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Did you see her hatch

Jamie Mathew
no she was in a breeder's home when she hatched. I saw her first when she was 6 weeks old and ready to move to the shop nursery. I bought her at a parrot store (gotta go today to buy millet and a toy actually) I then visited her every day at the nursery until she was eating veggies and seeds on her own and ready to come home with me. That was about- April 10th-ish after she was born.

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Just did 3 truths and 1 lie on my page if anyone wants to go there and send me their guesses. With that said, let's turn the tables amd mix things up a little. What is 1 truth and 3 believable lies about you?

King Fink
I'm guessing you have never drank tequila.
one truth and three believable lies:
-I grew up on an alpaca farm
-one of the pills I take makes my pee glow in the dark
- I dabbled in beekeeping
- I met Christopher Walken on the subway

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