real and it will give you "lots of proven facts"!
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You're talking ask if its a black thing. It applies to Hispanics, Asians, islanders etc. It's people of color. I'm not saying it based on what I heard. I'm basing it off 7 years in the cosmetic industry. I know what the terms mean, I'm not trying to argue, I'm trying to educate your hardheaded ass.

Alright. This goes out to everyone who tries to correct me or w/e on ask when people ask me simple questions. Some of y'all need to calm down. If someone asks me a question and want a simple answer..MY simple answer, then i'm going to give them MY simple answer in MY simple terms. Some of you guys go unnecessarily ham and someone on anon could be like "What does yolo mean" and i could be like "you only live once" then some of you guys who apparently know the background history and genealogy of the word "yolo" will roll up on my ask all offended and shit trying to educate me/correct me on something that really doesn't need correcting or educating like, "WTF you dumb bitch slut, yolo means "you obviously lack originality" clearly you don't live once you live every single day, you only die once, if a human being is maintaining the proper characteristics/traits of that of a living thing organism then it is living, however, when it ceases to maintain these characteristics it is no longer living it is deceased. What is wrong with you, you fucking dumbass whore haven't they taught you this in a proper learning facility. Oh lord may jesus fix your demented mind". The girl/boy asked ME a simple question from what I KNOW. If you believe something different from a controversial question that someone asked me, either just tell me nicely through an inbox but please don't fight/go back and forth with me over a simple question or just keep it to yourself because i'm no longer gonna answer to hostility over stupidness like this for example. So dude w/e history you know about yellowbone/redbone awesome thank you for educating me on the history of a simple term you can look up on urbandictionary.com (which btw you may find multiple and different definitions of the term) bc wherever it came from today in black terms FROM WHAT I KNOW yellowbone means lightskinned and redbone means darkskinned I will no longer engage in this discussion because it is now closed. Thank you (y)

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no hate or anything, but I think it's hilarious that you hooked up with tara. seriously, true? dude, you can do better. and you should be focusing on the mission like the rest of us. hard work is going to pay off. lay off the drama.

I'm sorry brother, but you need to check yourself. No hate or anything, but do you even know her? And how well do you even know me? I still have three months, and I'm writing 8 missionaries, going to every farewell, reading my scriptures, and probably doing a whole lot of other stuff that you're not. I'm preparing just like everybody else. You think it's easy for me to see all my friends leave before I do? You think going on a mission isn't a big deal to me? I'll be the first in my family to serve a full-time mission. I'm serving in the homeland of my ancestors. My genealogy doesn't even go back more than 1 generation on my moms side. Don't think you know anything about me, or what I'm doing. I can like whoever I want, especially if it's a girl as rad and as sweet as Tara Lloyd. Do a background check and talk to my face the next time you want to jump on my back about something. No hate.

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For some time many of us have wondered just who is Jack Schitt? We find ourselves at a loss when someone says, 'You don't know Jack Schitt'! Well, thanks to my genealogy efforts, you can now respond in an intellectual way. Jack Schitt is the only son of Awe Schitt. Awe Schitt, the fertilizer

Awe Schitt, the fertilizer magnate, married Miss O. Needeep They had one son, Jack.

This says everyone born came from a single man and woman, who i assume are Adam and Eve, and how is that possible? That would mean we're all incest.

Haha I'm going to be completely honest and say that confuses me too, there is actually a whole genealogy section in the bible. That will explain things better than I can :p

Ate Myrt, my friend has this problem. Mag-third cousin kasi sila ng boyfriend niya. They really love each other, kaso tutol yung mommy ng friend ko kasi nga daw magkamag-anak sila. Ayaw din ng mother ng bf niya for the same reason. What should they do?

We have a farm and I have several pets. When we want our animals to reproduce, my dad makes sure that it is from a different family. In fact, big farms keeps records of their animal's Genealogy to avoid in-breeding. What's wrong with in-breeding or relatives reproducing? A certain family has weakness like asthma, bow-legged, flat nose etc. and if you marry a relative definitely your children has a very high percentage of having the family weaknesses. In-breed animals are weak and prone to death. The next question is - does this apply to 3rd cousins? 1/256 chance according to Wikipedia. Slim but if it is a very detrimental weakness like blindness, you have to really consider.

Hello! i have this Question thats got to do with islam :) So Islam gives man permission 2 marry 4 wives. Why can't a woman have 4 husbands?:p

Will mix in the genealogy Example if married women 4 men at the same time how they will know who is their son ? =) Allah w.A3lm

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