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I need a husband who loves me care me, I'll care him love him. My family thinks I'm burden to them, i feel I'm alone. I feel ashamed to ask money or things from them. I love my parents and siblings but now I'm 25 years old, i want husband who is only mine my future love. And I'll be only his.

What have you achieved in your past 25 years?

He asked cal pr baat kro, krlon?

If you consider yourself as a toxic person, continue the fight.
If you really want to sort things out then speak up

Thoughts RN 💭

rainbowsalt966’s Profile Photomeena
Any nutritionist here???
Who can prescribe me whey protein???? 🥹🥹
So that I could claim the medical from my office? 😂😂😂😂😂


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