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How are you ?

good. my husband came back from denver this morning. Tonight is craft night! The weather is cool and sunny and I feel like today will be a good day
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I can’t tell if these questions are for me or for someone else 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

if it says it's personal, it's for you. otherwise, it's random

So the invisible man goes to the doctor one day, nurse goes into the doctors office says the invisible man is here. Doctor says, tell him I can’t see him right now .

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Good one, dad
So I made a dad joke on the alaskan cruise- when walking past the smoker's deck in the fog of the tracy arm fjord I said "Dang these smokers are really going at it" and my husband TATTLED on me to MY Dad and he told me that if I made any more dad jokes I'd be reported to the dad joke authorities

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Interview with a vampire is easily top 10 vampire movies. Of all time. Lol. That little vampire girl made the shit a weird, but that one scene at that vampire theater 🎭 on stage, when the vampire’s ate that lady in front of everybody, was sick. Wbu, what’s ur vampire movie?

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Lost Boys for sure, runner up, the Buffy movie

do you think one day people will learn how to use this app/site properly? like no spamming, no s*xual stuff, no harassment, no bullying... reading someone's bio the moment you decide to interact with them. just stuff like that.

no lol. I've been here for like ages and it never gets better.
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It’s raining here, it’s nice and I have this dim lamp light and the rain pitter patter lounging. What you doing ?

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sounds nice. rainy season doesn't start here for a few more weeks.
I'm doing nothing. I have a cocktail and just smoked some herb and my back hurts so bad so I'm just sort of hanging out

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When you worked at that club, what was your job position & what was it like working there ? Were you a dancer, bartender, payroll, etc?

I started as a waitress and ended up dancing for a brief while. It sucked and I was bullied into working there by my abuser. Topless was illegal where we were so I basically jut wore regular bikinis.

Are you typically a fast or slow responder to someone's text message?

I'm a fast responder and an unashamed double-poster

so what's up friend

Baby Smudge managed to get the fishing lure out of his own nose, so I don't have to trap him. His nostril is torn but doesn't look bad
so whats  up friend
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Have you heard of the cowboy copper hair colour trend & do you like it? It's been on Tiktok a lot

I have not heard of this.

do you get mujaddara from Middle Eastern restaurant or you have your own recipe?

I have made it but normally if I'm eating it it's from either the Jordanian place or the Palestinian place
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