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This is the time they are thinking about my marriage and stuff and one day they'll get to know I'm not going to survive long . I have given nothing to anyone in my life neither achievements nor happiness. I feel I'm burdening everyone around

There is not much a human can do .. its ALLAH's world and HE can help only so take too much burden .. Just do what you can .. and leave rest to Allah

Took 100+ photos koi aik b sahi Kam ki nhi ai... How do ppl get perfect looks, what do they offer god that god bless them so much , are they more dear to the creator or their creator is someone else?

Ah .. its a test planet .. test planet can't be perfect... Its your naseeb how and to whom you were born ..
But when you die .. this body and all what happened to it remains here .. then your real inner beauty of the soul will take a new body .. the more good humble pious you ll be .. the more beautiful you ll be ..
And if someone was very famous for beauty and not a good person in this world might look the ugliest in the here after ..
And besides .. 60 , 70 years of life .. vs infinity ♾️ life ahead .
Will this 60,70 years even matter before infinity ... NO
so go for the real deal ✨

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Mard marr skta hai lekin apny dil me 2 aurton ko jagah nhi dy sktaa. Right? BC khud 20 phansa rakhein

72 ki jaga hoti
But i prefer one ..


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