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You weren’t there when I needed you

Sorry, I was at Aldi. Strawberries for $1.99! Melt some chocolate chips, dip the strawberries in it: life changing
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Which animals seem to have napoleon complexes?

gggssaq’s Profile Photo1
I like those videos of dogs that are afraid of a kitty. Like it won’t go down the stairs if a cat is on the stairs because it is too intimidated. Despite the dog being much bigger than the cat. So I guess cats are psychologically little bullies 😆

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Is it possible to be in love with 2 people at once?

Maybe. But it seems like an awful lot of work and it won’t end well if they both have feelings for you too

If you could make cyber bullying a federal crime would you? I know I am going to try.

orpheusclay’s Profile PhotoOrpheus Clay
You can already sue people for harassment or stalking as long as you know who they are. The problem is people being anonymous online. It would be nice if they were held accountable as well
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You ever been inside a cave?

kennylover024’s Profile Photohorse
I read this as have you ever been inside a cake, and to be honest, one of my life goals was to pop out of a giant cake wearing a little sparkly dress like Marilyn Monroe.
No I’ve never been inside a cake or a cave
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Sandy is my favourite song from grease 😍😍😍😍😍😍 grease is one of my fav movies 💔💔

That’s a fun movie! I like the song Greased Lightening too
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When someone loves you unconditionally for a year and other u hide and lie to them, do you think they could ever love you unconditionally again?

The love might still be there, but the sense of trust will need to be rebuilt
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I sent a guy that blocked me on social media a 900 word love letter via email. Y'all think he read it?

I wouldn’t chase after someone who blocked you on social media. If they block you, they aren’t interested

Have you ever really loved and cared for someone so deeply that it interferes with what you are attempting to do with your own life?

ryanluvsube’s Profile PhotoRyan Lawrence Tangonan
This is a mistake I made early on. I put my own goals on the back burner for someone else. You will resent it later

do u believe in... THE DEVIL ;)

coffee__donuts’s Profile PhotoJaclyn
No, I think the concept of hell and the devil was invented for man to try and control others. Fear works well in keeping the masses in line

ever been outta state?

coffee__donuts’s Profile PhotoJaclyn
I’ve probably been to half of the states. I’ve never been to Texas though and I’d like to sometime

Acting as if you don’t have needs is a trauma response. Would you agree?

I recently learned that hyper independence is a sign that our needs weren’t met when we were little. That we are afraid to ask for help because we think we will be perceived as a burden. It’s an interesting theory

Tulips or roses?

bribri53219’s Profile Photobrattybri
I once dated someone who referred to lady parts as tulips and now whenever someone says tulip I think about that. It has traumatized me a little and certainly ruined tulips for me, and now you will also think the same thing when you hear the word. You’re welcome lol
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How many masters degrees do you have ?

grandmasterqtipp2’s Profile Photonicholas
I can’t imagine that people with multiple master’s degrees are hanging out on Ask.fm. I could be wrong though. I read the other day that it’s common for many Jeopardy contestants to be autistic. So you never know what smart people do with their free time. I wouldn’t know because 😜

Share something you've done recently that you are proud of! It doesn't necessarily have to be a "big" thing, small achievements matter too. ✨ 😊

JoyouslyJoanna’s Profile PhotoJo
Today I went to Costco for the very first time ever 😮😮😮 I was amazed and intrigued and at times flabbergasted. I was encouraged to also try the $1.50 hot dog/soda combo to make it a full experience. I am still reeling over the size of the blueberry pie I saw. It was like the size of a car tire lol

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