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What is your current thought about money?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
That this is part of social life. Blood or something.
Army Day. Christmas. Mother's Day, Father's Day...
Entertainment - drawing, flirting.
But there is no fear. Viyga cleans it, both up close and a little from afar. ;)
Що це частина суспільного життя. Кров чи що.
День воїнства. Різдво. День Мами, день Батька...
Розвага - малювати, фліртувати.
Та нема ніякого страху. Війга його прибирає, як зблизька так трішки здалеку. ;)

How much do you pay attention to images and their deeper meaning? Have you ever communicated something through an image that your words could not express?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Curiosity
I learn best when looking at drawings/being visual but I usually don’t go in depth about what the images could possibly mean and try to discover the hidden meaning behind them. Unfortunately, whenever I create an artwork, I tend to draw the shapes and images that are easy for me to draw and they don’t express how I feel on the inside but they do help me express my creativity. I sometimes wish I was more creative and could draw in any way shape or form, but I’m not that talented. It’s probably why I was also very reluctant about speaking up in my beginning stages of drawing class because I would have to not only talk in front of others, but I’d also have to describe the images I’m looking at and my mind would go blank. I do get lost in thought when doing ceramics and/or painting but being able to express how I feel on the inside through my artwork(s) is something I couldn’t do, unlike others who are more advanced in art.

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Talk about anything random

I'll talk about my day a little bit. Had biryani for dinner and then went out for ice cream. Then I watched kungfu panda2( I think?) with my cousins after a very long time. We moved the main TV in the drawing room and made a little makeshift cinema. Cute little day💗

1. If you own an apartment or a house, how well do you think you did with designing the interior? Is there anything you love/anything you hate? 2. If you don't own your place but have arranged the furniture, how satisfied are you with the interior design?

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
All furniture in our house was designed by us both. It was fun for us 😃. We were drawing it together on the paper first, we both were telling what kinds of boxes and shelves there should be, then we together agreed on colors and when we were 100%-ly happy with the plan, we started to look on the net for some master, who produced it 🤩🥰👍

you look like an exotic rooster with this hair colour and short cut. looooooooooooooooooooool

And you look like a sad loser who never grew up coz you have to try and make other people feel bad about themselves just to make yourself feel better. Not to mention that you're a chicken sh*t coward hiding on anon so no one can see how butt fugly you are!
I'm sorry your life sucks so much, but you should really go to therapy rather than trying to bully people; it's 2024, no one thinks that's a good look anymore.
Side note - I'm well aware that my hair is f*ckin awesome and that I'm rocking it! You're not hiding the fact that you're lime green jello with this fake insult. But thanks for drawing attention to it again so more people can admire it 😘

What's an underrated skill, in your opinion? to me it's sewing. Sewing is like surgery but for clothes. You bring back to life a piece of garment instead of throwing it out. It's more sustainable too. Everyone should learn how to sew tbh.

Being able to draw realistically or in 3D. I probably wouldn't be able to do that regardless of how many times I watch videos of others doing it and that skill can definitely take you to places where drawing is very important (such as when working as an architect and/or in fashion).

What did you love about the early 2000s?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
I was just born but I'll tell you what I loved about the mid or late 2000s:
1) Completing my school HW in the school bus itself so I wouldn't have to bother with it at home📚
2) Coming home from school and watching Scooby- Doo🐶
3) Dancing with my Sister👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏼
4) Sneaking outside the house and putting on heels of the female guests that came home lol 👠
5) Eating a lot of Vada pav😋
6) When I'd go to my Nani's during vacation cuddle with her (squeeze the life out of her) and take afternoon naps😴
7)Listen to Nana's motivational and ghost stories haha
8) Meeting all the lovely ladies who'd come to school every year from the US who would appreciate our performance for the Annual Christmas Celebration (I was a part of the choir)🎤
9) Write song lyrics in my rough book and sing with friends in school and classes😂
10) Drawing, Sketching and Painting 🖌️ 🎨
P.S. So grateful for everything, it was truly an amazing time.
Thanks for this question, brought back beautiful memories!!✨👶🏼

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No one is good at everything, a public speaker is not good at drawing and designing And an introvert is not good at public speaking But I'm good at nothing I tried but I can't be professional in anything like others

Iam sorry to hear that you are feeling that way. And its sosokay to feel like we don't measure up sometimes - especially when we compare ourselves to others who seem more skilled or successful in certain areas. And true that, no one is good at everything cause all have our own strengths and weaknesses. And just cause you haven't found your passion or area of expertise yet doesn't mean it is not out there waiting for you. The universe has a way of working things out even at times you feel like giving up. It can be tough to put yourself out there and try new things, but I truly believe that with time and practice, anyone can improve in whatever they set their mind to. And even if you don't end up becoming a professional artist or public speaker, exploring different hobbies and interests can still bring so much joy and fulfilment into your life. So please don't give up on yourself. You are capable of achieving great things - maybe they just haven't revealed themselves yet. I believe in you. 🌻

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What activities/hobbies give you dopamine? (What hobbies make you go absolutely crazy?)

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
I absolutely LOVE hiking, bowling, gaming, hairstyling, doing makeup, cooking, baking, drawing, painting, and writing. I also, love going to amusement parks and festivals, but it’s rare I actually get a chance to go to either one. I was lucky enough though, to experience TWO festivals last year, and it made me so happy! 😁
However, hiking has to be one of the top ones… Especially if it’s a more difficult hike, and you get the payoff of an amazing view at the end, plus being out in nature, it doesn’t get much better than that for me. Like the amount of dopamine is HIGH! 😂☺️
(Took this after completing one of many hikes in Hawaii. This is what I mean when I say payoff.) 😍
What activitieshobbies give you dopamine What hobbies make you go absolutely

If you make art of any kind: Who/what do you draw inspiration from for the things you create? Was there something/someone specific that inspired you to get into the kinds of art you do now? ✍🏻🎨🖼️

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I think I started drawing mostly cats and pokemon and went from there, now I love drawing whatever weird thing pops into my head 😂

What's the last thing that you gave up on? Are you happy or disappointed?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
I gave up on pursuing a degree in studio arts and it was after I failed the beginning stages of drawing class but I’m ok with the decision I made, especially after realizing that I didn’t stand a chance in passing that class with that specific professor and knowing that I had to pass it in order to continue with studio arts. I think the field I’m currently in is alright but the only problems I have are a lack of motivation to do anything these days and being afraid of starting as well as turning in assignments in fear that I’ll do badly on them (as I’ve done in the past).

❣️Let's love ourselves a little bit more: name at least 3 (preferably more) things that you love about yourself.

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
Ooo, this is a great message! I’ll share 5 things I’ve grown to love about myself.
1. I love the way I love others unapologetically. How I don’t feel embarrassed or regretful for loving people wholeheartedly, regardless of what others choose to do with my love. 💕
2. I love my curiosity, and how I invest in knowing more, and expanding my horizons. I take a lot of interest in things my friends/family talk about, their interests, passions, etc. I love learning about, and from others, and I think it’s really helped me grow as a person. ☺️
3. I love how dedicated I am to my life passion, Cosmetology. I love what I do so very much, and truly want to do it for my foreseeable future. I love that I knew from an early age that this was my career path, even if there’ve been and continue to be many bumps in the road… And that I’ve remained devoted to pursuing it. 💇
4. I love my ability to approach things from a place of non-judgement. How the older I’ve gotten, and the more I’ve healed, it’s become much easier to show kindness and grace not only to myself, but to those around me. It makes me feel like a more well rounded, open minded, and accepting person. ✌️
5. And finally, I love my creativity… And also, that I’ve never been afraid to express myself through creativity in various mediums. From poetry, painting, and drawing, to makeup, creating personalized gifts, writing elaborate short stories, scenarios, etc. I’ve used all of these to express myself. And as I’ve gotten older, I recognize that as much as some of it may be cringey, showing vulnerability like that is a strength of mine. I hope to never lose that, and instead, keep embracing it. 🥹

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Lets love ourselves a little bit more name at least 3 preferably more things

Do you have confidence in yourself

Not really but when it comes to my artistic abilities, I’m sometimes overly confident especially when I thought I’d pass the beginning stages of art class but ended up failing for not only refusing to speak up in class as a result of having social anxiety, but also because of my lack of skills/talent when it comes to drawing realistically. It’s really humbling when a professor gives you a bad grade and/or when they actually tell you that you’ve been doing poorly in their class, which does wonders to your self confidence.

Do you like drawing or painting

Drawing, it is convenient to do at whatever time😂, and to make the content I have written more interesting to read along with some drawings😊😇, However, for painting🎨, there must be paints in proper condition, then specially had to take time, although it is also nice. If I find some good craft work to do then I would like to make a beautiful painting 🎨🤠
[Glimpses of the paint work being done at my college a few days ago and I also took part in it along with my friend] ☺️😁
Do you like drawing or painting

> i did ask for a flying v - Next time you ask "What do you like about me," there's your answer. 🤣 > yay, i did good - Yes you did. 👍🤣💗 > (anon) and, it leads to bad things - Like what? Drawing conclusions and making assumptions based on very limited information? Perhaps you're right, anon. 🤣

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
I’ll remember that is what u like about me. 🤣 I do know some limited information on you. 🤣 Something tells me that you know a whole lot more about me. 🤔🤣💗

How do/ did you find out where you belong? Explain how.

You find out where you belong through trial and error. I myself haven’t found exactly where I belong just yet but I do know what I’m passionate about (art, writing, and music) so I spend my days listening to music, sometimes drawing as well and have decided to major in English because I wanted to improve my writing and writing is something I want to focus on for the rest of my life. It didn’t happen overnight tho and I still have dreams of becoming a teacher one day but after failing statistics and not being able to get a degree in the field of health sciences unless I passed statistics made me give up on pursuing a career in the field of health sciences and I switched to studio arts instead. Then, I failed the beginning stages of drawing class and decided that maybe it’s best to make a switch again and found English to be convenient, since I knew I was an introvert and could see myself writing and/or editing works for the rest of my life. All I have to do now is to find more likeminded individuals to continue my passion while being surrounded by those who can motivate me to work harder and to not give up on my dreams.

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Anyone else draw or created art growing yet their drive to keep going with it when 90% of their life was devoted to it so far? Why did you change? What are you doing about it? What are you doing now?

I loved and will always love art but after failing the beginning stages of drawing class, I decided it wasn’t worth paying to take the class once again and decided to give up on my dream of majoring in studio arts. I’m now trying to major in English and get an associates degree and hope to do something with it but I’m not exactly sure what that is yet. I’m not really upset about changing my major but I am upset about not being able to draw realistically or in 3D.

Mam nadzieję, że moja odpowiedź, Cię nie uraziła, takie po prostu po tylu latach życia, mam odczucia. Więc o nich napisałem. 😊

Nebuss’s Profile Photo╬╬♥N♥E♥B♥U♥S#╬╬
PL: Absolutnie, o takie rzeczy się nie obrażam + rozumiem, niby jestem młodsza, ale za chwilę ćwierćwiecze i też jestem przerażona. XD
Poza tym też mało kto mi życzenia składa i w ogóle pamięta, a ja nie lubię się atencjować, także rozumiem. 😌
ENG: Absolutely, I don't get offended about such things + I understand, I'm younger, but I'm about to turn a quarter of a century and I'm also terrified. 🤣
Besides, hardly anyone wishes me happy bday or remembers at all, and I don't like drawing attention to myself, so I understand. 😌

What was the best (or just a good) purchase you made this year? 💵

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Hm I can't remember if it was end of last year or beginning of this year. But I bought a pen display, which is amazing and I'd wanted one since I was like 18 hah. Has been really good for drawing digitally in a way that feels more organic than when I used to use a graphics tablet.
I also got a new fancy sewing machine and started sewing again after like 10+ years. I altered a bunch of clothes I have to, to fit me better. I also changed some stuff completely. It's been fun exploring that passion again!

How do you deal with loneliness?

Idk a certain exact way but there is some stuff that can help
Decorate your home with stuff that makes you feel comfy , you don't really need to have a taste just random stuff that got your attention , learn to cook your fav meals or try new stuff , wouldn't matter if it tastes that good , you will like it cuz you made it
Try new things , new activities as much as you can , even if you don't feel like it , just give it a shot
Don't turn down the chance of a conversation as long as the person is decent
Remember that stuff you used to like as a child but didn't get to continue doing?
Reading, drawing or any sport or hobby , try it again
And I think friends are found in unexpected ways , so don't pressure yourself just let it be
Make being alone a nice place to be

What if someone who is totally stranger, knocks at your door and asks you to let them use the washroom of your house. Would you let them in?

biya_furqan’s Profile PhotoMystic
food panda rider ne kaha tha or mene drawing room wale washroom me jane deya... or phir amma se galliyan pari or shuba kam wali se ...
ek uske jhoote pe mattii matti lagti tew dusra janab ne apna paan wahan corner me phenk deya .

One of my friends told me to shave off my eyebrows. Should I listen?

I would think it through lol. It might take longer than you imagined for them to grow back out and you might not be up for drawing in your brows everyday. However, if you’re ok with drawing them in regularly, don’t mind walking with no eyebrows and/or do cosplay frequently, it might not be such a bad idea.

saran kado cowo selain kaos, sepatu, topi, dompet, sama jam dongg. yg bakal kepake lama sama doi

tas? tas pinggang/selempang, backpack juga bisa sih, kaos kaki, botol minum (tumblr), case hp, peralatan apapun yang mendukung hobinya (satu set kunci inggris dan obeng, sketchbook kalo hobi gambar dan journaling, drawing pen, alat lukis), tanyain ke orangnya langsung aja dia lagi butuh apa biar dipakenya bisa lama.

Do you ever listen to music to increase productivity? What kind then? 🎧💻

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I do! It depends on what I’m working on, or doing.
If I’m reading, I’ll listen to meditation/piano music - or anything ambient based with no lyrics, so it’s mellow and not distracting. Same for drawing actually, though I can usually listen to any kind of music and not get too distracted (rock, alternative, etc).
I mostly listen to audiobooks and podcasts for productivity when I’m painting. I find they’re too distracting when I’m sketching, as I tend to tune out of what I’m listening to, so I’ll lose the thread.
Painting though, I find it easier to focus on both at the same time, and I find it enjoyable to listen to whilst working. I’d rather listen to stories than music whilst painting, essentially :)

When you’re feeling stressed, how do you typically cope? Anything specific you do to relax/take your mind off of things? 😅😮‍💨

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I talk it off my chest preferably with friends and family.
I look for distractions by e.g. playing games, drawing, reading, listening to music, singing, going outside and trying to calm myself.

- اشياء معروف أنك بتحبها ؟ 🕊✨️ - او اشياء مميزة بتحبها -

Jeh_n3’s Profile Photo•♡ᴊєℓαи єнαв♡ •
My beloved Dad‘s Smile رحمة الله عليه🌍♥️🥰
Van Gogh ‘s Artworks 💕
drawing 💕
designing 💕
organising kitchen & House 💕
Learning languages 💕
Walking 💕
Traveling 💕
reading 💕
cooking my favorite recipes 💕
Shopping 💕

Do you consider yourself creative???? 👀

DoubleOhSeven_’s Profile PhotoJust Kate
To a certain extent. When it comes to fashion (clothes), coming up with new patterns to fill my notebook pages up with, and writing, I can be creative but usually, I find myself not creative enough when I look around and see other creative people around me. I wish I was better at drawing realistically or in 3D and didn’t happen to fail the beginning stages of drawing class that I took a while ago.

is it weird how some of us have so many friends, yet we're antisocial? i don't even like people or to be around people, but people are somehow drawn to me.

No, it’s unlikely you’re antisocial imo. Antisocial is different from being an introvert or someone who doesn’t like being around a lot of people or whatever.
If you were actually antisocial you would be more likely to drive people away than drawing people to you.

Which field would your parents say you’re the best at? (Such as writing, speaking, drawing, etc.)

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Writing and photography. My mother and grandmother are always saying how good my photography is. My mother recently told me I should respond to ads online for people looking for photographers but that’s really not my style for photography. I wouldn’t enjoy posed things unless it was really creative. I photographed her wedding about a decade ago. That’s the only posed thing I’ve ever done but I only enjoyed the candids I took.
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Say you were a kid again and headed out trick or treating, what kinds of candy would you have wanted to be in your bucket when you came back home? 🎃🍬

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
A little story time of one occassion that I have in mind: 🎃
I remember attending one Halloween specifically when I was younger. I was dressed as a vampire and accompanied a former neighborhood friend of mine through our village. Days before it was actually Halloween we prepared stuff to prank people who would not open their door for us and were kind of visible through the windows from outside. It was nothing too crazy since we thought that toilet paper, eggs and ketchup were far over the boundary of just being silly.
I remember one family not opening up the door, even though they were clearly dining inside (from a retrospective point of view I completely understand how annoying kids on Halloween can be but back then I was one myself and - well - I wanted a treat).
Since they did not open up to welcome us we just left a creepy drawing at their front door, stating that the spirit of Halloween would come to get them soon. The dude later found that note and kind of angrily gestured at us at his window but we just laughed and ran away. Ah, great times.
We were still incredibly chill and friendly. One older lady gave us an apple and complimented our costumes. Even though that was not what we went after for our Halloween treats, we still thanked her and bid our goodbyes.
Me and my friend had gathered a lot of candy this night and I was mainly happy about the little party treats that you can buy from the 'Celebrations' brand as a box. Is that still a thing? I think the corporation was related to Mars and invented in the late 90's.
Generally speaking, I mainly appreciated small chocolate bars, filled with caramel or taffy. We have 'unpopular' candy here in Germany as well which - for some reason - my parents always keep for Halloween, even though I told them several times that kids (and mostly adults as well) hate them. 🎃

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Ik exactly what it’s like to have no talent when it comes to drawing realistically or in 3D and it hurts when I think about it but, I’m somewhat good at painting. I’m also good at ceramics and coming up with new zentangle patterns/designs so I don’t feel too bad about not being able to draw realistically at the end of the day. I’ll just stick to reading and writing for now, some of the things I can actually do nowadays without worrying about completely failing :)

With or against tattoos?

I'm totally against !!
There 're people who like to get tattoos and I don't have a problem with that. Everyone is responsible for their choices.
But I don't wanna ruin my skin
Do you know that tattooing was considered a bar *baric ritual in ancient China,Proto-Austronesians in Taiwan and the coast of southern China before 1500 BC
Those who were doing this were ban *dits, priso *ners and slav *es
In the late Qing dynasty in china, it was common to tattoo Chinese syllables on prisoners to identify them.. They also tattooed sla *ves and gladiators in ancient Rome..We've taken an ancient ritual and polished its meaning to match our desires nowadays..
So it isn't something to die for 😂
If I like a specific symbol or drawing, I'll draw it on paper..paper won't complain if I do that on it..

Would it make you feel bad if you told someone about your on going problems and they started talking about their own, without offering you any word of consolation or encouragement about your problems? Would it make you feel as though they're diverting the attention onto them because they don't care?

Yes!! It hurts when somebody just talks about their own things or drawing the topic towards them without making sure you know they heard you.

Things that your an absolute pro at?

I am good in zillion things let me tell some of them
I cook beyond good like chef .
I know numerology in depth I can bring anyone's name on good number .
I am good in nature photography
I know crystal healing
I write good quotes
I am good in drawing , oil painting of flowers like sunflowers , water lily etc and in Islamic calligraphy
Fitness freak !! I walk 3 hours straight for staying fit
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